Monday Feb 03, 2014

We are NO different

The Times South Africa recently published an article about the German exchange students who have been attending Ponelopele Oracle Secondary School in Ivory Park, Midrand, North of Johannesburg since November last year. Laura Fricke and Joschka Geczy, both 17 years old, arrived in South Africa last year and have been living with host families in Tembisa, East Rand and Kaalfontein Midrand. They may be different from everyone else in the township, but they say the only thing different about them is their skin colour.

“I am very impressed by the level of discipline at the school”, Geczy said. “The teachers here take their work very seriously, ultimately leading to pupils taking their work very seriously”. Fircke said the uniform gave them another sense of belonging. “It does not make us look and feel any different from the rest of the pupils and the teachers don’t treat us any different from them”, she said...

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Monday Dec 09, 2013

Shaping a more equal technology work force in Turkey

Our colleague Zumray Koc, Senior Recruiter in the Middle East and Africa Recruitment Team, is taking part in a very exciting project initiated by the Oracle Women leadership group in Turkey. The project focuses on young female students who are getting scholarships from "The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life".

This is a non-governmental organisation, aiming to protect Ataturk’s principles & revolutions, to reach contemporary society via contemporary educational programmes and to carry Turkey above the modern civilization level. Their goal is for the contemporary society and individual to respect universal children’s rights, women’s right and human rights and the realisation, protection & development of the democratic, secular & social state of law in a society...

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Friday Nov 22, 2013

What do the participants say about the #Gradstalk in Germany?

On the 5th of November this year, Oracle Graduate Recruitment invited students from the Berlin/Potsdam area to our Customer Visit Centre in the city centre of Berlin.

We discussed current IT trends – Globalization, Data Explosion, Rise of Mobility, Social is Business, – to show students and graduates what kind of challenges and big opportunities we’re facing at the moment and at the same time what they would face when joining Oracle.

We also gave them an insight into our Sales organization. We showed them negotiation techniques and the different personality types you might be in contact with when working in Sales – or any other line of business within Oracle.

We then opened the floor to questions about current job openings, how #lifeatOracle works and their career planning in general.

And what did the attendees think?

Lutz Welpelo: ‘It was a really good event – taking place in a perfect location. I liked the relaxed atmosphere, not the typical reserved one I’ve been expecting. Altogether, it was well structured, interactive and entertaining.’

Benjamin Hoffmann: ‘I really liked the event – the topics mentioned were interesting and made a positive impact on my impression of Oracle. I got the chance to speak to two members of the Sales organization which confirmed my intention to apply for a job at Oracle. For me, it has been a successful event – no questions remained unanswered.’

Monday Nov 18, 2013

The inhouse days at Oracle Netherlands - by Arne Stierman

Last Wednesday, our student association Asset (Tilburg University) and Oracle organised an inhouse day. The purpose was to get to know Oracle and be introduced to what career perspectives you have when you apply for a job at Oracle after graduation.

In the past I've heard about Oracle, but not in great detail. That is why I applied to take part in the inhouse day. Purely out of curiosity. Although the saying goes that curiosity killed the cat, it turned out to be quite different. But you'll read that later on.

 After we were greeted by the Oracle representatives in the main lobby we were given a general presentation on what Oracle is about. The first thing that stood out, was how diverse the Oracle product and services portfolio is. To my knowledge Oracle was a leading database vendor, yet I never gave thought that Oracle would offer a full and complete hardware and software stack.

The presentation that followed told us more about one of Oracle offerings, Oracle Sales Cloud. The presentation turned out to be a briefing for a sales competition. The sales competition consisted of a fifteen minute role play with Oracle Sales representatives acting as interested prospect and juror. During the role play we were asked to...

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Thursday Nov 07, 2013

Spotlight on a career path: Paul, Business Development Consultant

I came to work for Oracle in November 2012 as a Customer Intelligence Representative and since then I was promoted to a Business Development Consultant, for Commercial Industries in the UK, based in Dublin.

My background was primarily in Logistics, working for such companies as Indaver Ireland, Wincanton and P&O. I spent 10 years working in this industry and gained experience in negotiating with customers and suppliers in order to meet the needs of both, monitoring the quality and quantity of goods as well as the efficiency and organisation of the movement and storage of products.

I decided to move from my logistics career in 2009 to study Information Technology in D.I.T....

