Wednesday Nov 05, 2014

Talent Acquisition at Oracle

Talent Acquisition at Oracle by Isaac Costa

Although recruitment is the same as talent acquisition, there are connotations to the latter concept. We refer to talent acquisition when it is not only to carry out a simply hiring process, when the process is focused on acquiring assets. In actual organizations Human Capital is considered the most integral part for the development of the organization. That is why recruitment plays such an important role in successful organizations such as Oracle. We do not think of recruitment as a process of filling open positions anymore, it is an entirely tactical process. Strategic talent acquisition is a long term view of filling open positions not only today but also using the candidates that come out of a recruiting campaign.

At Oracle, we approach candidates strategically, in a way that it is not enough to ask if they are qualified according to the requirements or whether are they interested in the position or not. It is more a process of taking into account the career aspirations and expectations of the candidate. We attempt to involve the candidates in a conversation that encourages building relationships in which the potential fit of the candidate is carefully analyzed not only for a certain position, but also to become candidates in future recruitment processes.

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Tuesday Sep 23, 2014

Oracle & I - Graduate Recruitment Intern Diary

Our Love Story

It’s our 6 week anniversary tomorrow. And by anniversary I mean Oracle & I have been in a committed relationship for 6 blissful weeks. Like most new-age relationships, we met online. Through LinkedIn as it happens. Oracle’s advert was looking for someone to support them through what can sometimes be described as a long and complex process called Graduate Recruitment.

Our first encounter was quite a blur; there was a mass mixture of emotions – nerves, excitement and anticipation. Our day was spent getting to know each other, meeting friends, and learning about Oracle as a person. We had a dinner party in the canteen of P5 where we ate glorious food from a buffet and drank free cappuccinos...

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Thursday Jul 24, 2014

My first weeks at Oracle by Keneiloe

Hi  everyone,

My name is Keneiloe a Graduate Recruitment Intern based in South Africa. My first weeks at Oracle have been mind blowing and exceptionally interesting. The first day was slow and really all about getting a feel for everything and getting to know everybody. The days following that I can really say I enjoyed as I am an individual that likes to get involved, learn new things and really immerse myself into something. I know my mentor saw this in me from the beginning and she really did nurture the urge I had to get involved.

I found that the environment was nothing close to what I expected. People were really friendly and yet very much focused on their own tasks and I established very quickly that this is how people worked in Oracle. You work interdependently and you can always ask and receive help when you need it. What fascinated me the most was discovering that the person your most likely getting help from wasn’t just down the hall or even in another province but from a different country and assisted you as though they were sitting right next to you.

In my second week at Oracle unfortunately my mentor was called out of office to attend to some personal matters. This was both a blessing and curse for me as we really did establish a solid working relationship she was able to trust me in handle matters while she was away, while also teaching me things I wouldn’t have learnt otherwise...[Read More]

Wednesday Dec 04, 2013

What you should NOT DO in an Interview

There is plenty of content available to prepare for an interview but there are some very basic mistakes which candidates often make during job interviews. So we would like to present our own version of “Five things not to do in a telephone interview”

At Oracle, we typically do a first telephone interview with candidates. Telephone interviews are slightly different from a face-to-face interview. Yes, you don’t need to worry about what you should wear, instead, you should pay more attention to your communication style.

Let’s start with the first mistake: Don’t come prepared.

Is this a retail company? A Manufacturer? What does IT mean?...

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Wednesday Aug 07, 2013

The year that Was by Phillip Yi

Once again, I find myself sitting on Level 7 Tower B in Oracle's Sydney Office. Today however, marks exactly one year since joining Oracle. Looking back at my first day – the first time I stepped into the Oracle North Ryde Office, to 12 months later as I gaze to the brightly lit red Oracle sign on top of Tower B. What a journey it has been!

