Thursday Jun 21, 2007

iPhone Nano or Shuffle?

I have decided not to succumb to all the current iPhone hype....I am going to wait for the iPhone Shuffle below! will probably be in my price range!

btw...this is my last iPhone post.....maybe ;-)


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Way to Cool - Singing Tesla Coil Video

Sure to be a hit at the next Burning Man or maybe that is where this is from ...but in any case..please take a moment to watch and listen to the Singing Tesla Coil you will not be disappointed!!..btw I don't really think the tesla is “singing” ...but the synch is nice...

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iPhone spottings, “first hand” claims abound

Is this getting out of hand? much attention to IPhone....I have even read analysts reports from Gartner and others....some praising the iPhone and some predicting the failure....I for one think it will be a smashing success....although I do not plan to buy one ...until....well maybe...we'll see

engadget article

6-21-07-Iphone Spotting

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Looks like the public wiki site at Wikis.Sun.Com is live in beta form....below is a screenshot...check out the public wiki site

Note that it is based on Confluence....great stuff...we are using it in Sun Learning Services as a foundational building block for our read/write Learning 2.0 platform.

Update : This site is only for Sun Employees during Beta..Hope to release to general public in early july

Picture 1-4

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Mac Blog Client - ECTO

I have been using Ecto on my Mac for daily has some very nice advanced features that make blogging a breeze and soooo convenient. While it does cost some my mind it is worth it (only about $15 USD).....I also think it is a very useful tool for beginners...helps them get started easily.....I know there are many..many clients and web based clients for blogging...I just use works for me...

I have recorded a quick screencast video with audio to show you how easy it is.....BTW....I recorded the screencast using IShowU.

What blog client do you use?.....What blog client do you use on your phone?

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What's Your Web 2.0 IQ?

If you have been following my blog recently, you are aware of our many discussions regarding Web2.0 in the learning industry....I ran across a “Web2.0 IQ test” published by eWeek....I would like to challenge Learning Industry workers to take the quiz...and let me know how you did!

Access it here

How many questions did you get right?

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Recording High Quality Demos (Screencasts)

For those of you interested to learn how to do high quality screencasts or demos....Roumen (NetBeans Evangelist) has posted a nice blog on how he does it....btw...he is very famous and followed very closely in the software IDE world....if you are interested...check out his post.

BTW...I use IShowU on my MAC for quick screen recording

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Thursday Jun 14, 2007

IPhone Spotted in Public!

Could this be the first true and proper iPhone sighting in public? Like, for really reals this time? The pic was snapped by Engadget pal Mark Trammell on the CalTrain (excerpted from Engadget)......

Wow what a build up for this phone!....Trust me I will go check it out...but just to look...not to $$$

See the full article on Engadget


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Wednesday Jun 13, 2007

Steve Job Describes Top 10 Features of Leopard

This link was sent to me by Todd Fast, a  nice overview of Steve Job's keynote at Apple WWDC 2007....nice review of 10 new Leopard features( of the 300)....I stopped by Tony Beckham's office (son)...and he had just loaded Leopard on his Mac....he was showing me time machine and spaces...pretty slick...

Steve Jobs live from WWDC 2007

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Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

We will need to rethink a few

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Tuesday Jun 12, 2007

A Brazilians' Take on Web2.0 Sites

Enzo Silvia,  a Brazilian living in Atlanta, attended my session at the ASTD Conference. The session was titled “ Power of the People: Learning Revolution 2.0”. Enzo is an independent instructional designer working in the Atlanta area and he really gets the Web2.0 revolution in learning. It was a pleasure to chat with him...I am very fond of the Brazilians after my experiences with them at many Java One's and having visited and presented at Sun Tech Days in Sao Paulo 3 times over the last few years. In any case Enzo shared with me a list of web2.0 sites he uses to demo the web2.0 concepts to newbies...he suggested I use some of them in my ordinarily I would not list all these sites on my blog...but I have to tell you I was so impressed that Enzo literally just rattled these off the top of his head....very is his list:

Video editing – online, of course:

Online “Demoing”

Internet Radio

Customizable pages with news and other content

Online live Meetings and Presentations

Online document collaboration (complete suite with presentation and meeting programs)

Cartoon creation/sharing

Lists of Web 2.0 websites:

Trip and hotel reviews:

Search Engines: (screenshot search) (screenshot search) (people-powered search) (people-powered search) (added by Jirka..thanks)

Job Search:

Wireless Sharing:

Real Time tracking (Google earth + Google maps plug-in for cell phones)

Online “Social” TV (I have invites if you need any)

Photo Editing

Web 2.0 info blogs (probably the best)

Training and Fitness

Cyber Worlds and RPG

Chat 3D and Avatars

Document social sharing



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Sunday Jun 10, 2007

Project Blackbox Test

Very cool video on the testing of Project Blackbox.

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Friday Jun 08, 2007

Ever wanted to edit the text of a bill in Congress? Now you can., a website that provides detailed information on bills pending in Congress, has launched a wiki that “allows public editing of information about the bills pending in Congress.” This is definitely new territory for wiki use, and could get interesting.

The WEB2.0 paradigm shift of everyone becoming a publisher and consumer at the same time is really making its way into  all facets of society.

The hard work we are doing in Sun Learning Services is trying to introduce these new concepts to the professional learning community...a hard sell in some cases since learning professionals have spent years refining a model where they “publish”  the right information for learners to consume (usually at the feet of the master...I mean instructor) the new and large consumers no longer need a learning professional to act as an mediator between information/knowledge publishers and consumers because in this new world there is an increasingly direct link between publishers and consumers...and a constant switching between roles...the rise of the “prosumer”

Check it Out!

Thursday Jun 07, 2007

RSS and WIKIs in Plain English

I found some really cool short videos  that I have been sharing with newbies in the new world of RSS and Wikis.
Most people have loved them...I also find them as a great example of effective learning nuggets.

Check Them out.....

RSS in Plain English

Wikis in Plain English

Blogging 101 Motivates Students

If you can't run your own blog, it may be time to go back to Grade 1....Much of the discussion I had this week at the ASTD conference was the changing behavior of I must say that 30% of ASTD members are over my topic of the WEB2.0 paradigm shift was not totally embraced by all (but I also must point out that many baby boomers did get it...the cool ones) “why do we need to change...everything works now”...but the issue is that the web2.0 paradigm is already embraced by a large segment of web users..Chalkboard5.but every year the skill gap will close as new generations enter the workforce...and all these folks will expect to interact with learning in the same manner.I thought  I would post this article I found on 1st GradersAt Moose Jaw's Westmount Elementary School, and an innovative new program to teach  six- and seven-year-olds how to blog.

Look out world!

Blogging 101 Motivates Students

Wednesday Jun 06, 2007

Hella Cool Site

The complete web2.0 directory...this site was brought to my attention today by Enzof Silvia(btw he is a transplant from Brasil)...he attended my session at ASTD. Very Cool many web 2.0 companies....

The Complete Web 2.0 Directory

Wow...These Still Exist?

I am in Atlanta at the ASTD conference. The venue is the Georgia World Congress Convention Center. This is a big complex with the CNN center, the Georgia Dome, and the Philips Arena...but as I walked out of the  building today I noticed something that looked strange to was a street-side U.S. Postal Service mailbox. I stopped and tried to remember when the last time I used a mailbox or mailed a letter for that was hard..but to the best of my recollection it has been 6 years since I mailed a letter.....the internet sure changes things...I started breaking my mail addiction way back when I started using PayTrust for online bill paying the rest is history.....This observation is  particularly timely since I have done a lot of pontificating this week at the ASTD conference on the rate of change coming in the Learning business...and if the learning industry does not adjust it will become obsolete also!

Photo 060407 003

Maybe cable news is just about obsolete.....for breaking news....its the web and bloggers for me!

