Wednesday Dec 04, 2013

What you should NOT DO in an Interview

There is plenty of content available to prepare for an interview but there are some very basic mistakes which candidates often make during job interviews. So we would like to present our own version of “Five things not to do in a telephone interview”

At Oracle, we typically do a first telephone interview with candidates. Telephone interviews are slightly different from a face-to-face interview. Yes, you don’t need to worry about what you should wear, instead, you should pay more attention to your communication style.

Let’s start with the first mistake: Don’t come prepared.

Is this a retail company? A Manufacturer? What does IT mean?...

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Wednesday Oct 30, 2013

Get Across The Table & Share Your Story By Megha Kapil !!!

I am sure many of you are presently sitting across the table facing an industry expert to prove your mettle.
Generally when you think of an interview; first image is of someone firing you with questions & you trying to hit all the shots right. We make an interview look like a court room where you are a victim & being prosecuted to apply for job: Why have you applied for this job, why do you think you are fit for this role, tell me your strengths, tell me your weaknesses, How, When Where, What..?  
Interview is a process of knowing a candidate & his/her fitment in the system for interviewer; where as for interviewee its understanding the organization & his/her role. We have made this process of interview synonym to Q&A session. However, as a matter of fact the best scenario is when an interviewee initiates a conversation; which seldom happens.
Why don’t we look at our Interview as a meeting to discover a prospect of lifetime, a process to showcase best of our skills, an opportunity to learn while exchanging meaningful dialogue with experts from industry? 
We all get inspired when we get to know somebody’s achievements. We like to listen to interesting life stories of people which are positive & motivating.
Do you have a story? Everyone does…
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Friday Aug 02, 2013

How to prepare for an interview presentation!

During an interview process you might be asked to prepare a presentation as one of the steps in the recruitment process. Below, we want to give you some tips to help you prepare for what might be considered a daunting aspect of a recruitment process.

Main purpose of the presentation

Always keep in mind the main purpose of what the presentation is meant to convey. Generally speaking, an interview presentation is for the company to check if you have the ability to represent and sell the organization (and yourself), to the internal and external stakeholders in the position you are applying for. A presentation is often also part of the recruitment process to check whether you can structure and explain your experience and thoughts in a convincing manner. If you are unsure about the purpose of the presentation, feel free to ask ... 

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Tuesday Jun 25, 2013


Once again, I find myself back in Seoul – ASEM Tower, 16th Floor in a mobile room. I’m busy preparing for the interview process that is about to take place for Oracle Korea’s GIP 7th (Graduate Intake Program): scheduling the first round interviews, organizing interview guidelines, educating interviewers on the process and framework and  getting all the logistics ready for the 1st round interview.

Seoul or Korea rather is a fascinating place. Highly efficient, the utmost respect for seniors and results orientated. When students come in for an interview at first it was hard to tell them apart – there seems to be accepted interview attire that must be worn when attending an interview. Males and Females, all dress in black suits, with white shirts underneath – with males to wear simple and dark colored ties.

During the interview, they would all sit very upright, all would bow when entering the room, place their hands on the laps and very often they would hold minimal eye contact. They would project their voice loud to portray confidence, they would talk in the Korean formal dialect at all times and will treat every question, every moment with extreme clarity and the utmost professionalism.

When the interview concludes, they will all stand hands by their sides, bow 90 degrees and thank all the interviewers for their precious time and opportunity. As soon as they leave the interview room, I could hear all their sighs of relief and commended each other on their efforts.

More and more I learn about the Korean culture it inspires me. Their patriotism, their respect for each, their values, their appreciation, their motivation, their desires and passion – it truly was an experience for me (even as a recruiter) and can’t help but feel truly impressed and motivated to live for every moment.

Philip Yi

Oracle Campus Recruiter 

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