Wednesday Nov 05, 2014

Talent Acquisition at Oracle

Talent Acquisition at Oracle by Isaac Costa

Although recruitment is the same as talent acquisition, there are connotations to the latter concept. We refer to talent acquisition when it is not only to carry out a simply hiring process, when the process is focused on acquiring assets. In actual organizations Human Capital is considered the most integral part for the development of the organization. That is why recruitment plays such an important role in successful organizations such as Oracle. We do not think of recruitment as a process of filling open positions anymore, it is an entirely tactical process. Strategic talent acquisition is a long term view of filling open positions not only today but also using the candidates that come out of a recruiting campaign.

At Oracle, we approach candidates strategically, in a way that it is not enough to ask if they are qualified according to the requirements or whether are they interested in the position or not. It is more a process of taking into account the career aspirations and expectations of the candidate. We attempt to involve the candidates in a conversation that encourages building relationships in which the potential fit of the candidate is carefully analyzed not only for a certain position, but also to become candidates in future recruitment processes.

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Monday Jan 27, 2014

Business Relationship Consultant role @OracleDirect

My name is Dominik, originally from the Frankfurt Area, Germany and now working and living in Dublin. I joined Oracle in April 2013 as a Business Relationship Consultant (BRC) and would like to share my experiences over the first good 9 months.

After my previous work experience within the financial sector where I received the “Bachelor of Banking” degree, and the online marketing industry as well as having studied a year in the US, I was looking for a new challenge for my international career.Oracle offered me the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment and to develop my professional skills further, so I was impressed. I chose Oracle because I believe it provides me with an unrivalled opportunity to work in an exciting and challenging environment whilst affording excellent progression opportunities.

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Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

TOP 500 Company Career Consulting Event - Peking University by Camilla Wu

On November 8th,the China Campus team joined the “TOP 500 Company Career Consulting Event”which was conducted by the Peking University Career Center, there are 10 Multinational Companies who attended the meeting, 300 top students had the opportunity to talk directly to Recruiters during the meeting.

During the meeting, each company had a table, and could put the poster and brochures and just like a job fair students could talk directly to the recruiters and recruiters could also did the first round of interview with the targeted students during the session. There was nearly 150-200 students who asked questions about Oracle FY14 campus hire. I hope we could select some outstanding candidates during this session and I also hope the bridge between Peking University and Oracle will be better and better.

 (From the pictures you can see there are many students standing in a long queue to talk to recruiters, so Oracle is very welcome!)

Thursday Nov 07, 2013

Spotlight on a career path: Paul, Business Development Consultant

I came to work for Oracle in November 2012 as a Customer Intelligence Representative and since then I was promoted to a Business Development Consultant, for Commercial Industries in the UK, based in Dublin.

My background was primarily in Logistics, working for such companies as Indaver Ireland, Wincanton and P&O. I spent 10 years working in this industry and gained experience in negotiating with customers and suppliers in order to meet the needs of both, monitoring the quality and quantity of goods as well as the efficiency and organisation of the movement and storage of products.

I decided to move from my logistics career in 2009 to study Information Technology in D.I.T....

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Monday Oct 14, 2013

Gradstalk @Oracle Berlin

As we did in 2012, we’re inviting students and graduates to visit us and get to know more about Oracle and the career opportunities we offer. This year, we’re welcoming you in the newly inaugurated Oracle Customer Visit Centre in Berlin. We’ll talk about challenges the IT industry and Oracle are facing at the moment and give you an insight in to our sales techniques. You’ll also be able to network and chat with managers from sales and pre-sales to learn more about possible career paths. Some of our new hires will answer your questions regarding a successful start at Oracle. Felix and Lisa from the EMEA Graduate Recruitment team will be there to inform you about the recruitment process and to be at your disposal for all other questions you might have.

