Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Pens and Paper...these are the only things being a student and being a graduate / professional have in common.

Walking in to the offices of Oracle South Africa as a graduate the first thing you notice is how polished and sleek all the people who work here look. 80% of the ladies wear sky-scraper heels and walk with the greatest grace. This was the first of many rude awakenings to remind me that I am no longer a student but a graduate.

My first struggle was having to wake up at wee hours of the morning to prepare for work. As a student going to class was almost an optional thing, if you missed a morning class you could always attend an evening class to make up for it or simply attend with another group...  [Read More]

Thursday Sep 06, 2012

Apprentice Boot Camp in South Africa (Part 2)

By Maximilian Michel (DE), Jorge Garnacho (ES), Daniel Maull (UK), Adam Griffiths (UK), Guillermo De Las Nieves (ES), Catriona McGill (UK), Ed Dunlop (UK)

Today we have the second part of the adventures of seven apprentices from all over Europe in South-Africa! 

Kruger National Park & other experiences

Going to the Kruger National Park was definitely an experience we will all remember for the rest of our lives. This trip,organised by Patrick Fitzgerald, owner of the Travellers Nest (where we all stayed), took us from the hustle and bustle of Joburg to experience what Africa is all about, the wild!

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Monday Sep 03, 2012

Apprentice Boot Camp in South Africa (Part 1)

By Maximilian Michel (DE), Jorge Garnacho (ES), Daniel Maull (UK), Adam Griffiths (UK), Guillermo De Las Nieves (ES), Catriona McGill (UK), Ed Dunlop (UK)

The Boot Camp in South Africa was an amazing experience for all of us. The minute we landed, we were made to feel at home from our host Patrick Fitzgerald. The whole family who run the Guest House were also very friendly and always keen to help us. Since we had people from South Africa to show us all the amazing sights and their traditional ways to live their lives, the two weeks were very enjoyable for all of us and we came much closer together as a group. You can read this in the following parts of this report. Enjoy!

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Monday Aug 27, 2012

Business School graduate joins Oracle

My name is Mathias, I work as an Applications Inside Sales Rep for the French market, and I’d like to give you a brief snapshot of my experience at Oracle.

First things first, how did you hear about Oracle? Where have you seen the sharp and recognizable red logo? Was it in Charles de Gaulle Airport when your eyes crossed the 20-metre banner with a picture of a strange big machine in the middle? Was it through reading the Forbes 10 top IT companies worldwide ranking? Or is it because IT is your thing and you cannot but know one of the “big four”?

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Thursday Aug 09, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Paris

For this month’s “Spotlight on an office” we head over to (Oh La La) Paris, the city of romance, luxury, croissants and baguettes. Our Paris office is located in La Garenne Colombes, only 5 minutes from Paris’ infamous business centre, La Defense. This beautiful, recently constructed office is the headquarters of Oracle France and hosts close to 1200 colleagues, out of the 1800 employees in France.

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Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

Is your dream an international experience?

Studying in Poland, having two summer jobs in England, doing one internship in India, working in Thailand for half a year and now working in Prague. Does it seem an adventure? Well it is and I will tell you how I came to have this international experience.

Dzień Dobry! My name is Wojciech Jurojc, I am Polish and I am currently a Business Development Consultant within Oracle, based in Prague. I joined Oracle on the 1st of August 2011. I graduated in 2010 and obtained 2 Masters Degrees in Political Science and Economics.

I would like to tell you more about my past and how I joined Oracle. In 2005 I began studying at the Faculty of Political Sciences Gdansk University. In 2008, I obtained a Bachelors Degree. During these three years I had the opportunity to go to England twice, where I worked as a Bartender, first in Blackpool and then in Manchester...[Read More]

Friday Jun 29, 2012


My name is Pascaline and I am the EMEA Solution Response Manager. I currently have a role open for a Benelux Solution Response Representative to jump-start his/her career in my international team of six people from all across Europe. Key for this exciting role is that you are curious to learn, like networking and constantly want to develop yourself. To help you with that, you will get extensive product trainings and workshops on all Oracle product lines and you will receive sales training. Further, you have the opportunity to get certified on Oracle products through online trainings and workshops. Every month you will also benefit from 1-on-1 sales coaching and regular coaching from me to help you grow and develop your career at Oracle!

The role will include the follow-up of marketing events and online marketing activities with current Key Accounts in the Benelux. It is truly a pioneering role at Oracle as it is the first time that an employee will engage in business conversations about all lines of businesses and products ranges with Key Accounts.

So are you interested to work in between marketing and sales? Do you want to work for a big IT multinational? Do you want to work abroad after you graduate and do you want to develop yourself? Then please visit this link for more information.

