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What will help you get an entry-level position?

“Finishing your studies and getting a great
job.” Isn’t this the biggest dream of most of the young people? At the
beginning you think it’s easy, but when it’s your turn, you realize that
actually it’s not as easy as you thought it would be. Especially nowadays, when
we’re living difficult times and finding a job is a challenge. This is why I
felt lucky when I joined Oracle. Do you want to know how did I do it?

My name is Markéta Kocová and I am working as
a Customer Intelligence Support Intern within Oracle Prague. Before this job I
have, I was focused on my studies, going also abroad for one semester in
Rostock University in Germany. I decided though to gain some working
experience. In November 2011, I joined Oracle, this one being my first job. I
never thought I would be part of such a big company, but here I am!

I have to say that I think it’s quite
difficult to find a job and thus job search might be exhausting. What did help
me? I think it was the networking. The more people you know, the more chances
you have to find a job. This is how I’ve heard about this internship. I think
internship programs are a great opportunity for young people to gain experience
and also to start building a career. As companies are looking for the
candidates with the best skills and some experience, it’s difficult to get a
job. It’s a paradox isn’t it? You are applying for a entry-level position, but
you won’t get it because they’ll be searching for someone who has experience.
This is why internship is a good solution to improve your skills. You will
learn many things, you might get a mentor and also perform given tasks.

What else could you do? In my opinion you
should invest in yourself. Try to focus on both education and skills. In order
to get a good job in an international and successful company, it’s not enough a
university diploma. You could learn a foreign language because it’s usually
required. Employers are also looking for good computer skills, so this could be
something you could take into consideration before applying to a job. There are
also some personal characteristics like communication abilities, self-reliance,
self-confidence or ability to solve the crisis situations that companies look
at when hiring a person. You could consider attending some training in order to
improve these soft skills.

Getting a job is difficult, but also when you
make it and get one you’ll still finding challenging to stay there. You might
realize it is not the dream job, but being patient and trying to learn as much
as possible will help you to achieve more. I think every experience is
valuable. I’ve been through this type of situation, but the environment, my
colleagues and the atmosphere in office have always been great and made me love
my job! Thanks guys!

If you’re searching for a job and you want to
join Oracle, I recommend you to check

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  • sushreeta chand Thursday, April 4, 2013

    i m thnkful 2 u 2 give me sm knwlg about intern38ship.i realy need a job in mns cmpny.pls tel me about d cources which is helpful to get a good job.

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