Thursday Oct 24, 2013

Lesi, from Graduate Trainee to Territory Manager

It’s the final year, University is now coming to an end. A new chapter now awaits my arrival. This part of my life is called “Looking for a Job”. With no form of experience whatsoever, getting a job at a well renowned IT company is something that every IT student dreams about.

CV: √, Application form: √, interviews: √. Acceptance Call, “Lesi I’m pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to be part of the Oracle Graduate Program for 2012”.

Life would never again be the same.

Being Part of the Graduate Program

Going into the Graduate program, I felt like a baby seeing candy for the first time. The Program gave me the platform to not only break in to the workplace but also to help launch my career. Over the next 3 months, I went through various trainings / workshops / events / coaching / mentorship sessions...[Read More]

Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

Oracle is hiring Business Development Consultants!

Are you looking for a job? Oracle is hiring Business Development Consultant for the EMEA Sales Operations team in Dublin. In this position you are actively engaging with customers who have either interacted with Oracle previously (Marketing Events, Downloads of Software) or whom you are calling proactively to discuss topics of current interest around our products. The goal in this position is to invoke interest, identify and qualify possible opportunities and pass them on to the inside sales colleagues for progression. If you start your career at Oracle in this job it will open up a mix of different career opportunities. Have a look at the video to find out more. If you want to apply send your cv to

Wednesday Sep 11, 2013

Be Hungry ,Be foolish by Phillip Yi

April 3rd, 2013, 7.30am - I walk into Oracle’s Sydney Australia offices to prepare for what will be my first time running the Australia Oracle Graduate Program interview day. I wonder to myself what this day would hold and how it would pan out – would it be a success? Or would we have to go back to the drawing board.

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Wednesday Jul 17, 2013

There is more to a Graduate Role at Oracle Than Just Work by Lu Guo

Hello all. I’m Lu. As a fresh graduate I joined in Oracle in April 2013 in our Oracle China offices. To be honest, I was not sure whether I made the right choice for me to work for Oracle at the beginning. But after three months, I realize that this is really a huge lucky choice and definitely the right choice. :P Let me explain.

At first and as a fresh graduate, I want to introduce the best thing so far for recent Oracle Graduates – The Oracle College Hire Program (All the graduates are divide into classes to attend this program). In official words, this program helps us understand Oracle’s culture and value; it helps get new college hires quickly acclimated and productive on new and innovative work; it provides meaningful events that engage new college hires and contributes to their retention; it gets college hires so motivated about Oracle that they act as ambassadors of Oracle to their alma mater.

Actually, these sentences are too official that I cannot quite understand what they mean. But in the past two months, what this program means to us is Play, Play and Play :D. Also the program gives us a lot help on our work, but this is ‘Top Secret’, so I cannot talk more. Only one, it makes us happy working here. OK, let’s focus on the Play’ part.

In the first activity, Class Kick Off, we went to the Great Wall in ChengDe and we got a courtyard house as our base at the foot of the hill. In the daytime of first day, we climbed the Great Wall...

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Tuesday Jun 25, 2013


Once again, I find myself back in Seoul – ASEM Tower, 16th Floor in a mobile room. I’m busy preparing for the interview process that is about to take place for Oracle Korea’s GIP 7th (Graduate Intake Program): scheduling the first round interviews, organizing interview guidelines, educating interviewers on the process and framework and  getting all the logistics ready for the 1st round interview.

Seoul or Korea rather is a fascinating place. Highly efficient, the utmost respect for seniors and results orientated. When students come in for an interview at first it was hard to tell them apart – there seems to be accepted interview attire that must be worn when attending an interview. Males and Females, all dress in black suits, with white shirts underneath – with males to wear simple and dark colored ties.

During the interview, they would all sit very upright, all would bow when entering the room, place their hands on the laps and very often they would hold minimal eye contact. They would project their voice loud to portray confidence, they would talk in the Korean formal dialect at all times and will treat every question, every moment with extreme clarity and the utmost professionalism.

