February 13, 2014

Get Over Engineering! Get Over MBA! Foreign Language is the Next Big thing!!By Karthik SV

Guest Author

In the current market scenario
where the IT industry is expanding drastically, it’s not only the engineers
or management graduates who drive the organization, for the globalization of any
industry it’s always the native language experts who play a very integral part.
The demand for IT experts in IT industry is enormous and it is met with the
volume of engineers who graduate every year. But supply for foreign Language
graduates are very less and industry is badly in need of it. We need to
strongly agree that there are only very few handpicked universities in India
for Language experts.

Predominantly languages are
classified into 2 broad categories i.e. Asian Languages & European
Languages. It depends on the organizations as in where they want to expand and
what kind of volume which they want to build.

Foreign language skills make you interesting and attractive,
Knowing a foreign language shows that you are curious about other cultures or
that you have a connection to another culture. When your credentials are
identical to other candidates, having foreign language skills can help sway the
hiring manager in your direction.

We as Oracle deal with a key non-English speaking market, then hiring
employees with knowledge of that language is useful and helps with understanding
the needs of that market. With language learning comes cultural understanding,
and cultural understanding can lead to business deals. A lot of industry
experts recommend that a graduate must learn one foreign language to improve
his/her market value.

We in Oracle hire a lot of foreign language experts for our
various internal processes. All the language experts are exposed various
domains like finance, sales, technologies etc; this will certainly help them to
build their career in the right direction.

To know more about
the language opportunities in Oracle Contact - Karthik.sv@oracle.com

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