Monday Dec 22, 2014

My First Day at Oracle - By Khawla Albelooshi

My name is Khawla Albelooshi, and I work as part of the EPM team. I started working at Oracle on the 15th of November 2014. Like any fresh graduate, I was so confused about my first job experience. I was curious of the nature of my work and the employees that I would be surrounded with during the six mounts of training at Oracle...

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Monday Dec 15, 2014

"Work hard, play hard" by Anil Kara

It was a new beginning in my life. Hence, it gave me a tremendous feeling of excitement to jump into a new kind of atmosphere, to meet new people and to gain new experiences. It was a similar feeling as if it were the beginning of University. However, Oracle provides a great working environment where I can feel absolutely free and so I felt like a member of the family straight away. Having such talented and kind colleagues always gives me the courage and opportunity to learn new skills, to break limits and to discover my full potential. When I came to the office on the first day, the office felt like home...
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Thursday Oct 23, 2014

Connecting our Interns across the globe!

Our First ECEMEA Intern video conference by Jan Bureš

On Wednesday, October 24th we joined our first video conference call for the Eastern Central Europe, Middle East and Africa Internship Program.

It was a unique opportunity to get in touch with our colleagues all around the globe. The aim of the call was to share our experiences at Oracle so far, exchange ideas in relation to succeeding in Oracle as an intern and to give us a chance to get to know each other - despite our geographical differences.

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Thursday Oct 24, 2013

Lesi, from Graduate Trainee to Territory Manager

It’s the final year, University is now coming to an end. A new chapter now awaits my arrival. This part of my life is called “Looking for a Job”. With no form of experience whatsoever, getting a job at a well renowned IT company is something that every IT student dreams about.

CV: √, Application form: √, interviews: √. Acceptance Call, “Lesi I’m pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to be part of the Oracle Graduate Program for 2012”.

Life would never again be the same.

Being Part of the Graduate Program

Going into the Graduate program, I felt like a baby seeing candy for the first time. The Program gave me the platform to not only break in to the workplace but also to help launch my career. Over the next 3 months, I went through various trainings / workshops / events / coaching / mentorship sessions...[Read More]

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013

JAVA Technical Sharing in Tsinghua University – China by Camilla Wu

We aim to identify the brightest graduating students from selected Universities who will help position Oracle as a company of choice within their University. Our Ambassadors are a bridge between Oracle and their Universities.

Two months earlier, we held an Oracle Open Day Event, the Tsinghua University Ambassador together with his classmates had been invited to walk into the Oracle Offices and on Sept.17th, Oracle had a JAVA technical sharing in Tsinghua University. In total 108 students joined the session, one JAVA technical Manager gave a fantastic presentation to the students, and our recruiting team also introduced Oracle and our campus hire process. A number of students asked different questions related to JAVA and Oracle campus hiring, from this session we has a number of students express interest in roles with us, hope anyone of them could join Oracle in the coming FY14 campus hire program!!!

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Wednesday Sep 11, 2013

Be Hungry ,Be foolish by Phillip Yi

April 3rd, 2013, 7.30am - I walk into Oracle’s Sydney Australia offices to prepare for what will be my first time running the Australia Oracle Graduate Program interview day. I wonder to myself what this day would hold and how it would pan out – would it be a success? Or would we have to go back to the drawing board.

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Tuesday Jun 25, 2013


Once again, I find myself back in Seoul – ASEM Tower, 16th Floor in a mobile room. I’m busy preparing for the interview process that is about to take place for Oracle Korea’s GIP 7th (Graduate Intake Program): scheduling the first round interviews, organizing interview guidelines, educating interviewers on the process and framework and  getting all the logistics ready for the 1st round interview.

Seoul or Korea rather is a fascinating place. Highly efficient, the utmost respect for seniors and results orientated. When students come in for an interview at first it was hard to tell them apart – there seems to be accepted interview attire that must be worn when attending an interview. Males and Females, all dress in black suits, with white shirts underneath – with males to wear simple and dark colored ties.

