Tips to Become Employable By Mrinal Das !!!

Guest Author

From my little experience in the field of recruitment and
more precisely university hiring for technology (IT) companies, I see a huge
gap between the industry needs and the syllabus or curriculum that are taught
in colleges.

Due to the rapidly changing dynamics facing the 21st
century and increasing competition day by day globally industry demands ready
to deploy resources or expect minimal training requirement for the new hires to
become productive and start contributing to the job. While I understand the
fact that for a country like India with 1.25 billion population and so much
complex diversity, it may be difficult for the education systems to catch up
with the industry and do short periodical revision on curriculum. However,
there are certain key skills that can be taught and practiced while you are
still in campus and become employable.

Key Employability Skills

  • Technology Skills - All that you
    need to know to clear any technical interview with any software company
    residing in any corner of the world are – Programming (C/C++/Java), Data
    Structure, and OS
  • Problem Solving Skills - which
    contribute to productive outcomes of any given problem
  • Communication Skills- which
    contribute to productive and harmonious relations between various stakeholders
  • Teamwork skills - which contribute
    to productive working relationships and outcomes
  • Initiative and Enterprise skills -
    which contribute to innovative outcomes
  • Planning and Organizing skills -
    which contribute to long-term and short-term strategic planning
  • Self-Management skills - which
    contribute to employee satisfaction and growth
  • Learning skills - which contribute
    to ongoing improvement and expansion in employee and company operations and


  • Set
    SMART Goal - Goals must be SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic
    and Time bound) Dream about your Goal everyday!
  • Improve
    Written and Oral COMMUNICATION - Read English newspapers daily, Talk in English
    to your classmates and to your faculty (don’t bother about your grammar and
    fluency), Watch quiz, news and informative programs in English media. Also
    watch how great people have become great!
    in Extracurricular activities, technical and management fests - Just
    participate , don’t bother about the results
  • Ask
    FEEDBACK - Give & get Feedback about your performance and your personality
    from your peer group .Take Criticisms as a chance to improve. Ask for feedback
    immediately after any performance lest they may forget. Put in additional
    efforts to correct your mistakes
  • STOP
    COMPLAINING - Stop Complaining about the external factors and Count your
    Blessings. This will help you develop a positive attitude (instead start
    analyzing your internal factors- your capabilities , your weakness etc)
  • YOU
    ARE UNIQUE - Do Not compare yourself with anybody else in the world! YOU ARE
    UNIQUE and You have to develop a unique identity of your Own
  • Have
    a MENTOR - Have a mentor who will guide you in difficult times and also
    motivate you in all aspects of your career and life (The difference between a
    role model and a mentor is that you aspire to be like your role model , and
    your mentor helps you in the process
  • Use
    Positive SELF AFFIRMATION - Use Positive self affirmation statements like “Yes,
    I Can Do it!”, “I am confident “,” I will be Successful”. Shed all negative
    thoughts and egos. Ignore unproductive negative comments and criticisms.
    Positive criticism gives you the platform for improvement whereas negative
    criticism pulls your legs down so that you will fall!

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