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Solaris 11.2: No Limits

Casper Dik
Senior Principal Software Engineer

In the past, I have increased a number of limitations in Solaris:

  • In Solaris 11.0, I increased NGROUPS_MAX to 1024 (from 32); also available since Solaris 10u8.
  • In Solaris 11.1, I added support for more than 16 groups for NFS AUTH_SYS authentication
  • In Solaris 11.1, I changed the system calls getcwd() and realpath() to support returning pathnames longer than MAXPATHLEN (and introduced frealpath() while I was in that code)

So what did I change in Solaris 11.2?   It was about time to look at the restrictions of user names and group names.

In a micro release, such as a Solaris 11 update, we cannot modify constants such as LOGNAME_MAX because of binary compatibility, we can only do that in a future minor release.  However, we can modify the code that limit usernames.  These are the bugs we have fixed and this shows how much work it actually was:

    14933330 SUNBT4033673 getlogin causes passwd to fail if login name is longer than 8 chars
    14954449 SUNBT4109819 programs inconsistently limit the size of user names
    15059729 SUNBT4435330 logname(1) prints out only part of long login name
    15178384 SUNBT4927530 *w* w(1) truncates usernames to 8 chars
    15393621 SUNBT6551524 su truncates LOGNAME for long usernames.
    15436992 SUNBT6627292 *cron* confused about username lengths
    15550167 SUNBT6819489 *su* sulog source username truncated to 8 chars but not destination
    15574163 SUNBT6857992 ps -u does not support usernames longer than 10 chars
    15579148 SUNBT6866548 last command does not support usernames longer than 8 characters
    17528753 group name handling in Solaris is a standards violation
    17528788 useradd(1m) user name handling problems
    17600453 bug 15226690, find with long usernames, not completely fixed
    17600724 The fix for 14954449 misses some programs (in.rlogind, in.rshd. zone*, dump)
    17625438 group file updates very inefficient.
    17625458 pwck lives in the past
    18068180 SunSSH truncates usernames/home directories with %.100s
    18068355 A few programs still limit the size of user names.
    18068215 passmgmt invents its own limits for the sizes of entries in /etc/passwd

In generaly, the code was changed to lift limits, but we are generally limited by the format of the utmpx file.  The maximum length of a username that can be stored there, is 32 bytes.  This is now a safe limit and we support user names in length upto 32 characters, despite protests from useradd(1m).  getlogin() and getlogin_r() can return a string of at most 33 characters, including the final NUL character.  Of course, getlogin_r() will not store past the end of the buffer given to it but it will now accept a buffer of any size.   Programs changed are, among others:

  • logname(1)
  • w(1)
  • who(1)
  • last(1)
  • ls(1)  - now a 64 bit executable
  • find(1) - now a 64 bit executable
  • passmgmt(1)
  • useradd/usermod/roleadd/rolemod(1m)
  • sshd(1mr)
  • repquota(1m)
  • zfs(1)
  • yppasswd(1)
  • tar(1)
  • lastcomm(1)
  • cron(1) etc
  • newtask(1)
  • ps(1)
  • wall(1)
  • rwall(1)
  • zlogin(1)
  • grpck(1)
  • pwck(1)
  • login(1)
  • in.rexecd(1m), in.rshd(1m), in.rlogind(1m)

And libraries such as libsocket (remote shell/remote login/rexec protocol)

I could only wonder why so many applications cache the return value of getpwuid() and getgrgid() while doing that in a fixed sized character array.

For reasons only known in New-Jersey, we didn't allow groupnames over 8 characters while limiting the characters to lower case and digits; as there is no manifest constant defining the size of a group name, there is no problem increasing it so we currently support upto 32 characters and we now accept all portable file name characters in a group name (lower and upper case, digits, dot, hyphen and underscore as long as the name doesn't start with a hyphen. Other than programs caching the result of getpwuid(), I found no other limits on the length of a group name in our code.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Aaron Lineberger Wednesday, January 24, 2018
    Regarding groups, we are running into limitations where a secondary group does not show up for users (when running groups command) if the LDAP group they are in has more than 8000+ characters as returned by getent group. Is there a limitation in the groups command for digesting this information?
  • Thomas Monday, June 3, 2019
    "useradd" still does not allow for user-names/ logins to be longer than 8 characters.

    This is on Solaris on June 2019

    How to handle adding users then?
    Will this be fixed for the binary?
  • Casper Dik Monday, June 3, 2019
    In 11.3 useradd will give a warning. users with names between 9 and 32 characters will be created.

    In 11.4 there is warning or error.
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