Tuesday Jun 26, 2012

Spotlight on an office – Utrecht

This time in our monthly topic, we have our spotlight on the brand new Oracle office in Utrecht, the Netherlands. About 35km south-east of Schiphol Airport and centrally located in the Netherlands, Oracle moved into the Facet building in March 2011. Facet is much more than an office building, it creates a work environment that relates to the ‘No Limits’ philosophy Oracle has in the Netherlands.

No Limits” means the building belongs to everyone. You choose the best place to work, based on the activities of that moment. To point this out, we currently have 1050 people working for Oracle Netherlands, and 623 workplaces. There is virtually no limit to where you can sit in our shiny new offices...

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Friday Jun 15, 2012

How to build a great relationship with your colleagues

When you start new job, you worry about your performance, about being able to do what the manager asks you to do, but you also worry about the relations with your colleagues. How will you get along with them? What if they don’t like you? Have you ever felt you’re „the new guy” and your colleagues have already their own way of talking one to each other, their own jokes? It’s a common feeling and can actually become stressful.

I am Norbert, Middleware Presales Intern in Hungary and I’ve been working within Oracle for only 1 month. Joining such a big company has been a challenge from many perspectives. One of them was adapting with the environment and getting to know all my colleagues. You know it’s quite difficult to introduce yourself, to try to liaise with them and find some common topics, so I felt very lucky and comfortable when my manager introduced me to all of my colleagues...[Read More]

Tuesday Jun 05, 2012

What will Larry Ellison’s first tweet be about?

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will send his first tweet Wednesday, June 6. He will announce Oracle’s plans for new cloud-based software products and computing services.

Follow @LarryEllison and find out http://twitter.com/larryellison

Friday Jun 01, 2012

Following my passion

What makes you go the extra mile? What makes you move forward and be ambitious?

My name is Alin Gheorghe and I am currently working as a Contracts Administrator in the Shared Service Centre in Bucharest, Romania. I have graduated from the Political Science Faculty of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies here in Bucharest and I am currently undergoing a Master Program on Security and Diplomacy at the same university. Although I have been working a full time job here at Oracle since January 2011 and also going to school after work, I am going to tell you how I spend my spare time and about my passion...

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Tuesday Mar 20, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Dublin!

In this third instalment of our monthly topic ‘Spotlight on an Office’, we visit Dublin, Ireland

Oracle has 5 offices in Dublin all in the EastPoint Business Park close to Dublin City centre. In Dublin there are currently 1,000 people working for Oracle. You’ll find, among others, a large part of OracleDirect, our inside sales organization, part of our EMEA Finance organization and employees from Product and Systems Development who work on the heart of Oracle’s products.


EastPoint Business Park is located next ...

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Monday Feb 27, 2012

The Extreme Performance Tour

My name is Jorge and I work in the Public Relations and Corporate Communications Team in Iberia. I joined Oracle 3 years ago, and I started as a Marketing Trainee in the Iberia Applications Team. Then, when FY11 started, I began my current job. My duties include managing all corporate information, as well as internal and external campaigns, to our Media and key influencing relationships, that includes press release distribution and corporate public relations. My main challenge is to support the marketing teams in generating demand and developing business by making awareness through different media tools and PR Campaigns.

Our commitment to support marketing teams is based on building awareness of events and campaigns by press releases, media invitation, video promotion and social media ‘buzz’.

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Monday Feb 20, 2012

How to get noticed by the right people on Facebook.

Nothing new can be said about the popularity and importance of social media sites such as Facebook. However, how can you use Facebook to be noticed by the right network connections?

If you are new to Facebook, you can set up a profile here in about a minute.

If you already have an account, you may want to increase your chances of being found and noticed by the right industry connections. You can also actively search for companies who are hiring on Facebook.

I’ve structured this blog in three short parts;

1. Set up your profile and be found by the right people,

2. Share content on your profile which enhances your personality and skills

3. Finding and making the right contacts

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Sunday Feb 12, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Malaga!

Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read this! First of all, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Carlos Martín Martínez and I’m an Associate Sales Consultant in the EMEA Presales Center based in Málaga. This leads me to explain two things: what is the EMEA Presales Center or EPC and why there’s an office in Málaga.

The EPC is a virtual resource for EMEA’s Presales organizations to assist them with all the back-office and remote work a Sales Consultant normally does, like preparing demos, presentations and delivering webcasts, in order to let the more experienced Sales Consultant spend more time delivering demos and spending time at the customer’s site. It started some years ago in Bangalore and was called iTech back then, then it reached Bucharest with the name of Presales Center (PSC) to be in a better time zone for European organizations to be later renamed as what we know now as EPC and finally starting in Málaga in 2010 for an even more localized service.

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