I have gone from Agency Recruitment to Internal Recruitment.I have gone from a direct autocratic management style with layers and layers of hierarchy, to a more consultative and mentoristic approach.I have gone from hiring level ½ Help desk, systems administrators, software engineers, business analysts, testers, application analysts to sourcing and building pipeline for  graduates, interns, associate consultants, associate application developers, business development consultants and internet sales reps.

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Tuesday Jul 30, 2013

Oracle – The journey begins by Shambo Chatterjee:Campus Hires’13 from BIT-Mesra

Hello I am Shambo Chatterjee better known as SAM. As a campus hire I joined Oracle on 1st July 2013 in Oracle IDC Hyderabad. I feel myself really lucky and good to be in a company which is the world’s largest enterprise software company, (Oracle).

On the first day we were directed to the conference hall where we had our induction program and got introduced to each other, apart from that we were gifted with goodies that made the day special. Next day we were about to begin the journey into the world of corporate where we would be sitting on the cubicles leaving our college classroom benches, a totally new world with the aroma of expectation, excitement and freshness.

On the day of the GO program we were taught some oracle values and many other things. There was a lot of fun waiting for us with the ‘Kick-off’ of the GO plus program...

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Monday Jul 29, 2013


We are pleased to announce first ever Oracle India student video contest.

Since regular users are the best people to explain the technology we would like to invite you to show us the first person perspective on creative use of Oracle technology.

The theme for the contest is illustrating:

1. How ORACLE TECHNOLOGY can change the world or

2. How ORACLE TECHNOLOGY is involved in your daily life

So here’s an excellent opportunity for you to lit up your imagination, give life to your ideas & concepts through video and showcase it to all. And there are prizes to be won too!!!...

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Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

Knowing your market = Understanding your community

State of Origin is the pinnacle of rugby league in Australia. The best Rugby League players from NSW take on the best Rugby League players from QLD, in a tradition that spans over 30 years. Professional players in the NRL (National Rugby League) gut it out every week, hoping that they get that one chance to be selected to represent their state. The NSW and QLD coaches endure months of deliberation, trying to pick the side that they believe will win. Coaches are continuously training and conditioning their players to be the best, always providing words of wisdom to inspire them to bring out their best.

How does this relate to recruiting and more specifically to campus recruiting. Each coach has the duty to pick, select and recruit 19 players whom they believe are the right profile for their side – who’s been consistent, in form, gives 110%, team work and leadership qualities...

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Wednesday Jun 19, 2013


Can you share your experience working with Oracle so far?

It has been a wonderful journey so far. The last one year has been very exciting for me.  First of all I would like to mention that the training program at Oracle that we went through really prepared us well. It matured us and allowed us to go from developing small applications in college to big enterprise products. Two months of initial training has had a lasting impact for me. I am also really enjoying the knowledge I have gained so far and also learning new things to put into the products our team is developing. It's really fun to work here. We are treated like adults and we are responsible for our own workloads. We are not measured by how long we sit at a desk for, but more importantly what we are doing with our time...

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Wednesday Jun 05, 2013

Faces of Fusion!

Faces of Fusion!

Fusion Applications are the latest and greatest offerings from the Applications Development Group at Oracle! Do you want to know more about Fusion?

The “Faces of Fusion” are just people like you, who are highly enthusiastic and motivated to work and talk about their accomplishments. Let’s not wait anymore! Here’s a wonderful opportunity to watch the videos and listen to the people who developed these path-breaking software applications!

you can watch a series of videos at Fusion Videos

Interested in exploring opportunities with Applications Development Group at Oracle India? Connect with Manognya.Reddy-AT-oracle-DOT-com.

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Tuesday May 28, 2013

Campus Recruiting – Gangnam Style!

