Monday Jun 11, 2012

Girl's Day 2012 in Potsdam

Every year in April, technical enterprises and other organisations are invited to organise an open day for girls – called Girl´s Day. It has become a tradition for Oracle for more than 6 years, to participate in this special day and to encourage girls to discover technical work environments.  

On the 26th of April 2012, 27 pupils aged 12 to 15 came to Oracle’s office in Potsdam in order to obtain interesting insights about Oracle´s business practices. An interactive four-hour program was specifically organized for all participants.

At first, all pupils got to know Oracle as an enterprise with it’s different departments and it’s particular „business language“. What is hardware and software? Why do companies need a database? Questions as such were tailored and simply illustrated by 13 colleagues from the areas of Sales, Sales Consulting, Support and Recruitment...   

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Thursday May 26, 2011

Girls Day 2011 @ Oracle in Potsdam

On 14th of April 2011, Oracle Germany took part for the 6th time in the nationwide Girls' Day. This day aims to present a wide array of career possibilities in the technical fields (which are still widely considered as male-only) to a young feminine audience. In order to achieve this, Oracle organised a program in which colleagues shared experiences, educated and advised young girls interested in a technical career.

The day started in the Oracle Tower where the girls took the impressive glass elevator up to the 7th floor which overlooked their hometown. This viewpoint was completely new for the 14 years old girls. The day changed their view on working in the IT- Industry and this is exactly what we wanted to achieve! Here is what happened on the day:

Firstly Linda Mihalic, the General Business Senior Director, introduced Oracle and the different Lines of Business by using a simplified company presentation. The example of online shopping to purchase pink coloured high heels made it easier for the girls to understand the purpose of our software.

To show the girls how you can start your career at Oracle, all participants reviewed their resumes sharing the fun and exciting moments but also the second thoughts and doubts they have experienced. This way we could make it clear that sometimes you need to jump in the deep end and there is more than one way to reach a goal. Also how it is a benefit to have learned different languages and to have fun is the most important aspect to keep in mind when you work on an assignment.

After this “Aha-Erlebnis” the girls started their first job. They had the chance to gain an insight into the daily work and were able to become active themselves: writing emails, applying for holidays in the system, taking calls from colleagues. Also, they had the chance to experience our main line of business in Potsdam: Sales!

In a web conference we gave the girls an insight in how our software works. We used a Telecom Customer as an example to show the technical process of sending a text message from a mobile phone to the mobile phone of a friend – up to the billingof the message with Oracle software. This example showed that the virtual world is our daily work and that online calling is possible at Oracle.

A bagel lunch gave new energy to start the second session of experiencing the daily work at Oracle. This was followed by a quiz about what they had learned during the day where the girls where split into in teams and the best team would win. This gave them the experience of teamwork. They felt the period of fours hours flew by quicker than being at school. The girls enjoyed the overall experience and will share it with their friends and fellow students. They gave us great feedback! ;-)

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