Photo 060407 004

Monday Jun 04, 2007

ASTD Conference

I am currently in Atlanta, GA at the ASTD Conference. ASTD (American  Society for Training and Development) is the largest Learning Industry “user” group. I am here primarily to present with Sun's Chief Learning Officer, Karie Willyerd. new WEB2.0 strategies for Learning.

The conference is very different than I am used to.....after 6 straight years of participation in Java One keynotes...I am having a little culture shock. There are about 8K registered quite smaller than JavaOne...but the show exhibit floor is at least twice as large (news break - try 5 times bigger) as what we see J1...I will have to ponder on what meaning that has..if any..

I have been looking around for the Geeks....I can't find them....perhaps next year I should import a rent-a-geek mob to shock the conference....(next year it is in San Diego)

I have attended a number of sessions but I have not found any real meat least not the meat I am looking for....remember in the new world of Learning the Learner is the SME. I have enjoyed walking the show floor and speaking to vendors..learning bunches about the industry,,,,they know all the dirty little secrets...and with a few glasses of wine you hear them all...

Thats all for now...I will be blogging on this event for the next few days.

Here are some of the premium vendors/sponsers at the show....(click on it)

010771.Icesponsbanner 2

Some of the attendees relaxing in the nice hot Atlanta weather...soaking up rays while reading session materials

Photo 060407 001

Friday Jun 01, 2007

Beta Invite to Google Mash Up Editor

Google just released a web-based mashup creator and hosting environment. The editor accepts HTML, CSS, and Google-specific XML tags. Pretty cool ...Matt Stevens, Chief Engineer for Sun Learning Services, tells me that it complies the tag markup to javascript...pretty cool idea...the pool of “markup” developers is much larger than the pool of JavaScript i applied for the beta....and I now I wait for the invite to check it out....waiting...waiting..or should i just stick with Pipes or PopFly...or something new and better?

Sun Learning Services WEB2.0 Goes to Russia

In my role as CTO for Sun Learning Services I cover a lot of ground....our organization covers all audiences for SUN....we call the scope of our audiences CPEC - Customers , Partners, Employees, And in my role I own the architecture, strategy and vision for all the technology and systems required to deliver to the diverse audience of CPEC. We do a considerable amount of fact we are the 3rd or 4th largest training organization in the world by volume and revenue. This presents many managing 56 e-Commerce websites worldwide...remote labs on multiple continents...worldwide classrooms...pod-cast delivery...Sun get the picture....

But I did not take this new role to just be an IT person...true to my background..I want to innovate. I want to explore and help drive the next revolution in Learning....which I believe  will be driven by the paradigm shift of Web2.0. So while I deal with the present technology, systems, and business requirements a large part of my role is to drive innovation and the next generation of learning platforms.

In my previous role as Chief Architect for Sun's Java tools I turned to the brilliant engineers in Russia to design and build the new generation of SOA tools for our SeeBeyond acquisition which are now incorporated in fact our Russian engineering team was instrumental in driving the integration/implementation of all Sun's Java Tools into NetBeans. So it was natural for me as I looked for a team of brilliant software engineers to innovate  on the new WEB2.0 Learning Platform to look to Russia.

We have spun the team up and I want to introduce you to them (picture below)..the whole team is not in this picture...some are on vacation...traveling...and just joining...but I wanted to share them with you..because I am very impressed and excited with the new team....and I want you to stay tuned for the very cool things we are working on...hint...hint...did I say Ruby..did I say One Box...did I say informal learning?

Pictured below - Ivan Manida, Alexander Polovjan, Alexander Finn, Anna Yarmolenko, Sergey Gershun, Victor Kuriashkin, Alexey Serba, Dmitry Markovski

(missing -  Vladislav Chetyrkin, Kiril Kostrov, Dmitry Riachtchentsev,  Josef Holy (Prague), and of course the Leader - my buddy Mike Frisino )

BTW..this team is located in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg...can you say White Nights!



I served as Chief Architect of Sun's Developers Tools and recently took on the challenge of managing the Sun Learning Services global technology architecture and infrastructure as Chief Technologist of Sun Learning Services.


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