Get Across The Table & Share Your Story By Megha Kapil !!!

Guest Author
I am sure many of you are presently sitting across the
table facing an industry expert to prove your mettle.
Generally when you think of an interview; first
image is of someone firing you with questions & you trying to hit all the
shots right. We make an interview look like a court room where you are a victim
& being prosecuted to apply for job: Why have you applied for this job, why
do you think you are fit for this role, tell me your strengths, tell me your
weaknesses, How, When Where, What..?  
is a process of knowing a candidate & his/her fitment in the system for
interviewer; where as for interviewee its understanding the organization &
his/her role. We have made this process of interview synonym to Q&A
session. However, as a matter of fact the best scenario is when an interviewee
initiates a conversation; which seldom happens.
don’t we look at our Interview as a meeting to discover a prospect of lifetime,
a process to showcase best of our skills, an opportunity to learn while exchanging
meaningful dialogue with experts from industry? 
all get inspired when we get to know somebody’s achievements. We like to listen
to interesting life stories of people which are positive & motivating.
you have a story? Everyone does… It’s only about realizing & putting it
you want to win the game then the only trick is to “Drive the Conversation”. Tell
the interviewer your story; mind you “An Interesting Story”. It’s a non frictional story where you are the
“Hero/ Heroine” & you display your strengths to the best.
Your story has to be fabricated with hard facts,
incidences, experiences & exposures that fits the role you are interested
to be in. Story of your success, that describes your knowledge & awareness
about the latest trends in industry; solutions which reflect your logical
approach towards problem solving.
story which exhibits clarity of your thoughts & ambition; demonstrates your enthusiasm, willingness to
learn & passion.
Preparation gives you confidence & genuine
preparation never goes unnoticed.
look for distinctive individuals; so don’t try to be someone else. Know yourself; be what you are, articulate
your characteristics & craft your Unique Story Right Now!!

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