Thursday Feb 06, 2014

From College to Corporation - First Steps at Oracle Sales Academy

College is considered by most to be the best years of their lives.

When one looks at college, what does s/he recall? Alumni often reminisce about friends and fellow students as well as a few impactful classes and organizations to which they were overly dedicated. I personally wasn’t ready to leave college. My Fourth Year was by far my favorite and sadly that bittersweet graduation day loomed large. Fortunately, before I left the cocoon in Charlottesville, I received an offer from Oracle which on paper appeared to have everything I could want from an employer. It included intensive training in a social, team-oriented yet competitive atmosphere where there was plenty of room for professional development. The problem was, while I worked countless internships, I still had no clue what I really wanted to do. I simply had an expensive piece of paper denoting college’s end.

Nevertheless, armed with a couple bags, an almost dead phone, and a plane ticket to a side of the country I had only viewed through the lens of Hollywood and MTV, I was off....

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Wednesday Mar 28, 2012

Poof and it’s gone - Internship @ Oracle Netherlands

We still remember the first day we walked in the office in September. The moment we walked into the big entrance hall and saw all those unfamiliar faces, we had no idea that we all had such diverse personalities, and still we all had a great time together. At the end of our internship we could all say we felt comfortable working at the office, playing “some” table tennis. Besides, it has been a great learning experience and we look back on a good time. 

We made our own video and it shows you what some of us have been working on during our internship @ Oracle in the Netherlands. 

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Monday Mar 26, 2012

Moving abroad - Relocation advice

Oracle offers graduates from different European countries the opportunity to start their career abroad. Some already have experience with living abroad as they have done an exchange semester or internship in another county, for others it is the first time they will move abroad.

Rui started in October 2011 as a Business Development Consultant in Dublin and moved from Portugal to Dublin, Ireland to start his career. For those planning to leave their home country and who desire to work abroad, he will share some tips and tricks in this article.

When you’re faced with an opportunity like this, there are lots of things that will come to your mind. Sometimes it can be either very exciting, or even stressful.

1. First of all, try to ... 

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Friday Mar 23, 2012


Placement in Contract and Business Practice Services department (50%) - Baden (Switzerland)

This placement in the Contract and Business Practice Services department is challenging and diverse and you will support and contribute to the contract teams with the creation and technical archiving of the documents.

All duties are in close coordination with the account management and several contracts team, so you will need to have great communication skills both in German and English, great organizational skills and the flexibility to deal with different stakeholders. 

You will be working in a very international organization and get the possibility to work out your own ideas and develop your skills and your career in one of the biggest Technology companies in the world!

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Wednesday Sep 21, 2011

My first Career fair: Tips from a student to the students

My name is Audrey. I am studying at IPAG Business School – Paris – and joined Oracle UK in February 2011 – more specifically, I joined the EMEA Graduate's Recruitment Team (EMEA stands for Europe, Middle East and Africa). Our team is responsible for graduates and interns recruitment in EMEA - being more visible and more attractive to students and on campus - handling the recruitment process (sourcing, selection, offer, hire) for all students', graduates' and junior profiles. Our Oracle Recruitment EMEA team recruits the most motivated people in the industry for jobs in Oracle that offer a challenging and rewarding environment.

Our recruiting team in EMEA are part of the Oracle Business, working in partnership not just to fill jobs but also to find the most successful people who want to establish a long term career in a strong and successful enterprise.

My main objective is to find candidates for the French market; our main tools of searching are social media websites and the top Schools in France: “Grandes Ecoles”.  I am also in charge of organizing events and career fairs in France. My role is a wonderful way to understand how we recruit candidates in a multinational company. I am also learning how answer to managers’ needs and how to be efficient in order to facilitate the recruitment procedures.

One of the events I organized was in the Business School of EM Grenoble, one of the Top Business Schools in France (6th place in the ranking); with which Oracle Recruitment and Oracle Academy ( have cooperated with for a long time.

Below, I explain the key points from the career fair that I attended in Grenoble:

How do I feel informing students about roles instead of being “a student looking for a job”? Just before arriving in the School it is quite stressing, as I am a student I had to be well prepared in order to look professional and keep the control of the presentation to have an impact on the candidates. When the students arrived I felt like having the responsibility to inform them about our role's offers, our company and finally I forgot to be stressed because I had knowledge about our activity that the students didn’t have. The interesting and “funny” point is that I am used to going into career fairs to find more information about companies and opportunities. This time I was in the “opposite role”: I could see the students’ shyness when they arrived to the career fair, and they remember me in the same situation just a few months ago!

What is the most important tip for a student attending a career fair? Probably to be more aware about the companies presenting during the career fair; looking at the company website they are going to talk with and at the job descriptions they want to apply. Of course it is much more profitable to bring a resume to give to the recruiters.

My feedback of the journey: It is really interesting for a student like me, who will look for internships or their first job in the next years, to participate as a company representative during a career fair. I learned an important aspect of a student’s behaviour: we used to search an internship only because we have to do it in order to validate our diploma; but company representatives can feel when students are presenting their resume because they are interested in the company, they have passion for that business… and not only because they have to do it for the school… 

The contact with the recruiters starts in the first moment you meet them to ask questions… so be more motivated!

We are looking for you!

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