When the interview concludes, they will all stand hands by their sides, bow 90 degrees and thank all the interviewers for their precious time and opportunity. As soon as they leave the interview room, I could hear all their sighs of relief and commended each other on their efforts.

More and more I learn about the Korean culture it inspires me. Their patriotism, their respect for each, their values, their appreciation, their motivation, their desires and passion – it truly was an experience for me (even as a recruiter) and can’t help but feel truly impressed and motivated to live for every moment.

Philip Yi

Oracle Campus Recruiter 

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Tuesday Jun 11, 2013

Growing up together in Oracle

We really appreciate that we can join in Oracle and pass through an Asia-Pacific-wide Graduate Program. In this program, we do not only participate in structured training, but also have chances to work on real business challenges across our lines of business.

 What do we learn and achieved in this program?

 There are three critical stages in this program: foundation, rotation and placement. Foundation gives us an orientation to understand the Oracle policy, the responsibilities of different LOB and the culture of Self-Service. After that a detailed and useful training are provided during our rotation, which also include the product knowledge, the professional industry analysis and the introduction of call skills. When we back to the placement, the hiring manager was really patient and kindly to provide variety kinds of opportunities on putting us into real calls.

What is more, in our daily work, we mostly focused on following up market events, BDC program and profiling. As a lead generation representative, what we need to know was how to attract and to communicate with customers via telephone, and also, highly controlled that how to grasp the requisite product knowledge quickly and how to cooperate with colleagues, both business development consults and sales...

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Wednesday Apr 24, 2013

A Fresher’s Insight on Fresher’s Training & Induction at OFSS

Hello World! I'm Jatin, a B.E graduate in Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University and now a proud employee at 
Oracle's Financial Software Division (OFSS) since 14th Jan 2013. It’s been just few months & it has been a great learning experience being a part of this fantastic organization!

 I have penned down my Induction & Training program experience for you…

Initial Days:

We were given a warm welcome. It was exciting to meet new joiners from different parts of the country and from different institutes like BITS, IIT's, NIT's, etc. It was a great crowd and many have since been good work colleagues!

OFSS has a well structured intensive Training program; which is much beyond what we have studied in our curriculum. It involves Technical as well as Behavioral Training along with regular interaction with senior management...

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Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Oracle Assessment Days in Dublin

To hire the best graduate candidates for our EMEA Sales Operations Centre in Dublin, we organise Assessment Days for the position of Business Development Consultant. Our next Assessment day will be held on the 22 January 2013!

Twenty-four driven and motivated candidates from all over Europe have the opportunity to come to Dublin and get to know Oracle. They will interview with Senior Management for the role of Business Development Consultant. But of course the day will be more than just the interviews! 

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Wednesday Dec 05, 2012

Oracle at the biggest career fair in Germany - Absolventenkongress Cologne

On the 28th and 29th of November the annual Absolventenkongress was held in Cologne and Oracle was there! The Absolventenkongress in Cologne is the biggest student and graduate career fair in Germany with around 13,000 people attending every year.

Oracle was well presented with Senior Managers, Recruiters and Talent Consultants coming over from Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and of course Germany. At our stand, candidates from all kinds of backgrounds came to talk to us about their careers and their plans for the future. Being able to talk directly to individuals who could potentially be their next manager, was a great experience for the candidates!

Overall the fair has been a highly successful experience for Oracle and we hope to welcome some people we met during the fair soon as new Oracle employees!

If you were unable to attend, but you are still interested in joining Oracle, please have a look at our Facebook page and have the chance to win a Meet & Greet with our sales managers in the Potsdam office. For all of our vacancies please have a look at

Wednesday Aug 15, 2012

Should you accept the first job after graduating?

When we graduate we are usually very eager to get our first job, earn our own money and live the life we’ve dreamed of. We want to be on our own, be independent and make the first step towards a successful career in the business we choose. We start applying for the jobs we would like to have, hoping we will receive a call. It might happen that we don’t only apply for the jobs we dreamed of, but also for some other jobs that aren’t so appealing to us. We are motivated to work, so we might be tempted to apply even for jobs that don’t fit our personality or who aren’t exactly what we want. What if we receive an offer for one of these jobs? Should we say yes just because of our willingness to work and be employed?

