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EPM 11.1.2 - VBScript error using HFM in a load balanced environment

Marc Schumacher
Principal EPM/OBI Infrastructure Engineering Specialist - Customer Engineering & Advocacy Lab (CEAL Team)

Financial Management is installed in an environment using two or more web servers and a load balancer is used to distribute user request across the web servers. The following errors occur in the web client:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8'
Object required
/hfm/data/webformgenerated.asp, line 48

Error number:424
Error description: Object required
Error source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Page On which Error Occured: /hfm/DocMgr/OpenItem.asp

Make sure IIS logging is configured to log include "Cookies". You can check this as follows:

Windows 2003 Server:

  • Launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • Show properties for the "Default Web Site"
  • On the "Web Site" tab hit the "Properties..." button within the logging section
  • Go to the "Advanced" tab in "Logging Properties" dialog
  • Make sure the Extended Property "Cookie" is enabled

Windows 2008 Server:

  • Launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • Show "Web Site Home" for the "Default Web Site"
  • Double click the "Logging" icon
  • Hit the "Select Fields" button
  • Make sure "Cookie" is enabled

Once cookie logging is enabled wait for the next occurrence of the error.

After the error occurred again you need to analyse the Internet Information Server (IIS) access logs as follows:

  • Search for the last occurrence of error number "800a01a8"
  • In the same line identify the Session ID for the cookie named "ORA_EPMWS_session"
  • Search this Session ID within the other web server access logs

Most likely you will find the same Session ID on the other web servers as well. Since the web server session was created on another web server than the one that is executing the current request, it cannot find the session object and the "Object required" error occurs. Root cause is a configuration issue on the load balancer. Financial Management is not capable of doing a web session fail over between different web servers. Therefore Sticky Sessions are required on the load balancer, which means that all requests from the same client are send to the same web server all the time. A typical stickiness criteria is the client IP address or a cookie inserted by the load balancer itself.

You may disable cookie logging again once the issue is fixed, since it will increase the log files size or due to data privacy considerations.

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