February 19, 2014

La vida es corta by Phillip Yi !!!

Guest Author
La vida es corta – life is short. A
very simple, yet powerful saying. So, life is short for what? Short to waste it
away? Short not to do what you want to do? Short to be unhappy? Short to not
give everything a go?
La vida es corta can be adaptable
and applied to everyone, in each individual way. As Steve Jobs once said to
‘live everyday, as if it was your last’. Too many times have I looked back with
regret, not having done something that I wanted to do, not pushing for an idea
to be heard, not trying out new things or new ways/approaches.

So how can this be applied to Campus
Recruitment? The world we live in is dynamic, constantly changing – so does the
way we go about recruitment. How we source, the platforms we use, how we reach
out to various communities, the various mediums we use. As these variables keep
changing, so do we when recruiting – so when we have a new idea, a new approach
a new way of thinking, lets not hold back and regret not voicing it, as we do
not know if it will have worked. Because life is short not to.

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