Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Spotlight on a technical centre: Product Development IT

Hi! My name is Ionuț and I am the Manager of the Product Development IT team based in Romania. As is introduction time, I will also tell you something about me: I have always liked good stories, with passionate people chasing their goals and fulfilling their passions.

 So I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a story

It is about a handful of people who started a new team, with it’s own culture and a new friendship. Each came with the best skills they had and strived to learn the ones they needed. Some came with database skills and learned programming in scripting languages (Perl, KSH), others came with Java Enterprise skills and made those flourish by developing new JavaEE applications, but also stepped up to help others do scripting and operating system administration and learnt new languages.

Others joined with all sorts of qualities, like scripting, database administration, sql programming, user-interface programming skills like PHP and JQuery and others came with Linux knowledge. Some knew more, others less. But they all found that they could learn from each other and from the experience they had... 

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Monday Sep 24, 2012

Spotlight on an Office – Reading TVP offices

This month we’re in the UK at the Reading offices, for ‘Spotlight on an office’, written by Hannah Down. The Reading Office, which is Oracle’s UK Headquarters, is based in Thames Valley Park (TVP), which is a bustling hive of activity that houses many different companies, a gym, and even a nursery. Overlooking the Thames and some of England’s beautiful countryside, this office, just a short free bus ride from Reading Town Centre is in a fantastic location.

The offices themselves are made up of 5 different buildings, each with their own car park, restaurant, and design.

The main building or TVP 510 as it is referred to, sits resplendent next to an extremely blue (for the UK) pond, filled with large koi-carp that on a sunny day like to come to the surface of the lake and bask. As the main hub of activity ...

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Monday Apr 30, 2012

A fulfilling year with Oracle

My name is Johan. I have been working as an eBS Financial Consultant for Oracle since November 2010. After graduating from Cass Business School in London, I was looking for a company that was internationally oriented and active in several industries. When Oracle came into the picture it was the answer to my needs. Specifically the role as an Applications Consultant gives me the opportunity to use my international background and allows me to gain an insight into a wide range of industries. This I find intriguing and developing and I feel Oracle is the perfect start to my career.

The induction period at Oracle was intense but at the same time extremely useful. I was sent to Belgium and the Netherlands for a three week Bootcamp...

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Friday Apr 20, 2012


4 Apprenticeships - Field Engineering- Milan/Rome (Italy)

Looking for an Apprenticeship in Italy? Oracle Italy has launched an apprenticeship and employ-ability initiative for young and bright Graduates. The Italian Systems Support Team is looking for 4 Apprentices to provide on-site technical support and service engineering to our customers. The roles are based in Milan and Rome. Systems Support provides all aspects of break/fix and installation services on Oracle's Hardware and Solaris business with Field and Site engineers deployed throughout Italy.

We are looking for graduates with a passion for Technology, who have experience with Hardware and Operating Systems (Windows and Linux). A genuine desire for learning, enthusiasm and professionalism are required. Next to that an excellent level of English is important and having a car and driving licenses.

We offer you a great opportunity to work in a mission critical environment under close support and supervision to develop your technical skills in hardware and software troubleshooting. If you are interested in this position, read more here!

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Monday Mar 05, 2012

From a non-technical background to working in a technical position

Is it possible to come from a non-technical background and have a technical job? You might think that no way, but in the past 10 months I have learned that where there is a will there is a way. Even if you have non-technical studies, but you are interested and willing to work within a technical team, you can do it! I will tell you how I did it.

My name is Yonela and I am working ...

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Thursday Mar 01, 2012

How to gain valuable skills to make it in Sales?

Resilience, ambition, a target driven mentality, and a positive, team oriented attitude makes up a successful Customer Intelligence Representative (CIR). This is the entry level position of Oracle Direct and the first step to succeed in your IT sales career.

These skills will be taught through the day-to-day tasks of identifying key contacts to be utilized in the sales process of all of Oracle Direct in EMEA. As you are constantly challenged on the job, as well as in the vast trainings available from Oracle, they will become second nature. Hence if you don’t possess them now, you will definitely, when you are ready to move into the Business Development Consultant role.

Through the day-to-day work as a CIR, your ... 

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Tuesday Jan 17, 2012

Confessions from a manager working with graduates

I’m Ionut and I’m in the business of enthusiasm.

I live it, I draw my energy from it, I search for it endlessly and I feel a great celebration inside (fireworks included) when I find it in other people. The difference between doing something because you have to and doing something because it makes your heart skip a beat under the sudden burst of enthusiasm is so great, that the choice between the two is always the same, over and over again. Working in a team that draws its energy from the urge of doing everything very well and making a difference with their work is more than a job. It makes your projects matter, it gives meaning to what you do and it sends you home with a smile, rather than a grin.

So how does someone find that work environment that motivates them and makes them go home thinking it was a great day?

