Thursday Jul 31, 2014

Confessions of an Oracle CX Technical Consultant

Hi! My Name is Maria and I am a Customer Experience (CX) Sales Consultant at Oracle UK based in London, one of the most vibrant, energetic and coolest cities in Europe. My journey here has been fun, interesting and full of new experiences.

It’s not unusual to have a recent University grad not know what they want to do right after college and of course that is exactly what happened to me. But let me tell you a secret: you don’t have to! It’s your attitude that really matters. What do you do when have new opportunities in front of you? Do you ignore and walk away from them or do you accept them and welcome change? Like Paulo Coelho would say “The boat is safer anchored at the port; but that’s not the aim of boats” (The Pilgrimage).

I will let you know a bit about myself and my background, so you can understand how I’ve come to be where I am at today. I was born in the US from Spanish parents and grew up between Spain and the US...

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Thursday Jul 24, 2014

My first weeks at Oracle by Keneiloe

Hi  everyone,

My name is Keneiloe a Graduate Recruitment Intern based in South Africa. My first weeks at Oracle have been mind blowing and exceptionally interesting. The first day was slow and really all about getting a feel for everything and getting to know everybody. The days following that I can really say I enjoyed as I am an individual that likes to get involved, learn new things and really immerse myself into something. I know my mentor saw this in me from the beginning and she really did nurture the urge I had to get involved.

I found that the environment was nothing close to what I expected. People were really friendly and yet very much focused on their own tasks and I established very quickly that this is how people worked in Oracle. You work interdependently and you can always ask and receive help when you need it. What fascinated me the most was discovering that the person your most likely getting help from wasn’t just down the hall or even in another province but from a different country and assisted you as though they were sitting right next to you.

In my second week at Oracle unfortunately my mentor was called out of office to attend to some personal matters. This was both a blessing and curse for me as we really did establish a solid working relationship she was able to trust me in handle matters while she was away, while also teaching me things I wouldn’t have learnt otherwise...[Read More]

Thursday Jan 16, 2014

Foundation Training @OracleDirect

My name is Arlene and I am a Business Relationship Consultant for HCM. I had always heard about Oracle and knew it would be a fantastic company to work for, but so far they have really exceeded my expectations. This was my first job for a huge organisation and the mix of nerves and excitement was bursting out of me. I couldn’t wait to get started.

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Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Oracle is hiring Business Development Consultants!

Are you looking for a job? Oracle is hiring Business Development Consultant for the EMEA Sales Operations team in Dublin. In this position you are actively engaging with customers who have either interacted with Oracle previously (Marketing Events, Downloads of Software) or whom you are calling proactively to discuss topics of current interest around our products. The goal in this position is to invoke interest, identify and qualify possible opportunities and pass them on to the inside sales colleagues for progression. If you start your career at Oracle in this job it will open up a mix of different career opportunities. Have a look at the video to find out more. If you want to apply send your cv to

Friday Dec 28, 2012

What are your plans for 2013?

The end of the year is the time to think about your New Year’s resolutions. You look back at how the year went and consider changes you want to make or new goals you want to achieve. Your career is probably among the top areas of review.

Oracle supports you with making career change decision by organising Tweetchats. Every Friday for the next 2 months recruiters and managers are available for 60 minutes, starting at 11am GMT, to discuss #Cloudcareers opportunities @Oracle Direct. You will get an insight into our SaaS Sales and Presales Representatives experience with Oracle Direct and the Recruitment Process for the current openings in the EMEA Cloud Applications Sales and Presales Group.

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Tuesday Oct 30, 2012

How to ace Skype Interviews

Many companies these days opt to include a Skype interview in the recruitment process, as it comes close to a face-to-face interview without the time and costs involved for both the company and the candidate. In some cases during the recruitment process at Oracle you also might be asked to conduct a Skype interview. To help you get started with this, we researched some websites to give you several tips and tricks. What most of the bloggers say about this topic is collected in this article to help you prepare.

It is all about Technology

The bit that can make a Skype interview more complicated than a face-to-face or phone interview is the fact you are using additional technology. Always check the video and audio capabilities of your computer to make sure they work properly. Be prepared for connections to be limited during the interview. Using a webcam can also be confusing, if you do not have a lot of experience using it. Make sure you look at the camera and not the monitor to avoid the impression you are looking away...

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Wednesday Aug 15, 2012

Should you accept the first job after graduating?

When we graduate we are usually very eager to get our first job, earn our own money and live the life we’ve dreamed of. We want to be on our own, be independent and make the first step towards a successful career in the business we choose. We start applying for the jobs we would like to have, hoping we will receive a call. It might happen that we don’t only apply for the jobs we dreamed of, but also for some other jobs that aren’t so appealing to us. We are motivated to work, so we might be tempted to apply even for jobs that don’t fit our personality or who aren’t exactly what we want. What if we receive an offer for one of these jobs? Should we say yes just because of our willingness to work and be employed?

We would say that the answer is neither yes, nor no. There are several aspects that you should take into consideration before accepting the first job offer and even before applying for jobs.

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Tuesday May 29, 2012

How to get the most from an Oracle internship?

Do you know how many people work within Oracle? More than 100.000! It’s quite a huge company and being an Intern among all these people might seem a small thing. I would say that it’s a great opportunity to learn, experience new and important things for your development. When you are part of a corporation you want to give your best and let them see you want to stay even after your internship ends. Do you agree with me?

