Why we love Hiring Campus Graduates !!!By Aarti Kumar

Guest Author

just the world’s #1 database company anymore but #1 in a hundred other
categories. A company that has left its competitors far behind and is rapidly
gaining ground. It’s not just in the name but a host of things that we offer
that makes us the preferred employer. Who wouldn’t want to join a company such
as this? From experienced candidates, top management, students, fresh
graduates, everyone wants to be a part of this amazing organization at some
point or the other in their career.

While we’re
constantly on the lookout to hire the ‘best talent’ for our company, one of our
favorite ways to bring people onboard is through campus hiring. Have you ever
wondered why we love to hire campus graduates @ Oracle, when there’s an ocean
of highly experienced people available outside?

Well, here’s
why. Some of our Managers and Vice Presidents at Oracle have shared their
thoughts on why they simply love to hire graduates like you to work with us.

Campus hires bring
in high energy and a lot of enthusiasm into the team with their willingness to
experiment and think out of the box away from the established methodologies.
Campus recruitment helps us get the brightest talent from various institutes.”

- Senior Program Manager, Oracle Retail

 “Oracle is
a company that is at the forefront of technology and we sustain our market
leadership through innovation. We look for engineers who have bright ideas and
have the passion to challenge the status quo and innovate. Over the years we
have been successful in attracting the “best and the brightest” from the
campuses in India and we count on these talented engineers to apply their
ignited minds to our business and technology problems and drive the next
generation of innovation”

- Vice
President, Oracle Managed Cloud Services

Oracle is invested in
our people as they are what keeps the engine running and new ideas
flowing. Our new Campus Grads are the
future to the organization, as we look to each new class of grads to bring a fresh
vision and the spirit of learning/growing. These new team members are the seedlings for the longevity of Oracle
Corporation and we are always excited to welcome the newest batch when they
come on board.”

- Vice President, Oracle Recruiting JAPAC

 “New grads learn
new technologies rapidly and combined with their extensive knowledge of the
latest hardware and software automatically makes them a high-value hire.
Willingness to repeatedly ask the question “why” (Why do we do it this way? Why
not that way?) helps to force you to re-examine your approaches.”

- Manager, Hardware Development, Oracle

“Fresh college graduates bring energy,
enthusiasm, and excitement which feed our innovation engine. Their ideas and
outlook constantly challenge us to improve our processes and products.”

- Director, Development, Oracle

 So here’s a
BIG congratulations and a warm welcome to all of you who have been hired from
campus and will join us this year.

You’re at the
right place and you’ve made the right choice because we sure do love hiring
young talent like you who are the future of Oracle.

Here’s your
chance to spread the word!!!! Take this post and share it with your juniors
because we’re going to be back at your campus to keep hiring more students each

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