Wednesday May 28, 2014

Work at Oracle as a Fresh Student by Ang Sun

The past months have flown by since I started working at Oracle; but at the same time it feels like I’ve been here forever. I came to Beijing to find a job after I graduated from The University of Southampton with a MSc in Software Engineering. I got an offer the next day after I had an interview with my manager.

This new style of working life hasn’t been a problem with me. The atmosphere here is fantastic and everyone is so friendly and easy to talk to. I am the first member in our AIE China Team. We do appreciate those colleagues from Core I/O team who helped us a lot to familiarize ourselves with the new environment. After hire orientation training I got to know many new people from various teams including Middleware, People Soft and Solaris. Also Oracle provides weekly system online training as additional training for those people who need it...

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Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

TOP 500 Company Career Consulting Event - Peking University by Camilla Wu

On November 8th,the China Campus team joined the “TOP 500 Company Career Consulting Event”which was conducted by the Peking University Career Center, there are 10 Multinational Companies who attended the meeting, 300 top students had the opportunity to talk directly to Recruiters during the meeting.

During the meeting, each company had a table, and could put the poster and brochures and just like a job fair students could talk directly to the recruiters and recruiters could also did the first round of interview with the targeted students during the session. There was nearly 150-200 students who asked questions about Oracle FY14 campus hire. I hope we could select some outstanding candidates during this session and I also hope the bridge between Peking University and Oracle will be better and better.

 (From the pictures you can see there are many students standing in a long queue to talk to recruiters, so Oracle is very welcome!)

Tuesday Jul 24, 2012

The Student Life In Russia

Throughout time, Russian students’ life has gone through many different changes. We spend our time in a totally different way than our parents used to and also focus on different aspects of our lives. Nowadays, more and more students are trying to study and work in the same time as it is highly valued from employers’ perspective. This aspect has had a significant impact on students’ life as their activities and interests have changed. We have recently face another change that has been a challenge, going from the classical 5years System of Education to the Bologna System. My name is Valeria and I am a Sales Intern in Oracle Russia. I will tell you more about the challenges that a Russian student is facing and also about what employers are looking for in my country.

Russia has recently replaced the classical national 5-years system of education with the Bologna Process Model, 4 years plus 2 years. After five years of study, students received a specialist certificate, but nowadays, they receive only a diploma of general higher education. There are both advantages and disadvantages for this change. For instance, after graduating 5-years, students realized that the knowledge they gained was out of date and that foreign universities did not accept their certificate. The Bologna Process Model of Bachelor and Master Degrees give students the chance to use their diploma in many universities around the world.

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Wednesday Aug 31, 2011

Top Notch Talent: University students experience life at Oracle

University students from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia visited the Customer Visit Centre at Thames Valley Park, UK in July to learn about graduate opportunities at Oracle. The engineering and computer science students heard a series of presentations from Oracle employees, giving a flavour of daily working life at Oracle and outlining the choice of career paths available. They also learnt about Oracle culture and received tips on how to apply for positions.

The session at Oracle's campus in Reading, organised by Oracle Recruitment, was part of a two-week UK tour ( undertaken by the students to introduce and prepare them for the world of work. The initiative is co-ordinated by Prof. Dr. Antonio Reig from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, and also dovetails with the ambitions of Oracle’s Top Notch Talent program to recruit, develop and retain the best talent in the industry.

Gillian Channer, Senior Director, Business Operations, UK and Ireland, gave an account of her career, starting as programmer, and then a trainer of Oracle products. Her advice for the students was to work hard, never take things for granted and most importantly network.

The final presentation was by Annapia Racanelli, Oracle recruiter for Italy and France, who highlighted the different opportunities available within Oracle for graduates. Annapia also explained how Oracle encourages continuous development of skills.

Annapia explained how Oracle Direct provides a vibrant, multi-lingual working environment for professionals at early stages of their sales career. She also offered advice on finding positions within Oracle – recommending the students join the dedicated Oracle Facebook page and set up a Linked-in profile as soon as possible.

Prof. Dr. Antonio Reig concluded: “The day at Oracle was a great opportunity for the students to see first-hand how one of the world’s best companies works.”

The student day forms part of Oracle's continuous recruitment programme to attract the very best graduate talent from across Europe. The team establishes strong relationships with each of the top European universities, making regular visits to careers departments and student unions to ensure the students are fully briefed on opportunities available at Oracle.

The team works hard to ensure that Oracle has a strong online and social media presence for jobseekers and sends out targeted emails to the top potential candidates. It also works closely with the top European MBA programmes to ensure that Oracle attracts the best interns, and sponsors some of the best student projects and awards. The programme also arranges for Oracle employees to return to their universities to speak first-hand to students about what it’s like working at Oracle. If you are interested in participating, please contact

The day opened with a presentation from Gordon Davies, of Sales Knowledge Communications, EMEA, who provided an introduction to Oracle's business in the IT industry, its customers and global organization.

Monday Jun 27, 2011

Oracle went back to school !....

  I am Georgiana, Contracts Manager for Oracle University and Advanced Customer Services in Romania. I started working for Oracle for 4 years ago as a Contracts Specialist. Two years ago I became a manager of a team of 9 Contracts Specialists. On a sunny day in March some members of my team visited the students of the Academy of Economic Studies, accompanied by Recruitment colleagues. This was part of a new initiative to raise awareness on career opportunities at Oracle.                                                                      

We spent approximately 2 hours illustrating and explaining different aspects of the day-to-day activities of an Oracle Contracts Specialist to the future graduates of the Academy.

Role Play

Since a role play is worth 1000 job descriptions, the audience witnessed an entertaining performance on the contracting process from the phase of the negotiation with the customer to actual signing of the contract.

The main focus was on the role of Contracts Specialist liaising with all the groups involved and ensuring that the contract is compliant with Oracle policies while generating the expected revenue.

However, the team took other roles as well i.e. Sales Representative, Customer, Business Approver and Lawyer to demonstrate their role in the process. As each of these roles only have a small slice of the big pie, it is vital to understand what happens before and after you come on   stage as a Contract Specialist.

Contracts Specialist

Being a Contracts Specialist goes beyond simply knowing what policies apply, it means understanding Oracle’s core business model, understanding customers’ requests and addressing them in the most effective way.

The job also involves connecting smaller teams that are often geographically dispersed across multiple regions so that they become a bigger, stronger and successful team. You are the expert in this key position that can facilitate the closing of a deal or stop it from happening if the risk is too high. The role play provided insights on both.

Why I love this job

Events of this kind are sometimes just as useful for the “recruiters” as for the “recruits”. For me, as a presenter, it was an excellent opportunity to think about the many reasons why I love what I do in the Contracts department every day and to share this with the students.

I wanted to explain to the audience, who are still considering education and career possibilities, that what we do in Contracts DOES make a difference. You have the power to achieve targets that you did not think reachable before. Working in the dynamic Oracle environment shapes you as a person and there is a lot to take away from this experience.

Looking back to my years in the Academy (I graduated from the Academy myself), I wish I could have listened to more people talking about their great jobs and about how I could get there. If those were Oracle people I might have been writing this article sooner. J

If you are interested to join the Contracts team please click here for more information or contact

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