My name is Andreea and I am an Intern within the Oracle SSC Admin Team. When I joined the company, the corporate environment had a great impact on me as I didn’t know what to expect of this experience. I was suddenly part of a professional team, learning, working and willing to prove they made the right choice. There are 6 other  interns that started at the same time as I did, which made the situation more comfortable for me. If you think of yourself, what would you do if you were an Intern? You would probably do the same as us. We’ve tried to do our best in learning and assimilating as much as we could from this new experience.

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Thursday May 24, 2012

How important is the work environment for you?

What criteria do you consider when you receive a job offer? Responsibilities? The salary or the manager? What about the work environment and all those things that can make you motivated in the work place?

My name is Marie and I am a Partner Intelligence Support Intern. I’ve realised how important this last aspect is when I joined Oracle. I am in the final year at the Charles University in Prague, studying Social Geography and Regional Development. If you’re thinking that my studies are actually quite different from what I do at my job, so it is. Fortunately, the faculty helped improve some of the skills required in this position and this is how I got to Oracle. I first thought that I would have a career in Social Geography, but eventually I prospected the job market and realised there are other jobs I would like to have. Joining the Partner Intelligence Support team has definitely been a good decision, especially because of my colleagues and the environment I am working in.

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Tuesday May 22, 2012


Sales Support Representative –Oracle Direct Sales Team (based in Dubai)

My name Zuzana di Biase and I am the Business Operations Manager  for  Oracle Direct & General Business Eastern Europe & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Oracle Direct is a state-of-the-art, multichannel sales operation bringing to life the benefits of Oracle’s E-Business technology.

Your Challenge - Name 10 industries that don’t use technology? Difficult, isn’t it?  Media, entertainment, retail, banking, communications, life sciences, airlines, water companies, law firms.  You name it, they need IT, and you can be part of it. My team currently has an opening for a Sales Support Representative to be based in Dubai.

You will be working with....

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Tuesday May 15, 2012

A Day in the Life a Social Media and Branding Coordinator

As I arrive in the morning, I turn my computer on and grab a cup of coffee while I’m waiting for it to start up. Then it’s straight to the emails.I usually list whatever tasks are required from my colleagues in a notebook and set about prioritising them to be done during the day, unless of course there are any urgent requirements. Then its’ onto social media.

Twitter and Facebook

I have installed the Tweetdeck application on Chrome, which is an indispensable tool. I can view pretty much anything anyone is saying to us on Twitter via this one location. Usually, I go to our Facebook pages first and check the updates since the previous day. I’ll respond to these comments and messages and then move to publishing our daily post on each Facebook page.

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Friday May 04, 2012


Solution Services - Pre-Sales Consultant

The 20 junior consultants in the NAA Presales Team in Bucharest Romania are now looking for a new colleague. His/her role will be to support the Presales Field Consultants based in US with specific pre-sales tasks, specialising in enterprise performance management applications with a focus on budgeting and planning. The position is an excellent opportunity for graduates of Business Universities, with a finance background, who are willing to learn thoroughly and constantly and to develop a career in a young but professional environment.

If you want to know more about this job, read more here! If you want to try your chances, send us your resume in English at

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Thursday Apr 26, 2012


Apprenticeship - Recruitment- Paris (France)

Do you want to learn more about recruitment processes? We currently have an opening in Paris for an apprentice to join the EMEA recruitment team. This apprenticeship offers you an insight in recruitment of graduates and interns from sourcing candidate to organising assessment days and developing the relationship with the Universities in France. The roles is based in paris and you will be working closely together with the Graduate Recruitment Consultant responsible for French speaking vacancies across EMEA.

We are looking for interns with a passion for Recruitment, who already have some recruitment experience in a previous apprenticeship and are fluent in English and French. The ability to multitask is very important for being successful in this role. Also problems solving skills, drive and enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial mindset are required.

We offer you a great opportunity to work in a enthusiastic and goal-oriented recruitment team. You will learn to build relationship across international and organisational boundaries and develop your interpersonal and communication skills. Next to that you will get an insight in recruitment best practices in an international company.  If you are interested in this position, read more here!

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Friday Mar 23, 2012


Placement in Contract and Business Practice Services department (50%) - Baden (Switzerland)

This placement in the Contract and Business Practice Services department is challenging and diverse and you will support and contribute to the contract teams with the creation and technical archiving of the documents.

All duties are in close coordination with the account management and several contracts team, so you will need to have great communication skills both in German and English, great organizational skills and the flexibility to deal with different stakeholders. 

You will be working in a very international organization and get the possibility to work out your own ideas and develop your skills and your career in one of the biggest Technology companies in the world!

If you are interested in this position, read more here!

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Friday Mar 16, 2012


ERP Pre-Sales Consultant - Malaga

The job as a ERP Pre-Sales consultant is challenging and diverse and you will be working in a multinational environment in our EMEA Presales Centre in the vibrant city of Malaga.

Frequent possibilities to support opportunities in various industries and countries will give you an excellent insight into customer business needs and market trends. You will support the ERP Presales organisation for the Benelux, Germany, UK and Spain (depending on your language) and be trained in the Oracle ERP product portfolio as well as the Presales role.

If you are interested in this position, read more here!

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