Wednesday Aug 07, 2013

The year that Was by Phillip Yi

Once again, I find myself sitting on Level 7 Tower B in Oracle's Sydney Office. Today however, marks exactly one year since joining Oracle. Looking back at my first day – the first time I stepped into the Oracle North Ryde Office, to 12 months later as I gaze to the brightly lit red Oracle sign on top of Tower B. What a journey it has been!

I have gone from Agency Recruitment to Internal Recruitment.I have gone from a direct autocratic management style with layers and layers of hierarchy, to a more consultative and mentoristic approach.I have gone from hiring level ½ Help desk, systems administrators, software engineers, business analysts, testers, application analysts to sourcing and building pipeline for  graduates, interns, associate consultants, associate application developers, business development consultants and internet sales reps.

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Thursday Oct 18, 2012

Student Life in Nigeria

They say that the Nigerian way of life involves being able and ready to succeed in life no matter the obstacles. My name is Olawale Obasola, graduated from Covenant University ’07 and presently working as a graduate consultant in Oracle. I will give you an insight into the student life in Nigeria.

Nowadays, being a graduate in Nigeria is not the easiest thing; the life after graduation is much harder than one would normally imagine. I guess it isn’t helped with the Economical uproar of the last few years but it’s as grueling as it can get.  Also the Upper vs Lower class phenomena makes the journey a little too much hurried as it is easier to lose one’s way.

Joining Oracle is a dream come-true as it further enhances my stance of taking Technology to the core of Nigeria. My initial perception about joining Oracle is that am going to be monitored every single second and my life would practically revolve around work but ever since I stepped in here, it has been an amazing experience...

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Wednesday Aug 15, 2012

Should you accept the first job after graduating?

When we graduate we are usually very eager to get our first job, earn our own money and live the life we’ve dreamed of. We want to be on our own, be independent and make the first step towards a successful career in the business we choose. We start applying for the jobs we would like to have, hoping we will receive a call. It might happen that we don’t only apply for the jobs we dreamed of, but also for some other jobs that aren’t so appealing to us. We are motivated to work, so we might be tempted to apply even for jobs that don’t fit our personality or who aren’t exactly what we want. What if we receive an offer for one of these jobs? Should we say yes just because of our willingness to work and be employed?

We would say that the answer is neither yes, nor no. There are several aspects that you should take into consideration before accepting the first job offer and even before applying for jobs.

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Tuesday Jul 24, 2012

The Student Life In Russia

Throughout time, Russian students’ life has gone through many different changes. We spend our time in a totally different way than our parents used to and also focus on different aspects of our lives. Nowadays, more and more students are trying to study and work in the same time as it is highly valued from employers’ perspective. This aspect has had a significant impact on students’ life as their activities and interests have changed. We have recently face another change that has been a challenge, going from the classical 5years System of Education to the Bologna System. My name is Valeria and I am a Sales Intern in Oracle Russia. I will tell you more about the challenges that a Russian student is facing and also about what employers are looking for in my country.

Russia has recently replaced the classical national 5-years system of education with the Bologna Process Model, 4 years plus 2 years. After five years of study, students received a specialist certificate, but nowadays, they receive only a diploma of general higher education. There are both advantages and disadvantages for this change. For instance, after graduating 5-years, students realized that the knowledge they gained was out of date and that foreign universities did not accept their certificate. The Bologna Process Model of Bachelor and Master Degrees give students the chance to use their diploma in many universities around the world.

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Tuesday Jul 17, 2012

High Potential Student Program Brief Meeting with João Taron

Hello all, my name is Jon and I currently work within the Marketing department at General Business (Oracle Spain). Hereafter, I would like to convey my thoughts about the brief meeting we had with João Taron, Vice -President of Oracle Iberia.

First of all, I would like to personally thank João for sharing his working experience with us since we have recently started working for Oracle and our willingness to excel in every field sometimes doesn´t allow us to see the big picture, however this  important advice enhances our business perspective and of course, our professional career path.


I loved the energy and dynamism brought by this outstanding speaker. It is advisable to know yourself and your environment first in order to set clear objectives on the future. This is how our chat started, explaining IT trends and of course Oracle´s business strategy and it’s organisational model. Finally, he gave us some hints about how we should face our professional challenges in the corporate world, this is the pivotal part of the meeting and something I will expand on.


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Friday Jun 15, 2012

How to build a great relationship with your colleagues

When you start new job, you worry about your performance, about being able to do what the manager asks you to do, but you also worry about the relations with your colleagues. How will you get along with them? What if they don’t like you? Have you ever felt you’re „the new guy” and your colleagues have already their own way of talking one to each other, their own jokes? It’s a common feeling and can actually become stressful.

I am Norbert, Middleware Presales Intern in Hungary and I’ve been working within Oracle for only 1 month. Joining such a big company has been a challenge from many perspectives. One of them was adapting with the environment and getting to know all my colleagues. You know it’s quite difficult to introduce yourself, to try to liaise with them and find some common topics, so I felt very lucky and comfortable when my manager introduced me to all of my colleagues...[Read More]

Tuesday May 29, 2012

How to get the most from an Oracle internship?

Do you know how many people work within Oracle? More than 100.000! It’s quite a huge company and being an Intern among all these people might seem a small thing. I would say that it’s a great opportunity to learn, experience new and important things for your development. When you are part of a corporation you want to give your best and let them see you want to stay even after your internship ends. Do you agree with me?