Korea has produced many great things -  from kimchi, kbbq, Psy, LG, Hyundai, Samsung.. But again, it has produced some amazing graduates that were welcomed into the Oracle family in June 2013. I was extremely blessed to meet all 23 GIPs (Graduate intake Program – a term used by Oracle Korea for their grads) in my most recent trip to Seoul. All of them were their own individuals. All possessed talents that were so unique to them individually, but one thing certainly stood out – all displayed the characteristics that is Oracle. Optimistic, Proactive, Independent, Highly Motivated, Driven, Strong Communicators, Leadership qualities, Team player, Fast learner, High Achiever, Responsible individuals whilst being very genuine, down to earth, fun and outgoing individuals.

As I sat in Oracle Korea’s head office (located in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-ku), looking at all these graduates with such admiration, I had the sudden thought – “how am I going to reciprocate this and bring on-board, yet another group as talented, as hungry, unique individuals?”...

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Wednesday May 01, 2013

New beginnings with Oracle Campus Recruiter Phillip Yi

As I sit here on level 7, Tower B at Oracle’s Australian headquarters in North Ryde, I reflect on the journey that has been the past 10 months since joining Oracle. To me Oracle did have its familiarity – coming from an IT Recruitment background I would meet candidates that specialised in technologies like Primavera, Hyperion, Java, MYSQL, JD Edwards, Sun, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Taleo.. Little did I know that I would one day work for the IT conglomerate that would own them all.

 Who is Oracle? ‘A database company’ – as I’ve heard it many times before. But Oracle is so much more than just a Database company. Oracle is truly a leader in IT innovation  – hardware and software, engineered to work together. Reducing the complexity, simplifying IT. Over 9,000 products, with over 2,000 patents. 32,000 developers, running over 300,000+ test scripts nightly. 6,500 customer-driven enhancements yearly. 1 million+ students supported and over 20,000 implementation consultants. Not to mention being ranked #1 in 40 product or product and industry categories with over 380,000 customers in 145 countries and over 100,000+ employees...

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Thursday Feb 07, 2013

Fun, energy and creativity, we have them all at Oracle Madrid!

Today we interviewed Cristina who recently took part in a flash-mob at Oracle Madrid, which you can see on our Facebook page.

Why do you think they recorded the flash-mob video - what were their goals?

Within IRP (Infinite Red Potential) there are different task forces which aim to promote motivation and collaboration between employees at Oracle Spain. One of the ‘Red Teams’ had the idea to do a Flash Mob at the Madrid office.

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Tuesday May 15, 2012

A Day in the Life a Social Media and Branding Coordinator

As I arrive in the morning, I turn my computer on and grab a cup of coffee while I’m waiting for it to start up. Then it’s straight to the emails.I usually list whatever tasks are required from my colleagues in a notebook and set about prioritising them to be done during the day, unless of course there are any urgent requirements. Then its’ onto social media.

Twitter and Facebook

I have installed the Tweetdeck application on Chrome, which is an indispensable tool. I can view pretty much anything anyone is saying to us on Twitter via this one location. Usually, I go to our Facebook pages first and check the updates since the previous day. I’ll respond to these comments and messages and then move to publishing our daily post on each Facebook page.

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Thursday Apr 26, 2012


Apprenticeship - Recruitment- Paris (France)

Do you want to learn more about recruitment processes? We currently have an opening in Paris for an apprentice to join the EMEA recruitment team. This apprenticeship offers you an insight in recruitment of graduates and interns from sourcing candidate to organising assessment days and developing the relationship with the Universities in France. The roles is based in paris and you will be working closely together with the Graduate Recruitment Consultant responsible for French speaking vacancies across EMEA.

We are looking for interns with a passion for Recruitment, who already have some recruitment experience in a previous apprenticeship and are fluent in English and French. The ability to multitask is very important for being successful in this role. Also problems solving skills, drive and enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial mindset are required.

We offer you a great opportunity to work in a enthusiastic and goal-oriented recruitment team. You will learn to build relationship across international and organisational boundaries and develop your interpersonal and communication skills. Next to that you will get an insight in recruitment best practices in an international company.  If you are interested in this position, read more here!

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