Read what last years’ attendants said about the event:

‘The event exceeded my expectations. I’ve been to some similar events of other companies, with Oracle it has been quite fast and easy to get in contact with managers and learn more about different roles... [Read More]

Tuesday Aug 20, 2013

Spotlight on a career path: Alina UK Deal Management Team

Since September 2012, I am the manager of the UK Deal Management team in the the Bucharest Shared Service Centre. I have a team of 13 members, amazing people with whom I work daily and spend more time than I spend with my family. Like we all do at work. At least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

My team and I work with three main countries: UK, Ireland and Israel. We are part of a wider region that is made up of all the southern countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. In the end we are all part of the EMEA Deal Management team (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

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Thursday Apr 11, 2013

Spotlight on a technical centre: Product Development IT

Hi! My name is Ionuț and I am the Manager of the Product Development IT team based in Romania. As is introduction time, I will also tell you something about me: I have always liked good stories, with passionate people chasing their goals and fulfilling their passions.

 So I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a story

It is about a handful of people who started a new team, with it’s own culture and a new friendship. Each came with the best skills they had and strived to learn the ones they needed. Some came with database skills and learned programming in scripting languages (Perl, KSH), others came with Java Enterprise skills and made those flourish by developing new JavaEE applications, but also stepped up to help others do scripting and operating system administration and learnt new languages.

Others joined with all sorts of qualities, like scripting, database administration, sql programming, user-interface programming skills like PHP and JQuery and others came with Linux knowledge. Some knew more, others less. But they all found that they could learn from each other and from the experience they had... 

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Thursday Mar 21, 2013

Intern Life @ Oracle: Linda - PreSales Intern

Hi Potential Oracle Interns,

I am Linda Mathumba, an Oracle 2012 Intern from South Africa. Joining the big red team (Oracle) has been a phenomenal experience for me from day one!

As a graduate from the University of Johannesburg, I have an Honors degree in Taxation and Accounting. As an intern, I joined the Presales Application Team with a focus on Supply Chain Management (SCM), as a Presales SCM Consultant. Although throughout varsity my focus was Accounting and Taxation, Oracle afforded me the opportunity to explore the exciting field of SCM. With a substantial amount of training, Oracle has invested toward the development of my SCM capabilities. This has put me ahead of other interns on the market by now having two specialties- Accounting and SCM.

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Monday Mar 11, 2013

Spotlight on a Career Path: Former German-speaking Business Development Representatives about their career with Oracle

“And what´s in it for me after I have joined Oracle as a Business Development Representative in Dublin?”

As a recruiter for German-speaking graduates I am often faced with this question as career progression plays a pivotal part in choosing the right employer. And luckily, I can tell each of my candidates that career progression is THE Unique Selling Proposition (USP) when joining our Business Development Group in Dublin. Why?

Well, we hire graduates in order to qualify them quickly for the next career step in Dublin or Potsdam or Malaga or other key locations across EMEA. The choice is yours and we are happy to provide you with the right skill set in order to achieve your goals. But paper doesn´t blush – let´s have a look at the career progression of some former German Business Development colleagues. It´s time to get a picture of our USP and to see what´s really in it for you.


Sofia started her career in 2004 when she joined Oracle as Customer Intelligence Representative – a position that is generally aimed at interns – and that provides you with a first feeling of how it is to work in a sales-related environment. After 6 months she was promoted to Business Development Representative for the German and Swiss Market. 

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Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

Spotlight on a career path - Diana

Hi! I am Diana and I am the EMEA HR Shared Services Center Supervisor. I joined the team at the beginning of 2009, as a Junior Analyst. What I knew then about the job was that I would be supporting other HR teams in the region. How to do that I was about to learn in the next couple of months. Let me first tell you what the team I am part of does. The EMEA HR Shared Services Centre was launched in Bucharest in March 2008 and it’s purpose is to cover several HR related processes including the Pre-Employment Screening of candidates, supporting the local HR teams, the Recruitment organisation, managers and employees across the 41 EMEA business groups.