During the interview, they would all sit very upright, all would bow when entering the room, place their hands on the laps and very often they would hold minimal eye contact. They would project their voice loud to portray confidence, they would talk in the Korean formal dialect at all times and will treat every question, every moment with extreme clarity and the utmost professionalism.

When the interview concludes, they will all stand hands by their sides, bow 90 degrees and thank all the interviewers for their precious time and opportunity. As soon as they leave the interview room, I could hear all their sighs of relief and commended each other on their efforts.

More and more I learn about the Korean culture it inspires me. Their patriotism, their respect for each, their values, their appreciation, their motivation, their desires and passion – it truly was an experience for me (even as a recruiter) and can’t help but feel truly impressed and motivated to live for every moment.

Philip Yi

Oracle Campus Recruiter 

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Tuesday Jun 11, 2013

Growing up together in Oracle

We really appreciate that we can join in Oracle and pass through an Asia-Pacific-wide Graduate Program. In this program, we do not only participate in structured training, but also have chances to work on real business challenges across our lines of business.

 What do we learn and achieved in this program?

 There are three critical stages in this program: foundation, rotation and placement. Foundation gives us an orientation to understand the Oracle policy, the responsibilities of different LOB and the culture of Self-Service. After that a detailed and useful training are provided during our rotation, which also include the product knowledge, the professional industry analysis and the introduction of call skills. When we back to the placement, the hiring manager was really patient and kindly to provide variety kinds of opportunities on putting us into real calls.

What is more, in our daily work, we mostly focused on following up market events, BDC program and profiling. As a lead generation representative, what we need to know was how to attract and to communicate with customers via telephone, and also, highly controlled that how to grasp the requisite product knowledge quickly and how to cooperate with colleagues, both business development consults and sales...

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Thursday May 19, 2011

Fundraising @ Oracle in Spain

Our names are Roberto and Maria and we are interns at Oracle Spain in Madrid. We are about to reach the end of the fiscal year and for this reason we are happy to share with you one of our greatest achievements of this year which all the interns in Spain are very proud of.

 The Calendar

Our story began a few weeks before Christmas... as an internal tradition in the High Potential Student Program (HPSP), interns sing a Christmas carol every 23rd of December, at the Christmas party in front of all Oracle Madrid employees. This year we wanted to prepare something different and innovative for this day.We aspired to go beyond getting together to celebrate this day and working together for a common goal of helping others. Something that could be remembered for a long period of time. One day during breakfast, we had a great idea of making a calendar. Innovative and something that everyone could use throughout the year and a goal for all interns to achieve based on collaboration!

The Photo-shoot

After receiving the required approval, the group of interns organised a meeting in order to brainstorm and decide what would be the best topic for the calendar. We finally agreed to create a calendar with photographs that could represent each month in Oracle Spain. We also wanted this calendar to be part of an Oracle Spain social project. We decided to collaborate  with Manos Unidas to provide funds for building a school in a village in Zambia.

We did not have any budget for taking these photographs so we had to use every resource at our disposal; one intern volunteered to be the photographer, the marketing interns helped to brighten the pictures, some Oracle employees offered their support to help us and of course all the interns were available and supportive during the process. Real team work!

With no doubt the hardest part was to develop a good campaign so the employees would buy one of these calendars- AND we did it. The calendar was a great success! People bought the calendar for their office, share with their families, give to partners and customers... We managed to sell over 700 calendars and the funds contributed towards building a school in Zambia.

A big thank you!

We want to take this opportunity to thank those people involved in this project, especially the interns from all departments who worked together in order to achieve this amazing result. Also thank all employees who made an effort to buy more than one calendar! You were the ones who truly made this possible!

Finally, we would like to share with you the quiet bliss that we had at the end of this fantastic project.

“Imagine your office at Christmas Eve, just 3 or 4 people working that day in the office and in a complete silence... what can be seen on every single desk?... yes, at least one of our calendars for the Zambia school!”

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