My name is Andreea and I am an Intern within the Oracle SSC Admin Team. When I joined the company, the corporate environment had a great impact on me as I didn’t know what to expect of this experience. I was suddenly part of a professional team, learning, working and willing to prove they made the right choice. There are 6 other  interns that started at the same time as I did, which made the situation more comfortable for me. If you think of yourself, what would you do if you were an Intern? You would probably do the same as us. We’ve tried to do our best in learning and assimilating as much as we could from this new experience.

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Thursday May 24, 2012

How important is the work environment for you?

What criteria do you consider when you receive a job offer? Responsibilities? The salary or the manager? What about the work environment and all those things that can make you motivated in the work place?

My name is Marie and I am a Partner Intelligence Support Intern. I’ve realised how important this last aspect is when I joined Oracle. I am in the final year at the Charles University in Prague, studying Social Geography and Regional Development. If you’re thinking that my studies are actually quite different from what I do at my job, so it is. Fortunately, the faculty helped improve some of the skills required in this position and this is how I got to Oracle. I first thought that I would have a career in Social Geography, but eventually I prospected the job market and realised there are other jobs I would like to have. Joining the Partner Intelligence Support team has definitely been a good decision, especially because of my colleagues and the environment I am working in.

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Thursday Apr 26, 2012


Apprenticeship - Recruitment- Paris (France)

Do you want to learn more about recruitment processes? We currently have an opening in Paris for an apprentice to join the EMEA recruitment team. This apprenticeship offers you an insight in recruitment of graduates and interns from sourcing candidate to organising assessment days and developing the relationship with the Universities in France. The roles is based in paris and you will be working closely together with the Graduate Recruitment Consultant responsible for French speaking vacancies across EMEA.

We are looking for interns with a passion for Recruitment, who already have some recruitment experience in a previous apprenticeship and are fluent in English and French. The ability to multitask is very important for being successful in this role. Also problems solving skills, drive and enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial mindset are required.

We offer you a great opportunity to work in a enthusiastic and goal-oriented recruitment team. You will learn to build relationship across international and organisational boundaries and develop your interpersonal and communication skills. Next to that you will get an insight in recruitment best practices in an international company.  If you are interested in this position, read more here!

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Thursday Apr 19, 2012

How important is your body language at a job interview?

Candidates usually think that Recruiters are focused on their words and their replies to questions, but actually what interviewers are trying to do is to understand the person in front of them better, through their answers, but also through their body language. Your gestures, your posture and your eye contact can emphasize what you are saying, convincing the interviewer with your truthfulness, but can also contradict your statements. Imagine an introverted person trying to convince you that he/she enjoys speaking in public and interacting with many people. Would she or he be convincing? Furthermore, your body language expresses different sides of your personality. Let’s take as an example of a person who is fluent and whose voice is not trembling when answering even the most difficult questions. Would you say that person isn’t nervous? It might be, but we could also think that person has a good control of his/ her emotions. What should you take into consideration when attending a job interview?

What should you take into consideration when attending a job interview? 

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Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

Poof and it’s gone - Internship @ Oracle Netherlands

We still remember the first day we walked in the office in September. The moment we walked into the big entrance hall and saw all those unfamiliar faces, we had no idea that we all had such diverse personalities, and still we all had a great time together. At the end of our internship we could all say we felt comfortable working at the office, playing “some” table tennis. Besides, it has been a great learning experience and we look back on a good time. 

We made our own video and it shows you what some of us have been working on during our internship @ Oracle in the Netherlands. 

If you are also interested in Oracle and what we have to offer, you can join our Live Google+ Hangout every Friday at 3 p.m. or visit

Tuesday Mar 20, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Dublin!

In this third instalment of our monthly topic ‘Spotlight on an Office’, we visit Dublin, Ireland

Oracle has 5 offices in Dublin all in the EastPoint Business Park close to Dublin City centre. In Dublin there are currently 1,000 people working for Oracle. You’ll find, among others, a large part of OracleDirect, our inside sales organization, part of our EMEA Finance organization and employees from Product and Systems Development who work on the heart of Oracle’s products.


EastPoint Business Park is located next ...

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Thursday Mar 01, 2012

How to gain valuable skills to make it in Sales?

Resilience, ambition, a target driven mentality, and a positive, team oriented attitude makes up a successful Customer Intelligence Representative (CIR). This is the entry level position of Oracle Direct and the first step to succeed in your IT sales career.

These skills will be taught through the day-to-day tasks of identifying key contacts to be utilized in the sales process of all of Oracle Direct in EMEA. As you are constantly challenged on the job, as well as in the vast trainings available from Oracle, they will become second nature. Hence if you don’t possess them now, you will definitely, when you are ready to move into the Business Development Consultant role.

Through the day-to-day work as a CIR, your ... 

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Monday Jan 23, 2012

Spotlight on an office – Romania

Have you considered the importance of the working environment in choosing your future job?

We all would like to enjoy the 8-hours spent in the office and once we start working we realize what a great impact the environment has on our daily activity.  This particular aspect is highly valued at Oracle, so we invite you to travel with us and have an insight on how the working environment is in our offices from different sides of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Every month you’ll discover a new location and new people. First stop is Romania, Bucharest...

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Tuesday Jan 17, 2012

Confessions from a manager working with graduates

I’m Ionut and I’m in the business of enthusiasm.

I live it, I draw my energy from it, I search for it endlessly and I feel a great celebration inside (fireworks included) when I find it in other people. The difference between doing something because you have to and doing something because it makes your heart skip a beat under the sudden burst of enthusiasm is so great, that the choice between the two is always the same, over and over again. Working in a team that draws its energy from the urge of doing everything very well and making a difference with their work is more than a job. It makes your projects matter, it gives meaning to what you do and it sends you home with a smile, rather than a grin.

So how does someone find that work environment that motivates them and makes them go home thinking it was a great day?

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