December 30, 2014

Placed in Oracle..A dream lived by Nitish!!

Guest Author

needs no introduction. Everyone from the IT world aspires to be a part of Oracle. No doubt, the best brains at every college compete against each other to join such
a prestigious company.

Oracle visited our campus on 3rd September 2014. A pre-placement talk was organized before
the interview.Having shortlisted for the interview itself was a big motivation for me, but, obviously I was not alone. There were 70 more students shortlisted for the same, most of them
being from CS and IT branches. So, the competition was really tough. During the talk, my mind was obsessed with the thought that if I would
be smart enough to be a part of this group or not and that made me nervous. But to my utter surprise, one of the panel shared how nervous he felt during
his college days at the time of interview and how he overcome it, I instantly related my situation with his narration. That made me quite relaxed and boosted my confidence. Finally the interview started.
It had two rounds. The first round
was a technical round and the second was
an HR round.

My Technical interview began on a relaxed note. It was more of a discussion than the regular
Question Answer session. The interviewer was very experienced and friendly. I was asked to explain my projects. Later, he asked me to write simple codes like finding transpose of a matrix, conversion of decimal numbers to roman numerals etc. Innovative approach was encouraged. Some questions from C++ and basics of Operating system were also touched upon. I
realized , the questions were aimed more to
test the clarity of ideas and the ordering of the thoughts, than the detailed technical description . Finally, he gave me puzzles to solve. I was nervous if i would clear the H.R
round,but yes luck and my parents blessings favoured me.I was called in for the
H.R round .

The HR round started with the usual "tell me about yourself" questions. I was asked about my
strengths and weaknesses, Why do
i want to join OFSS, where i see myself five years from now
etc. I was also asked, if ever, I had done anything that was beyond my capabilities. Throughout the interview, the interviewers ensured that the candidate was comfortable and at ease.At last I was asked me if I was satisfied with the compensation offered to me, to which I happily nodded
in agreement.

 Finally the results were declared. I was on cloud nine when I heard my name. Yeah! I made it in
OFSS. What seemed formidable to me some odd 6-7 hours earlier, was now well within my hands. I
realized that dreams do come true if you
wake in time. Thanks OFSS!

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