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Monday Nov 04, 2013

What do the participants say about the Open Day in South Africa?

On the 26th of September, a group of students who were specifically selected to attend an Open day at Oracle South Africa, joined us at our offices in Woodmead, Johannesburg. The Conference room was filled with inquisitive minds. What we had in store for them was a detailed presentation about Oracle which was delivered by Zuko - Cluster Leader: Tech GB South Africa.

Here is some of the feedback from the attendees:

Maxwell Moloi: “The open day truly served its purpose and exceeded expectations in the sense that I got to find out more about Oracle and all the different opportunities it has to offer. The fact that Oracle supplies a full solution to a customer and not just part of it and how the company manages to setup professional development for their employees is what entices me to want to join the rapidly growing team of Oracle.”...

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Thursday Oct 24, 2013

Lesi, from Graduate Trainee to Territory Manager

It’s the final year, University is now coming to an end. A new chapter now awaits my arrival. This part of my life is called “Looking for a Job”. With no form of experience whatsoever, getting a job at a well renowned IT company is something that every IT student dreams about.

CV: √, Application form: √, interviews: √. Acceptance Call, “Lesi I’m pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to be part of the Oracle Graduate Program for 2012”.

Life would never again be the same.

Being Part of the Graduate Program

Going into the Graduate program, I felt like a baby seeing candy for the first time. The Program gave me the platform to not only break in to the workplace but also to help launch my career. Over the next 3 months, I went through various trainings / workshops / events / coaching / mentorship sessions...[Read More]

Monday Oct 14, 2013

Gradstalk @Oracle Berlin

As we did in 2012, we’re inviting students and graduates to visit us and get to know more about Oracle and the career opportunities we offer. This year, we’re welcoming you in the newly inaugurated Oracle Customer Visit Centre in Berlin. We’ll talk about challenges the IT industry and Oracle are facing at the moment and give you an insight in to our sales techniques. You’ll also be able to network and chat with managers from sales and pre-sales to learn more about possible career paths. Some of our new hires will answer your questions regarding a successful start at Oracle. Felix and Lisa from the EMEA Graduate Recruitment team will be there to inform you about the recruitment process and to be at your disposal for all other questions you might have.

Read what last years’ attendants said about the event:

‘The event exceeded my expectations. I’ve been to some similar events of other companies, with Oracle it has been quite fast and easy to get in contact with managers and learn more about different roles... [Read More]

Monday Sep 09, 2013

Intern's Diary: Ahmad, Intern @Oracle Kuwait

We’ve asked another Intern from the ECEMEA Internship Programme to share his thoughts with us. It’s Ahmad’s turn to tell us what he thinks of life@Oracle after being with us for 6 months now as a Sales Intern. Read on for his experiences.

“Hi everyone! My name is Ahmad, I’ve joined the Sales Team at Oracle Kuwait and I am willing to share with you my impressions in working for one of the world’s most rewarding IT corporations. During my first few months at Oracle in everyday collaboration with high-qualified professionals, I’ve met many fantastic people who are both ambitious and helpful, thus I have a lot of satisfaction from working in this great innovations company...

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Friday May 03, 2013

Meet our Interns: Ahmad, Sales Intern in Kuwait

Please introduce yourself and your current role at Oracle.

My name is Ahmad. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and I graduated from the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) in Fall 2010. I was lucky to be selected for the Oracle inter program and I started my career here in March 2013 as a Sales Intern looking after Oracle Technologies.

How were the first few weeks @Oracle?

Oracle was always an company I aspired to work for. During the first few days I was introduced to the amazing professionals working here and got an insight into the company’s valuable products. This made me more and more keen to learn about the company and products, this is on top of the extremely high level of support that have from the teams and managers. Honestly, I am very grateful for this opportunity and I know I will learn so much from the time I have here.

Is anything different from what you expected to find at Oracle?

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Wednesday Apr 03, 2013

How to Ace an Interview with Oracle Development

By Erik Peterson.

Here at our Development Center in Guadalajara, Mexico, we want you to succeed in your interview with us. As a lot of our interviewers see the interview process as an art, your approach to the interview as such can help you a lot.

The following are some tips for your interview with Oracle, and can often make the difference between success and failure:


Make sure to be on time for the interview. We try to run a very tight schedule, and if you are late this may then delay all others. Our interviews can last up to 3 hours, so please be ready to spend at least that time with us. Plan appropriately with your school, current work, etc. Also, if you can not attend please notify us via email or phone as soon as possible.


