Writing your CV- A few tips to get you started

Curriculum Vitae is Latin for “life story”. The purpose of the curriculum vitae is to make you attractive and interesting to the company.  It is your business card, an advert to sell yourself to an employer, so make sure you do this in the right way. Here are some useful tips to guide you.

The basic information that needs to be in your resume is:

  • Personal details:  Name, home address, phone number, email address, date of birth.
  • Education:  Give places of education where you have studied. Put the most recent education first.
  • Include subject options taken in each year of your course. Include any special project, thesis, or dissertation work. Pre-college courses (high school, etc.), may not need much detail.
  • Work experience: List your most recent experience first. Give the name of your employer (describe shortly what the company does, and its size), job title, your role and responsibilities and achievements.
  • Skills: Languages: including level of proficiency, courses  and IT Skills
  • Others: i.e. publications, prizes, interests, hobbies, sports, travels 
Write CVKeep in mind that a resume does not apply to every job and every company. Your target is to get an interview and convince the interviewer that you are the right person for that position; therefore the resume must be “tailored-made” for that company.

Include in a clear, precise and attractive manner those degrees, seminars, internships, experiences and any relevant information that may you get an interview for that job. All the information not linked to the vacancy may be removed or summarized in a couple of lines.

A company most likely receives hundreds applications for a position, and they will only choose a few people who appear suitable for interview. So yours must be easy to read and short. One or two pages are the maximum.

Resumes are used to screen all the applications and then make a decision on who to invite for an interview. Therefore, your resume must be as good as you can make it, so before sending it out ask someone else to read it. What you have written may seem simple and obvious to you, but someone else might have difficulty to understand what you mean.

Do not forget….

  • If they don’t hear it, you didn’t say it
  • Be consistent, structured and organized.
  • If you wish to include your photograph, add one that gives a professional image and is recently taken.
  • Never lie! You will lose all your credibility and the interviewer will question any statement in your resume.
  • Check the spelling
  • Keep it simple, but don’t write in telegraph style
  • It is your business card, work on it!
  • Do not copy standard CV samples; use them as inspiration to create your own!


You could consider starting your resume with an objective or personal statement. This is optional; this could be included in your cover letter as well. If you choose to add this: keep it brief (three or four lines max.) Describe your career focus and evidence of two or three main strengths and were they were developed. This part of your resume has to be tailored to the role and company you are applying to.

The best of luck with writing your resume and if you have any questions please feel free to comment on this article. If you have any questions related to this article feel free to contact jessica.ebbelaar-AT-oracle-DOT-com. You can find all our job opportunities via http://campus.oracle.com



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You make a lot of good points on this blog. Thanks for sharing useful tips here!

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great idea from oracle

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Nicely put Jessica.
Would be great to see a post on Cover letter as well.

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Thanks for the info, much appreciated

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