Taking the next big step in life with Oracle by Soham!!

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Days come and days go. But there are days on which you start from no where and in the end finish
it off in a style you had never thought before. 3rd September, 2014 was one such day. It was that very day on which Oracle Financial Services Software (OFSS) came to our campus for
recruitment. Having cleared the aptitude & technical test I got the opportunity to appear for the interviews.

It was just like any other day from waking up to rushing to college to attend the Pre Placement Talk. But things started to become more exciting as the interview rounds began. There
were going to be two rounds of interviews-Technical & HR/Behavioral. In the beginning there were about 110 candidates for the interviews. As I sat and waited for my turn the coordinators
came from time to time and declared the names of people who were rejected or selected for the next round
of interview. So as
u can guess the adrenaline
levels began
to rise gradually. As
I was
a student of Electrical Engineering I was quite unsure about what the interviewers would like to see in me because I being from a Non-IT background was not that familiar with CS stuffs like C++, Java, DBMS etc. I saw my friends trying to study thick books of CS as if they would mug up the
whole book within hours but I decided to keep it simple and show them the real me and be honest about what I know and what I dont know.

So finally after a long wait my turn came. As I approached the interview room the
interviewer greeted me with a smile. It felt so good. Then the interview began. The interviewer was such a nice person. He treated me as if he knew me for a long time. He asked me about my projects & internships, my role in them, my coding skills, some technical questions,
questions like why I want to join OFSS etc. Then he asked me to solve some math problems. I
solved them all and explained them to him. In the end he stood up, shook my hands and wished
me the very best in life. After that I had to wait for some time and was called again for the HR interview. As I entered the room the interviewers seemed so delighted as if I have caught them in a good mood. My tensions seemed to get wiped off by their presence. First of all he asked me the meaning of my name, then about my qualities that make me different from others, my
achievements in life, personal views, job posting preferences etc etc.., In the end he asked me if
there was anything I would like to know and I asked him a couple of questions regarding OFSS. So that was it. I came
out. I was still unsure,

After like 3 hours of long wait finally when all the interviews had ended we all gathered in
a room and the entire Oracle
team arrived
with the final results.
Everyone’s excitement
rose to a whole new level. The HR manager started to read out the names of the selected ones one
by one. And then came the moment. The moment of realization. The moment of life. Yes! I had bagged the first job of my life! The feeling was so special...so unprecedented! I don't have an
effing clue of what was happening on my mind then. So once again I would like
to say...THANKS ORACLE!!! :)

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