If you have strong preferences in layers of development or certain projects, please let us know. We have lots of openings across the stack. Be open to hearing about the area that an interviewer might have for you and trying to find areas of common interest in that project.

Data Structure and Algorithms

We are not solving easy problems at Oracle, but inventing new ways of manipulating data that require very strong knowledge of core ...

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Thursday Feb 21, 2013

Interns @ Oracle Netherlands

My name is Jonathan and I recently completed my internship at Oracle Netherlands. I started as a Business Operations Intern to help with management objectives and write my thesis about the Sales Forecast process. In the beginning it was a bit hectic because I had to get used to the global working experience. A good thing however was that every Intern had their own manager who is there to offer help and guidance. This helped me to get along with all of the processes and also to adjust to the Oracle atmosphere.

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Monday Jan 07, 2013

8 ways to get your social networks recruiter-ready

With the arrival of the New Year you might be nearing graduation or looking for a summer internship .

While we are still grappling to establish who is in charge of social media privacy (social networks, government, the public?) Here are some ideas for you to consider to get your social media profiles recruiter-ready. It’s not about compromising who you are; it’s about showing you at your best and demonstrating that YOU as your own brand-ambassador will most likely show the same intelligent discretion and common-sense as an employee. Got anything to add - leave us a comment!

Tip #1 Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ keep the party pics for you and your friends. This leads us nicely into Tip#2: Adjust your privacy & visibility settings on Facebook to select what content (posts, photos, tagging) can be seen and by whom. To see how your profile appears to certain connections, click the Activity Log then View As option on your profile page.

Tip #3: Get on LinkedIn - it’s a great way to establish yourself and make connections in your industry. Optimize your profile using relevant keywords to ensure you “pop out” when recruiters are searching for talented people with your expertise! Tip #4: Leverage that Twitter bio - it’s one of the first things a potential employer sees when they view your profile. Keeping it lighthearted and including what you are passionate about is fine but steer clear of offensive content or wording.

Tip #5 How about a quick spring clean of your posts/tweets? If you have been ranting about controversial topics or have been involved in heated exchanges at 4 am then it might be time to delete them or think about limiting your audience. Don’t be this guy. Or his friends:

Tip #6: Go beyond Facebook & co – There is a constant stream of networks cropping up and it is hard to keep up so seek out the most relevant communities to your industry and get talking! Google + has a large tech community and Pinterest can offer visual insights into company values and culture.

It sounds obvious, but Tip#7 would have to be to watch your spelling! Just like your professional profile photo and selectively shared content, correct spelling is part of the package when it comes to creating a good impression.

 Last but not least Tip #8: Incorporate both online and offline methods into your job seeking. Go to networking events and open days for the chance to meet potential colleagues and employers face to face and stand out from the virtual crowd!

Find out about opportunities for graduates and interns at Oracle -

Monday Apr 30, 2012

A fulfilling year with Oracle

My name is Johan. I have been working as an eBS Financial Consultant for Oracle since November 2010. After graduating from Cass Business School in London, I was looking for a company that was internationally oriented and active in several industries. When Oracle came into the picture it was the answer to my needs. Specifically the role as an Applications Consultant gives me the opportunity to use my international background and allows me to gain an insight into a wide range of industries. This I find intriguing and developing and I feel Oracle is the perfect start to my career.

The induction period at Oracle was intense but at the same time extremely useful. I was sent to Belgium and the Netherlands for a three week Bootcamp...

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Thursday Apr 19, 2012

How important is your body language at a job interview?

Candidates usually think that Recruiters are focused on their words and their replies to questions, but actually what interviewers are trying to do is to understand the person in front of them better, through their answers, but also through their body language. Your gestures, your posture and your eye contact can emphasize what you are saying, convincing the interviewer with your truthfulness, but can also contradict your statements. Imagine an introverted person trying to convince you that he/she enjoys speaking in public and interacting with many people. Would she or he be convincing? Furthermore, your body language expresses different sides of your personality. Let’s take as an example of a person who is fluent and whose voice is not trembling when answering even the most difficult questions. Would you say that person isn’t nervous? It might be, but we could also think that person has a good control of his/ her emotions. What should you take into consideration when attending a job interview?

What should you take into consideration when attending a job interview? 

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