Wednesday Jul 17, 2013

There is more to a Graduate Role at Oracle Than Just Work by Lu Guo

Hello all. I’m Lu. As a fresh graduate I joined in Oracle in April 2013 in our Oracle China offices. To be honest, I was not sure whether I made the right choice for me to work for Oracle at the beginning. But after three months, I realize that this is really a huge lucky choice and definitely the right choice. :P Let me explain.

At first and as a fresh graduate, I want to introduce the best thing so far for recent Oracle Graduates – The Oracle College Hire Program (All the graduates are divide into classes to attend this program). In official words, this program helps us understand Oracle’s culture and value; it helps get new college hires quickly acclimated and productive on new and innovative work; it provides meaningful events that engage new college hires and contributes to their retention; it gets college hires so motivated about Oracle that they act as ambassadors of Oracle to their alma mater.

Actually, these sentences are too official that I cannot quite understand what they mean. But in the past two months, what this program means to us is Play, Play and Play :D. Also the program gives us a lot help on our work, but this is ‘Top Secret’, so I cannot talk more. Only one, it makes us happy working here. OK, let’s focus on the Play’ part.

In the first activity, Class Kick Off, we went to the Great Wall in ChengDe and we got a courtyard house as our base at the foot of the hill. In the daytime of first day, we climbed the Great Wall...

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Wednesday Jun 05, 2013

Faces of Fusion!

Faces of Fusion!

Fusion Applications are the latest and greatest offerings from the Applications Development Group at Oracle! Do you want to know more about Fusion?

The “Faces of Fusion” are just people like you, who are highly enthusiastic and motivated to work and talk about their accomplishments. Let’s not wait anymore! Here’s a wonderful opportunity to watch the videos and listen to the people who developed these path-breaking software applications!

you can watch a series of videos at Fusion Videos

Interested in exploring opportunities with Applications Development Group at Oracle India? Connect with Manognya.Reddy-AT-oracle-DOT-com.

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Wednesday Apr 24, 2013

A Fresher’s Insight on Fresher’s Training & Induction at OFSS

Hello World! I'm Jatin, a B.E graduate in Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University and now a proud employee at 
Oracle's Financial Software Division (OFSS) since 14th Jan 2013. It’s been just few months & it has been a great learning experience being a part of this fantastic organization!

 I have penned down my Induction & Training program experience for you…

Initial Days:

We were given a warm welcome. It was exciting to meet new joiners from different parts of the country and from different institutes like BITS, IIT's, NIT's, etc. It was a great crowd and many have since been good work colleagues!

OFSS has a well structured intensive Training program; which is much beyond what we have studied in our curriculum. It involves Technical as well as Behavioral Training along with regular interaction with senior management...

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Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Spotlight on a technical centre: Product Development IT

Hi! My name is Ionuț and I am the Manager of the Product Development IT team based in Romania. As is introduction time, I will also tell you something about me: I have always liked good stories, with passionate people chasing their goals and fulfilling their passions.

 So I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a story

It is about a handful of people who started a new team, with it’s own culture and a new friendship. Each came with the best skills they had and strived to learn the ones they needed. Some came with database skills and learned programming in scripting languages (Perl, KSH), others came with Java Enterprise skills and made those flourish by developing new JavaEE applications, but also stepped up to help others do scripting and operating system administration and learnt new languages.

Others joined with all sorts of qualities, like scripting, database administration, sql programming, user-interface programming skills like PHP and JQuery and others came with Linux knowledge. Some knew more, others less. But they all found that they could learn from each other and from the experience they had... 

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Tuesday Jun 05, 2012

What will Larry Ellison’s first tweet be about?

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will send his first tweet Wednesday, June 6. He will announce Oracle’s plans for new cloud-based software products and computing services.

Follow @LarryEllison and find out


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