November 15, 2013

Pushing Your Limits !!!By Phillip Yi

Guest Author

Being a
keen enthusiast for sport and exercise, I often find myself in the gym taking a
lot of much needed down time. The gym for me is a time where I spend trying to
further develop myself – whether it is to improve fitness, strength or
performance at sport, usually on my own. But more than often I attend the gym
on my own, and I find myself limited to how much I can improve or further
develop myself.So how do I
overcome this? How do I increase my strength, how do I learn new exercises? How
do I improve my performance at sport? Simple – look for a support base, a
mentor, someone who you can turn to for that extra motivation, those words of
inspiration, someone that can provide you direction and help further develop
you.Yes, whilst
we need to learn and develop ourselves as individuals, we often need to look to
someone else for that extra push, to point you into the right direction, to
provide that support.All of us
as individuals in the workplace, must always work on developing ourselves as
individuals but sometimes in order to further improve, to further succeed we
need to look for support from a mentor figure that can drive you and provide
that direction.Oracle’s
environment is much like this – we as individuals are constantly working on our
individuality, further looking to improve and to succeed. And at times, when we
require that extra push, Oracle has an amazing support and mentor network for
us, as individuals to reach our goals.

With so
much to offer, why not consider a career with Oracle.!!!

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