Wednesday Apr 24, 2013

Why working in Pre-Sales matches having a Computer Science background

Hello! My name is Roy and I have been working as a Technology Presales Consultant for almost a year now in the Oracle EMEA Presales Centre (EPC) in Málaga. In this article I will briefly outline my background and how I found my way to Oracle. I will also attempt to explain exactly what the EPC is and what makes working for the EPC so exciting.

Working in the EPC gives me the opportunity to work in a truly international environment. Whilst I am assigned to the German market, so far I have spent time working for the Spanish, UK, German, Swiss, Belgian and Dutch field teams. I liaise with my Romanian and Indian colleagues on a daily basis and I work with the engineering and product management teams in the US, providing feedback on the latest product releases. I (try to) speak Spanish on the way into work and use English in the office with my colleagues who are French, German, Polish, Russian, English, Dutch, Italian, Romanian, Swedish and Spanish, I then speak either Dutch, German or English with the field teams...

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Wednesday Nov 02, 2011

Combining Technical and Business aspects in your job? Apply now.

Hi, I am Ben. I am working as a Pre-Sales Consultant for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Malaga as part of the EMEA Pre-Sales Center (EPC). I did my Bachelor in Wirtschaftsinformatik (Business Informatics) at the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein, Austria. I got to know Spain for the first time when I studied in Granada for a half year during this Bachelor and definitely wanted to go back. When I graduated I moved back to Granada again and did a distant learning Master for 2 years in Business Informatics through the Ferdinand Porsche Fern FH in Vienna.

During my Master I started looking for a job and came across the role as a CRM Pre-Sales Consultant through one of the Oracle recruiters in Germany. I immediately felt this was a role that was an almost 100% fit with my studies as it combined both technical and business aspects. After going through the recruitment process I started on the 1st of November 2010.

My job consists of remotely supporting the Pre-Sales field consultants in Germany and Switzerland. This means I am working on answering questions from customers on a functional level related to the Oracle CRM product stack and also preparing and demonstrating Oracle CRM Products to potential customers so that they can see what we can offer. To create a good bond with my colleagues in the field I’m flying over to Germany and Switzerland 2-5 times a year. I also work closely with the EPC teams in Bucharest, Romania and in Bangalore, India.


The Pre-Sales role gives you a very broad insight in the customer’s business, economy related aspects and the Oracle products. After this role you can, for instance, move to a role as Field Pre-Sales Consultant in the country you originally come from, or potentially move to a Sales or Consulting role. Other doors, for example into product management, are open as well. As soon as you have a foot in Oracle you can achieve nearly everything if you really want and work for it.

“Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness”

What I have experienced in the last year working in the EPC team is that Oracle is a very entrepreneurial company, where you get the chance to work independently and come up with ideas and suggestions for improvement. My manager told me from the very beginning that I can see Oracle as my company and act this way. That is something I really like. As an example, I am part of a project group focussing on internal communications within the EPC team next to my job which gives me a chance to work with new social media technology and platforms available internally already to get a glimpse of how it works, before our customers start using it.

Malaga, Andalusia

Living in Malaga, and having Andalusia on your finger tips is a great experience. Also the office in Malaga has grown rapidly this year from 50 to 300 employees, and consists of employees from a large number of different countries in Europe. So the atmosphere is very international. I speak English, German and Spanish every day. I pass by the reception and say “¡Buenos días!, I walk upstairs and welcome my team saying “Good Morning!” and then I pick up the phone and say “Guten Morgen!”. The EPC team itself consists of all young professionals.

If you want to join the EPC team and work and live in Andalusia we have a great opportunity for German speakers in the CRM, but also in the Technology Pre-Sales team at the moment. In the technology oriented role you will focus on the Database or Service Oriented Architecture related product stack of Oracle. Therefore this role is as well technical, as it is business focussed. For more information visit  Interested? Please send your CV to


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