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Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

Another perspective

Hi everyone. 

My name is Ilias and I am part of the Management Team for the Business Development Group for Germany and Switzerland in our Oracle offices in Dublin.

I would like to give my perspective on a thought that goes through many people’s minds when thinking about their future.

‘Choosing the right career path and succeeding in it can be a daunting task for many fresh graduates especially when they are having relatively limited experience in the job market’.

What skills do I have? Which direction should I follow? In which industry do I have the best chances to excel and feel fulfilled in my job? These and many others are dilemmas that make the choice of a career path seem very complicated and scary. There is good news ahead!

When I joined Oracle few months ago, I came to realise from the first few days that this is an organisation that solves many of the challenges I have mentioned above. The reason for this is that you are given a very clear understanding on what the different development opportunities and directions are, (and there is a huge choice of them!) and you are given all the support that you need and ask in order to reach your goals. What you have to do is decide for yourself and consult your manager in order to set up a development plan and put your energies into achieving it.

And there is something for everybody there: 

If you have little experience or exposure to customers, you might be looking for a position as a Customer Intelligence Representative. There, you are given the opportunity to gain experience in customer contact on a daily basis, support greatly the creation of sales campaigns by profiling and improving the quality of the contacts and you are doing your first steps towards opportunity identification. 

If you had a successful progression within the CIR Role or you are coming to Oracle with previous customer interaction and great motivation for sales, you might be fitting for a Business Development Consultant role. In this position you are actively engaging with customers who have either interacted with Oracle in some way (Marketing Events, Downloads of Software) or whom you are calling proactively to discuss topics of current interest around our products. The goal in this position is to invoke interest, identify and qualify possible opportunities and pass them on to the inside sales colleagues for progression.

Most colleagues after that are looking for a career in Sales moving from BDC to an inside sales position and eventually to field sales but there is also the option to develop your skills in another direction and move into management if you wish to do so.  Apart from that, somebody can always decide to look into another direction into the organisation outside of sales or outside the country they are based in.

As you see the possibilities are plenty and the path to reach them very clear. 

What one needs is to be active, motivated, inspired.


If you want to work with the brightest minds in the industry and to be part of a dynamic, international and great team, then Oracle is the place for YOU.

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Friday Jul 22, 2011

Made in Germany @ Oracle

Hi, Moin Moin

My Name is Neele, originally German and now living in Ireland. I have been working as a Business Development Representative for Oracle in Dublin since November 2010. After graduating from my Business School in Southern Germany (DHBW Ravensburg) I was working at Lidl for about a year until Oracle came into my life. Oracle contacted me and offered me an amazing start to my career. As I studied International Business, my dream was to work abroad. The opportunity with Oracle included the chance to work abroad in an international surrounding with getting to know people from all different countries of Europe. – My Dream!

This multicultural environment is unique in Europe. I am working directly with colleagues from France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Portugal and many other European countries in ONE single team.

So far I have gotten to know nearly every language in Europe and try to adopt some words for myself.

Oracle gives you the chance to develop your own career in an international environment. It´s a multicultural organization and offers you the ability to learn global business processes. Nowhere else can you gain this much knowledge that you can promote into the next role within one year.

My job is focused on generating demand for Oracle products and finding new business opportunities over the phone. I have established a close relationship with Sales People all over Europe, but in particular, those based in Germany and Switzerland. Within a few short months I have acquired a professional knowledge of the whole IT Sector. At Oracle, I constantly receive relevant training on a weekly basis to enhance my skill-set. I am constantly supported by management and my personal mentor. I attend regular on-to-one sessions with my manager to review my career development plan.

The most amazing thing I am experiencing is my growing self-confidence and professionalism when speaking with customers. From having CEO’s on the phone, to having meetings with 15 different nationalities, to familiarizing with living in Ireland… it’s something that you will never experience in Germany.


Dublin as a place to life is also important to mention: Dublin has its own character. A city with most of the inhabitants between 20 and 40 offers a lot of activities for young professionals. The city is modern, vibrant and has a whole lot of contrasts.

You can decide between anything from water sports, chill at the beach, go cycling, or indoor sports, or hang out with some friends in Temple Bar and still I haven´t mentioned all of activities Dublin has to offer. Also there is a big cultural and musical scene here in Dublin.

If I am speaking for myself: I am a member of around 10 people from Oracle who plan to go on trips once a month or go to pubs and movies all together. Just last month we have been to Northern Ireland for a weekend.

Those groups emerge during every foundation training all New Starters get here. It is a training course for getting the start up knowledge for Oracle.

All in all working here in Dublin for Oracle with all the different possibilities for personal career development is an added value to a career path for business graduates and a perfect opportunity to get to know an international global player and its cultures.

I am looking forward to seeing you here on board.

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