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3. Exalytics

EPM - Enable HFM Thin Driver on Exalytics server

In EPM, FR web is deployed on Exalytics server enable the HFM thin driver by setting "UseHFMThinDriver" to “true” in jconsole (FRConfig.sh). Once enabled then restart all the services on Exalytics and HFM services on Windows. FRConfig.sh is located under:  <Middleware_Home>/EPMSystem11R1/products/financialreporting/bin

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Exalytics OVM 3.2.x - Increase Send Queue Length (txqueuelen) for VM guest (DomU) VIF

For VM guest (DomU) VIF interface, by increasing the Send Queue Length (txqueuelen) from 32 or 500 to 10000 can increase network performance 50%. a. How to Increase Send Queue Length in Dom0: In Dom0, you need to perform following permanent changes to make the txqueuelen to 10000:1. Run below ifconfig script by crontab and it will automatically set 10000 for all the VIFs:ifconfig | grep -P '^vif\d+\.\d+' |  awk '{system("ifconfig "$1" txqueuelen 10000")}' 2. Edit /etc/rc.local...

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Exalytics V1 - Exalytics Deployment Guide

The Exalytics Deployment Guide is a whitepaper that explains the different types of deployment scenarios that are supported for the Exalytics platform.  It covers the OBIEE, TimesTen and EPM products.  The whitepaper contains the following topics: Performance, Scalability, Sizing Deployment Scenarios Support Installation Types for OBIEE on Exalytics Patching of Software Disk Storage Considerations, including Storage recommendations for OBIEE, TimesTen and Essbase/EPM Backup and...

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Architecture history: WebLogic Admin Server failover capabilities on a different machine (Active/passive mode) from version 8 to 12

All descriptions here are talking about the way to make Admin Server restart in Active/Passive mode in a vertical scaling case.    WebLogic compatibility versions with EPM/BI: EPM EPM 9.3.3+ is certified with Oracle WebLogic Server 8.1.6, 9.1+, 9.2+ http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E10530_01/doc/epm.931/hsys9_install_start_here_933.pdf EPM is certified with Oracle WebLogic Server 9.2 MP1+ EPM is certified with Oracle WebLogic Server 9.2 MP4+ http://www.oracle.com/t...

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