Friday Jul 22, 2011

Made in Germany @ Oracle

Hi, Moin Moin

My Name is Neele, originally German and now living in Ireland. I have been working as a Business Development Representative for Oracle in Dublin since November 2010. After graduating from my Business School in Southern Germany (DHBW Ravensburg) I was working at Lidl for about a year until Oracle came into my life. Oracle contacted me and offered me an amazing start to my career. As I studied International Business, my dream was to work abroad. The opportunity with Oracle included the chance to work abroad in an international surrounding with getting to know people from all different countries of Europe. – My Dream!

This multicultural environment is unique in Europe. I am working directly with colleagues from France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Portugal and many other European countries in ONE single team.

So far I have gotten to know nearly every language in Europe and try to adopt some words for myself.

Oracle gives you the chance to develop your own career in an international environment. It´s a multicultural organization and offers you the ability to learn global business processes. Nowhere else can you gain this much knowledge that you can promote into the next role within one year.

My job is focused on generating demand for Oracle products and finding new business opportunities over the phone. I have established a close relationship with Sales People all over Europe, but in particular, those based in Germany and Switzerland. Within a few short months I have acquired a professional knowledge of the whole IT Sector. At Oracle, I constantly receive relevant training on a weekly basis to enhance my skill-set. I am constantly supported by management and my personal mentor. I attend regular on-to-one sessions with my manager to review my career development plan.

The most amazing thing I am experiencing is my growing self-confidence and professionalism when speaking with customers. From having CEO’s on the phone, to having meetings with 15 different nationalities, to familiarizing with living in Ireland… it’s something that you will never experience in Germany.


Dublin as a place to life is also important to mention: Dublin has its own character. A city with most of the inhabitants between 20 and 40 offers a lot of activities for young professionals. The city is modern, vibrant and has a whole lot of contrasts.

You can decide between anything from water sports, chill at the beach, go cycling, or indoor sports, or hang out with some friends in Temple Bar and still I haven´t mentioned all of activities Dublin has to offer. Also there is a big cultural and musical scene here in Dublin.

If I am speaking for myself: I am a member of around 10 people from Oracle who plan to go on trips once a month or go to pubs and movies all together. Just last month we have been to Northern Ireland for a weekend.

Those groups emerge during every foundation training all New Starters get here. It is a training course for getting the start up knowledge for Oracle.

All in all working here in Dublin for Oracle with all the different possibilities for personal career development is an added value to a career path for business graduates and a perfect opportunity to get to know an international global player and its cultures.

I am looking forward to seeing you here on board.

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Monday Jun 27, 2011

Oracle went back to school !....

  I am Georgiana, Contracts Manager for Oracle University and Advanced Customer Services in Romania. I started working for Oracle for 4 years ago as a Contracts Specialist. Two years ago I became a manager of a team of 9 Contracts Specialists. On a sunny day in March some members of my team visited the students of the Academy of Economic Studies, accompanied by Recruitment colleagues. This was part of a new initiative to raise awareness on career opportunities at Oracle.                                                                      

We spent approximately 2 hours illustrating and explaining different aspects of the day-to-day activities of an Oracle Contracts Specialist to the future graduates of the Academy.

Role Play

Since a role play is worth 1000 job descriptions, the audience witnessed an entertaining performance on the contracting process from the phase of the negotiation with the customer to actual signing of the contract.

The main focus was on the role of Contracts Specialist liaising with all the groups involved and ensuring that the contract is compliant with Oracle policies while generating the expected revenue.

However, the team took other roles as well i.e. Sales Representative, Customer, Business Approver and Lawyer to demonstrate their role in the process. As each of these roles only have a small slice of the big pie, it is vital to understand what happens before and after you come on   stage as a Contract Specialist.

Contracts Specialist

Being a Contracts Specialist goes beyond simply knowing what policies apply, it means understanding Oracle’s core business model, understanding customers’ requests and addressing them in the most effective way.

The job also involves connecting smaller teams that are often geographically dispersed across multiple regions so that they become a bigger, stronger and successful team. You are the expert in this key position that can facilitate the closing of a deal or stop it from happening if the risk is too high. The role play provided insights on both.

Why I love this job

Events of this kind are sometimes just as useful for the “recruiters” as for the “recruits”. For me, as a presenter, it was an excellent opportunity to think about the many reasons why I love what I do in the Contracts department every day and to share this with the students.

I wanted to explain to the audience, who are still considering education and career possibilities, that what we do in Contracts DOES make a difference. You have the power to achieve targets that you did not think reachable before. Working in the dynamic Oracle environment shapes you as a person and there is a lot to take away from this experience.

Looking back to my years in the Academy (I graduated from the Academy myself), I wish I could have listened to more people talking about their great jobs and about how I could get there. If those were Oracle people I might have been writing this article sooner. J

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Tuesday Mar 01, 2011

Join our Customer Intelligence Team in Dublin!

Miriam Alonso AlvarezDo you want to work with the brightest minds in the industry? Want to be part of a global team that’s changing the way the world does business? Then Oracle is the place for YOU.

Join now as a Customer Intelligence Representative. You will have the opportunity to develop within the role through working alongside the Business Development, Sales and Customer Intelligence teams within Oracle. The Customer Intelligence Group is viewed as a true talent pool for the Business Development and Sales Teams. Oracle offers a structured training programme for Customer Intelligence Representatives and Business Development Consultants including our approved sales certified training methodology along with regular product training.

Miriam started her career as a Customer Intelligence Representative six years ago, and shares what she has learned and how her career is progressing.

My Career Path at Oracle:

  • June 2005 – October 2005: Profiler in the Customer Intelligence Team
  • November 2005 - October 2006: Team Leader for CIT
  • November 2006 - February 2008: Business Development Consultant Iberia
  • March 2008 - December 2010: Lead Management Specialist
  • Currently: Sales Program Manager for Iberia & Benelux

What did you learn from your role in the Customer Intelligence Team

Being a Profiler helped me to understand how an organisation works, from the beginning to the end. It is like being in University but being paid! The three key things I learnt in this role are:

  • Knowledge of customers: You are on the phone with over 70 customers daily. Not only does this give you an overview of the IT infrastructure of the customers companies but also how to manage their questions and rejections. Essentially you are learning how to convert their pain and complaints into business opportunities.
  • Knowledge of Oracle: As a Profiler you get an excellent overview of how Oracle works internally, from Customer Intelligence to Sales, without forgetting the Operations Team.
  • Knowledge about yourself: As a Profiler I learnt how to work outside of my comfort zone, there is a new challenge almost every day but Oracle are there to support you every step of the way. Oracle really invests in developing the CIT Team and as a Profiler you can expect product and sales training on a monthly basis.

How did you progress from CIT to Business Development Group (BDG)?

I made sure that my manager knew from the very beginning that I was keen to progress at Oracle and I was set very clear objectives to help me reach my goal.  My manager was very supportive and ensured I received all the training I needed. After I became a Team Leader of Profiling, I moved to an Iberia BDG position.

How you feel your experience in CI has helped you in your current role?

I truly believe that the CI position gives you a great overview of Oracle and this has really helped me in my current position.  I am the Sales Program Manager for IBERIA & Benelux and in my campaigns I need to target the right companies and the right job specs.  My time in the Customer Intelligence team really helped me to understand how to focus and target my campaigns so I know I don’t miss any business opportunities!

How would you sum up your Oracle experience?

Oracle is a big organisation with big opportunities. With the right skills and with the great training programs that Oracle offer, the only limit is you!

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