Thursday Aug 22, 2013

Spanish Interns @Oracle Kick off 2014

Spain's ‘Kick Off’, which took place on July 4th, was a blast!Watch this great video featuring our Spanish Interns and learn about their achievements in 2013 and their plans for the new fiscal year! There are around 40 interns taking part, all with different anecdotes and stories of the first day we joined the company.  We decided to represent the mind-set of what most of us newcomers felt when we joined Oracle in the beginning.


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Wednesday Dec 14, 2011

Opening High Potential Students Program Spain

My name is Cristina and I am an Intern in the Graduate Recruitment Team in Spain. I am part of The High Potential Students Program, the Internship program we have here in Spain. I would like to share with you the opening that took place a few weeks ago. First of all I would like to explain what the High Potential Students Program is.

We are approximately 50 interns across Spain who have the opportunity to develop our skills: we present to the rest of the interns to share our roles with them, we receive training about Oracle products, and we have the chance of having breakfast with important managers of Oracle, that tell us about their experiences in the company and give us some useful advice to develop our professional career. Another important point of this program is that managers are aware about the responsibilities of having an intern, so they give us objectives to follow up and also help us to develop our skills.

Like last Christmas, we have been making a calendar and all the profits we raise will go to charity . Apart from the social side, this activity has allowed us to become a more cohesive group of interns and we had a great time together taking the pictures for the calendar. The results show how successful this program is. From a total of 54 interns in FY12, 11 of them have been hired and 7 have been sub-contracted. These results motivate us much more, and give us strength to work harder. 

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Thursday May 19, 2011

Fundraising @ Oracle in Spain

Our names are Roberto and Maria and we are interns at Oracle Spain in Madrid. We are about to reach the end of the fiscal year and for this reason we are happy to share with you one of our greatest achievements of this year which all the interns in Spain are very proud of.

 The Calendar

Our story began a few weeks before Christmas... as an internal tradition in the High Potential Student Program (HPSP), interns sing a Christmas carol every 23rd of December, at the Christmas party in front of all Oracle Madrid employees. This year we wanted to prepare something different and innovative for this day.We aspired to go beyond getting together to celebrate this day and working together for a common goal of helping others. Something that could be remembered for a long period of time. One day during breakfast, we had a great idea of making a calendar. Innovative and something that everyone could use throughout the year and a goal for all interns to achieve based on collaboration!

The Photo-shoot

After receiving the required approval, the group of interns organised a meeting in order to brainstorm and decide what would be the best topic for the calendar. We finally agreed to create a calendar with photographs that could represent each month in Oracle Spain. We also wanted this calendar to be part of an Oracle Spain social project. We decided to collaborate  with Manos Unidas to provide funds for building a school in a village in Zambia.

We did not have any budget for taking these photographs so we had to use every resource at our disposal; one intern volunteered to be the photographer, the marketing interns helped to brighten the pictures, some Oracle employees offered their support to help us and of course all the interns were available and supportive during the process. Real team work!

With no doubt the hardest part was to develop a good campaign so the employees would buy one of these calendars- AND we did it. The calendar was a great success! People bought the calendar for their office, share with their families, give to partners and customers... We managed to sell over 700 calendars and the funds contributed towards building a school in Zambia.

A big thank you!

We want to take this opportunity to thank those people involved in this project, especially the interns from all departments who worked together in order to achieve this amazing result. Also thank all employees who made an effort to buy more than one calendar! You were the ones who truly made this possible!

Finally, we would like to share with you the quiet bliss that we had at the end of this fantastic project.

“Imagine your office at Christmas Eve, just 3 or 4 people working that day in the office and in a complete silence... what can be seen on every single desk?... yes, at least one of our calendars for the Zambia school!”

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