Wednesday Oct 16, 2013

JAVA Technical Sharing in Tsinghua University – China by Camilla Wu

We aim to identify the brightest graduating students from selected Universities who will help position Oracle as a company of choice within their University. Our Ambassadors are a bridge between Oracle and their Universities.

Two months earlier, we held an Oracle Open Day Event, the Tsinghua University Ambassador together with his classmates had been invited to walk into the Oracle Offices and on Sept.17th, Oracle had a JAVA technical sharing in Tsinghua University. In total 108 students joined the session, one JAVA technical Manager gave a fantastic presentation to the students, and our recruiting team also introduced Oracle and our campus hire process. A number of students asked different questions related to JAVA and Oracle campus hiring, from this session we has a number of students express interest in roles with us, hope anyone of them could join Oracle in the coming FY14 campus hire program!!!

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Tuesday Aug 20, 2013

Spotlight on a career path: Alina UK Deal Management Team

Since September 2012, I am the manager of the UK Deal Management team in the the Bucharest Shared Service Centre. I have a team of 13 members, amazing people with whom I work daily and spend more time than I spend with my family. Like we all do at work. At least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

My team and I work with three main countries: UK, Ireland and Israel. We are part of a wider region that is made up of all the southern countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. In the end we are all part of the EMEA Deal Management team (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

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Monday Aug 08, 2011

DAK company run in Potsdam

5:30 o’clock pm: The weather is really nice which means it is sunny. We meet at the Oracle banner in a very good mood. All of us are very excited and of course nervous. After half an hour the group with 23 participants has arrived. We all are wearing our beautiful t-shirts and our running numbers. The team are all in an excited and good mood for the photo and we talk about our possible times and make some jokes about the weather.

6 o’clock pm: Before running a good stretching and warm –up is important. The organizer has reserved a sport studio to do a warm up with all of the 1200 participants. It was a funny picture J

6:20 o’clock: The Oracle team goes unified to the starting area. The sky shows only different dark colors but the sun is lost. Our fears come true. We hope all together that it will not rain while we run but…

6:30 o’clock: …At the exact moment when the race is due to start, it starts to rain! Not very extreme but it starts. The speaker and the Potsdam Mayor request us to wait for the television. They will do a review about the company run.

6:35 o’clock: The mayor gives the signal to start with a pistol. That is also the signal for the sky to flood the earth. Within a few minutes all runners are extremely wet. The whole 4,6 kilometers you can’t see anything, you feel only wet and your shoes are heavy because of the big puddles on the ground.

After 30 minutes everyone in our team has finished the run. We had some non-alcoholic beer and water from above. It was a real pity that the party fell through but it was a great fun!

All in all it was a day that we all will remember.

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Tuesday Mar 01, 2011

Join our Customer Intelligence Team in Dublin!

Miriam Alonso AlvarezDo you want to work with the brightest minds in the industry? Want to be part of a global team that’s changing the way the world does business? Then Oracle is the place for YOU.

Join now as a Customer Intelligence Representative. You will have the opportunity to develop within the role through working alongside the Business Development, Sales and Customer Intelligence teams within Oracle. The Customer Intelligence Group is viewed as a true talent pool for the Business Development and Sales Teams. Oracle offers a structured training programme for Customer Intelligence Representatives and Business Development Consultants including our approved sales certified training methodology along with regular product training.

Miriam started her career as a Customer Intelligence Representative six years ago, and shares what she has learned and how her career is progressing.

My Career Path at Oracle:

  • June 2005 – October 2005: Profiler in the Customer Intelligence Team
  • November 2005 - October 2006: Team Leader for CIT
  • November 2006 - February 2008: Business Development Consultant Iberia
  • March 2008 - December 2010: Lead Management Specialist
  • Currently: Sales Program Manager for Iberia & Benelux

What did you learn from your role in the Customer Intelligence Team

Being a Profiler helped me to understand how an organisation works, from the beginning to the end. It is like being in University but being paid! The three key things I learnt in this role are:

  • Knowledge of customers: You are on the phone with over 70 customers daily. Not only does this give you an overview of the IT infrastructure of the customers companies but also how to manage their questions and rejections. Essentially you are learning how to convert their pain and complaints into business opportunities.
  • Knowledge of Oracle: As a Profiler you get an excellent overview of how Oracle works internally, from Customer Intelligence to Sales, without forgetting the Operations Team.
  • Knowledge about yourself: As a Profiler I learnt how to work outside of my comfort zone, there is a new challenge almost every day but Oracle are there to support you every step of the way. Oracle really invests in developing the CIT Team and as a Profiler you can expect product and sales training on a monthly basis.

How did you progress from CIT to Business Development Group (BDG)?

I made sure that my manager knew from the very beginning that I was keen to progress at Oracle and I was set very clear objectives to help me reach my goal.  My manager was very supportive and ensured I received all the training I needed. After I became a Team Leader of Profiling, I moved to an Iberia BDG position.

How you feel your experience in CI has helped you in your current role?

I truly believe that the CI position gives you a great overview of Oracle and this has really helped me in my current position.  I am the Sales Program Manager for IBERIA & Benelux and in my campaigns I need to target the right companies and the right job specs.  My time in the Customer Intelligence team really helped me to understand how to focus and target my campaigns so I know I don’t miss any business opportunities!

How would you sum up your Oracle experience?

Oracle is a big organisation with big opportunities. With the right skills and with the great training programs that Oracle offer, the only limit is you!

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