Monday Dec 07, 2009

Working for Sun, Oh, the places I have been

Working for Sun, Oh, the places I have been

There was fun to be done,
There was Java versus .Net to be won.
There was butt to kick!
There was .com and startups making $$ really quick

I joined the high fliers
who soared to high heights and saw some great sights

How much can you win?
We were the best of the best, on top of all the rest.
then Bang-ups and Hang-ups did happen
How much can you lose?
We got all hung up in a prickle-ly perch.
and then all of a sudden we were left in a Lurch.

The EU took us
toward a most useless place.

The Waiting Place
for people just waiting.
waiting around for a Yes or No
Simple it's not, I'm afraid you will find,
for a mind-maker-upper to make up his mind.

I made MY decision,
I decided not to stay
and I found another job
so, I will be on my way!

And the Tech Days gang will fly on.
But I'm not crying because it's over. I'm smiling because it happened.

Places I have been with Sun (some more than once):
Amsterdam, London, Paris, Nice, Antwerp, Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Athens, Budapest,  Dublin, Warsaw, Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul, Israel, Johannesburg, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, St.Petersburg, Hyderabad, Tokyo, Manila, Singapore, Taipei, Mexico city, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Austin, San Francisco, New York,  DC,  Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Manchester, Boston, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Charlotte, Memphis, Dallas,  Seattle and probably some I forgot. 

It's been really great working for Sun on and off for 8 yrs.
In my new job I will be working for  Availity connects health care professionals with a smarter, online approach to electronic claims and other daily health plan transactions.

Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

more on unbalanced trade

the world economy developed huge potential instabilities—vast trade imbalances-From 2000 to 2008, the U.S. trade deficit with China ballooned from $84 billion to $266 billion

A Global Free-For-All?

Friday Oct 24, 2008

The problem with Globalization

yesterday Greenspan admitted that he was surprised and "partially" wrong about the free market. When will economists admit that they are wrong about globalization?  A problem with globalization is it encourages over specialization in what a country does best. Over specialization is bad because when the environment changes you die,  you see this in the fossil record, generalizers survive changes (I have a BS in Geology).  A Haitian neighbor agreed this is a problem, when Haiti specialized in Bananas for example and then Honduras grew them cheaper, where did that leave Haiti? 

A country should not over import , a country should have its own farmers, manufacturers , scientists, and engineers.

Monday Oct 20, 2008

Fair and Balanced trade

Travelling in Brazil and Buenos Aires recently I was wondering why has North America been (generally) more successful than South America? Brazil and Argentina had economic booms... and busts. I think it is because historically N. America has had a more stable and relatively less corrupt government, a strong middle class, strong work and values ethics, creating an infrastructure of trust and opportunity. It is important that the government provide a education , opportunity, a safety net , but at the same time the people should not depend on the government to provide for them.

I have repeatedly heard politicians say that free trade has led to greater prosperity here and abroad. China has become the global factory, Brazil the world's farmer, and India its back office, this is not viable longterm.
Right now we don't have "free" trade, its not "free" when pollution is so bad the Olympic athletes were concerned about breathing, and green stuff had to be removed for the kayak competition. Its not "free" when we import almost everything and some of our best exports--- movies and software-- are not purchased but copied illegally. What we need is fair and balanced trade.
Limits should be set so that we only buy as much from a country as they buy from us (I mean real products not debt). We should make sure to keep some manufacturing here, we can't just be a country of services. We should make sure that we keep enough hi-tech jobs here to encourage future generations to study science and tech in college.
It is risky to depend on other countries for food, manufacturing, or hi-tech. The Philippines used to export rice, now they import it. Every country should be able to feed itself, at least I want to live in a country that grows enough food to feed itself.
It is wrong when the country's largest employer is Walmart, what kind of future does that offer? A country of have's and have nots.

The strength of our country is a strong middle class, a mostly stable incorrupt government, an infrastructure of trust and values, a work ethic, and a future of more than flipping burgers.

Wednesday Aug 06, 2008


Carol McDonald travels all over the world speaking at Sun Tech Days, JUGs, Companies, and conferences...Before returning to Sun in 2007, Carol worked 2 1/2 yrs as an Architect on a BIG  Spring/hibernate application to manage > 10 mill loans for a leading bank. Before joining Sun the first time in 1999 Carol worked on Pharmaceutical Intranet applications for Roche in Switzerland, a Telecom Network Management Application for Digital (now HP) in France, a X.400 Email Server for IBM in Germany, and as a student intern for the National Security Agency. Carol holds a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee, a B.S. in Geology from Vanderbilt University, and is a Sun Certified Java Architect and Java Language Programmer. Carol is also Fluent in French and German.




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