The beginning

I remember that the first trainings on the job were abounding in details related to HR processes and procedures I have never worked with before, a brand new HR system and web applications, combined with more than 50 basic HR contacts to get familiar with. While making my way through all the new procedures and guidelines to, I was also enjoying this new, exciting and entertaining environment I was part of.

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Wednesday Dec 05, 2012

Oracle at the biggest career fair in Germany - Absolventenkongress Cologne

On the 28th and 29th of November the annual Absolventenkongress was held in Cologne and Oracle was there! The Absolventenkongress in Cologne is the biggest student and graduate career fair in Germany with around 13,000 people attending every year.

Oracle was well presented with Senior Managers, Recruiters and Talent Consultants coming over from Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and of course Germany. At our stand, candidates from all kinds of backgrounds came to talk to us about their careers and their plans for the future. Being able to talk directly to individuals who could potentially be their next manager, was a great experience for the candidates!

Overall the fair has been a highly successful experience for Oracle and we hope to welcome some people we met during the fair soon as new Oracle employees!

If you were unable to attend, but you are still interested in joining Oracle, please have a look at our Facebook page and have the chance to win a Meet & Greet with our sales managers in the Potsdam office. For all of our vacancies please have a look at

Thursday Oct 18, 2012

Student Life in Nigeria

They say that the Nigerian way of life involves being able and ready to succeed in life no matter the obstacles. My name is Olawale Obasola, graduated from Covenant University ’07 and presently working as a graduate consultant in Oracle. I will give you an insight into the student life in Nigeria.

Nowadays, being a graduate in Nigeria is not the easiest thing; the life after graduation is much harder than one would normally imagine. I guess it isn’t helped with the Economical uproar of the last few years but it’s as grueling as it can get.  Also the Upper vs Lower class phenomena makes the journey a little too much hurried as it is easier to lose one’s way.

Joining Oracle is a dream come-true as it further enhances my stance of taking Technology to the core of Nigeria. My initial perception about joining Oracle is that am going to be monitored every single second and my life would practically revolve around work but ever since I stepped in here, it has been an amazing experience...

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Wednesday Oct 10, 2012

Oracle Gave Me a Chance - ECEMEA Internship Programme

My name is Mohammad Raad and I started in the One Year Training program with Oracle on March 1, 2012. I graduated on September 2011 and started searching for a job. Starting your career, as you all know, is hard because some companies see you as a fresh graduate lacking experience and no one is willing to invest in you. I used to check the recruitment websites dailyto see if there were openings to apply to, but unfortunately no one wanted to hire a zero year experience fresh graduate.

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Monday Sep 24, 2012

Spotlight on an Office – Reading TVP offices

This month we’re in the UK at the Reading offices, for ‘Spotlight on an office’, written by Hannah Down. The Reading Office, which is Oracle’s UK Headquarters, is based in Thames Valley Park (TVP), which is a bustling hive of activity that houses many different companies, a gym, and even a nursery. Overlooking the Thames and some of England’s beautiful countryside, this office, just a short free bus ride from Reading Town Centre is in a fantastic location.

The offices themselves are made up of 5 different buildings, each with their own car park, restaurant, and design.

The main building or TVP 510 as it is referred to, sits resplendent next to an extremely blue (for the UK) pond, filled with large koi-carp that on a sunny day like to come to the surface of the lake and bask. As the main hub of activity ...

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Monday Aug 27, 2012

Business School graduate joins Oracle

My name is Mathias, I work as an Applications Inside Sales Rep for the French market, and I’d like to give you a brief snapshot of my experience at Oracle.

First things first, how did you hear about Oracle? Where have you seen the sharp and recognizable red logo? Was it in Charles de Gaulle Airport when your eyes crossed the 20-metre banner with a picture of a strange big machine in the middle? Was it through reading the Forbes 10 top IT companies worldwide ranking? Or is it because IT is your thing and you cannot but know one of the “big four”?

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