Individuality VS Collaboration By Phillip

Guest Author

The past
month – lots of sleepless nights, national pride, arguments with friends and
fans, constant questioning of referee’s decisions and ability of coaches,
blaming players and lack of team chemistry. And of course mistaking anger, poor
decisions and moments of insanity to passion for football. Yes, the World Cup –
an event that stops the world, brings nations together – the world stage to
showcase some of the worlds top talent, putting football clubs across the world
into a bidding and recruiting frenzy to secure this talent.

each match, whether in the group stages, knock out or finals we see individual
brilliance from players that can steer a team to victory – or teams that have
excellent team chemistry, working in unison to work towards the same goal and
team glory.

So, from
witnessing these matches can Campus Recruitment take a page from the World Cup?
When targeting talent, are we looking for brilliant individual players that may
or may not fit into the teams culture? Or are we looking for those team players
that can work in unison with the rest of the team and work towards the same
goals (figuratively of course)?

We can see
from the World Cup, you have national teams filled with individual super star
after super star, who might not necessarily work well with each other – and you
have teams that bond so well and work well with each other, and are accountable
for each other, may do better as a team and will grow together as a team.

As a Campus
Recruiter, targeting just ‘top talent’ or ‘brilliant individuals”, based purely
on merit may not be best practice. When approaching it from a holistic point of
view – perhaps it’s better practice to take a step back, evaluate the current
team and culture and hire those that of course have the technical skills and
merits to be successful in your organization,
but more importantly will be able to gel with
the team, grow with the team and not to ultimately change the culture that we
have worked hard to instil.

So just
like the coaches and selection/recruiting staff for the World Cup, perhaps we
need to think about who we target for our common goals and not that of an

With so
much to offer, why not Oracle?

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