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    November 18, 2013

The inhouse days at Oracle Netherlands - by Arne Stierman

Guest Author
Wednesday, our student association Asset (Tilburg University) and Oracle
organised an inhouse day. The purpose was to get to know Oracle and be
introduced to what career perspectives you have when you apply for a job at
Oracle after graduation.

In the past
I've heard about Oracle, but not in great detail. That is why I applied to take
part in the inhouse day. Purely out of curiosity. Although the saying goes that
curiosity killed the cat, it turned out to be quite different. But you'll read
that later on.

After we were
greeted by the Oracle representatives in the main lobby we were given a general
presentation on what Oracle is about. The first thing that stood out, was how
diverse the Oracle product and services portfolio is. To my knowledge Oracle
was a leading database vendor, yet I never gave thought that Oracle would offer
a full and complete hardware and software stack.

presentation that followed told us more about one of Oracle offerings, Oracle
Sales Cloud. The presentation turned out to be a briefing for a sales
The sales competition consisted of a fifteen minute role play with
Oracle Sales representatives acting as interested prospect and juror. During
the role play we were asked to take the role as Oracle representatives and
build a basis for a long term relationship.

Afterwards we
were invited to lunch and a meet and greet with interns currently doing their
internship with Oracle. Which gave a nice introduction on how Oracle treats
its interns.

with the program planned for us, we were invited into a conference call with
Oracle employees in Dublin, whom are part of the Business Development team.
This provided us with a clear image of what was expected of people starting
their career with Oracle. It was great that everyone we spoke to was very
enthusiastic about the training program and the great extent that Oracle takes
care of them.

After a short
tour of the building,
we were invited to a meeting room individually, to take
part in the sales competition. For me the conversation went well, during the
role play, I tried to imagine the customers needs and concerns and tried to
mitigate them. Suddenly, laughter interrupted the role play. Both the sales
reps were amazed how well the conversation went and said that they would like
to send me to one of their clients. This was a huge compliment for me. Although
the goal of the conversation was to build a foundation for a long term
relationship, it turned out that I basically was the only person that actually
got a quote out.

 Afterwards I
was awarded with the First prize, a bottle of champagne and a goblet.

I had a
really good time at Oracle.
As it turned out, my curiosity didn't get me nor a
cat killed. I would like to thank everyone at Oracle that helped with the organisation
of the in house day, we learned a lot about what Oracle has to offer.

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