We would say that the answer is neither yes, nor no. There are several aspects that you should take into consideration before accepting the first job offer and even before applying for jobs.

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Friday Jun 15, 2012

How to build a great relationship with your colleagues

When you start new job, you worry about your performance, about being able to do what the manager asks you to do, but you also worry about the relations with your colleagues. How will you get along with them? What if they don’t like you? Have you ever felt you’re „the new guy” and your colleagues have already their own way of talking one to each other, their own jokes? It’s a common feeling and can actually become stressful.

I am Norbert, Middleware Presales Intern in Hungary and I’ve been working within Oracle for only 1 month. Joining such a big company has been a challenge from many perspectives. One of them was adapting with the environment and getting to know all my colleagues. You know it’s quite difficult to introduce yourself, to try to liaise with them and find some common topics, so I felt very lucky and comfortable when my manager introduced me to all of my colleagues...[Read More]

Tuesday May 22, 2012


Sales Support Representative –Oracle Direct Sales Team (based in Dubai)

My name Zuzana di Biase and I am the Business Operations Manager  for  Oracle Direct & General Business Eastern Europe & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Oracle Direct is a state-of-the-art, multichannel sales operation bringing to life the benefits of Oracle’s E-Business technology.

Your Challenge - Name 10 industries that don’t use technology? Difficult, isn’t it?  Media, entertainment, retail, banking, communications, life sciences, airlines, water companies, law firms.  You name it, they need IT, and you can be part of it. My team currently has an opening for a Sales Support Representative to be based in Dubai.

You will be working with....

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Friday Apr 20, 2012


4 Apprenticeships - Field Engineering- Milan/Rome (Italy)

Looking for an Apprenticeship in Italy? Oracle Italy has launched an apprenticeship and employ-ability initiative for young and bright Graduates. The Italian Systems Support Team is looking for 4 Apprentices to provide on-site technical support and service engineering to our customers. The roles are based in Milan and Rome. Systems Support provides all aspects of break/fix and installation services on Oracle's Hardware and Solaris business with Field and Site engineers deployed throughout Italy.

We are looking for graduates with a passion for Technology, who have experience with Hardware and Operating Systems (Windows and Linux). A genuine desire for learning, enthusiasm and professionalism are required. Next to that an excellent level of English is important and having a car and driving licenses.

We offer you a great opportunity to work in a mission critical environment under close support and supervision to develop your technical skills in hardware and software troubleshooting. If you are interested in this position, read more here!

For all of our other vacancies and internships, please visit

Thursday Apr 19, 2012

How important is your body language at a job interview?

Candidates usually think that Recruiters are focused on their words and their replies to questions, but actually what interviewers are trying to do is to understand the person in front of them better, through their answers, but also through their body language. Your gestures, your posture and your eye contact can emphasize what you are saying, convincing the interviewer with your truthfulness, but can also contradict your statements. Imagine an introverted person trying to convince you that he/she enjoys speaking in public and interacting with many people. Would she or he be convincing? Furthermore, your body language expresses different sides of your personality. Let’s take as an example of a person who is fluent and whose voice is not trembling when answering even the most difficult questions. Would you say that person isn’t nervous? It might be, but we could also think that person has a good control of his/ her emotions. What should you take into consideration when attending a job interview?

What should you take into consideration when attending a job interview? 

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Tuesday Mar 20, 2012

Spotlight on an office - Dublin!

In this third instalment of our monthly topic ‘Spotlight on an Office’, we visit Dublin, Ireland

Oracle has 5 offices in Dublin all in the EastPoint Business Park close to Dublin City centre. In Dublin there are currently 1,000 people working for Oracle. You’ll find, among others, a large part of OracleDirect, our inside sales organization, part of our EMEA Finance organization and employees from Product and Systems Development who work on the heart of Oracle’s products.


EastPoint Business Park is located next ...

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