Why working in Pre-Sales matches having a Computer Science background

Hello! My name is Roy and I have been working as a Technology Presales Consultant for almost a year now in the Oracle EMEA Presales Centre (EPC) in Málaga. In this article I will briefly outline my background and how I found my way to Oracle. I will also attempt to explain exactly what the EPC is and what makes working for the EPC so exciting.

I completed my Bachelor of Information and Communications at South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences and my Master in Computer Science at Münster University of Applied Sciences. Before and during my studies, I worked for different consultancy companies on customer sites where I mainly implemented, adapted and developed customised software solutions. During this time, I gained a lot of experience dealing directly with clients and was responsible for the whole consultancy cycle; from initial contact, to briefing, (pre)sales, implementation and after sales. After my studies, I looked for a new challenge which I finally found as a Presales Consultant in the EPC at Oracle.

The aim of the EPC is to assist the in-country presales consultants, collaborating closely with them so that they can spend more time with their customers, understanding the business requirements, developing the relationships and building out the business case for choosing Oracle. The other aim is to establish a pool of knowledge in a single team that can be leveraged across multiple countries. With locations in Malaga, Bucharest and Bangalore, the EPC is 100% international and full of young people. 

Working in the EPC gives me the opportunity to work in a truly international environment. Whilst I am assigned to the German market, so far I have spent time working for the Spanish, UK, German, Swiss, Belgian and Dutch field teams. I liaise with my Romanian and Indian colleagues on a daily basis and I work with the engineering and product management teams in the US, providing feedback on the latest product releases. I (try to) speak Spanish on the way into work and use English in the office with my colleagues who are French, German, Polish, Russian, English, Dutch, Italian, Romanian, Swedish and Spanish, I then speak either Dutch, German or English with the field teams.

Working with the latest technologies and products!

As a Technology Presales Consultant I get the opportunity to work with the latest technologies and products. This was not always the case in my previous job where companies were mostly lagging behind the latest developments. This is due to the fact that technology changes rapidly, but changes on production systems often take a long time. We therefore show our customers how they can improve their processes with the latest technology. The working environment is very dynamic and things happen very quickly - you can never predict the work that you will be doing next, which makes it both exciting and challenging. For instance, I may be working alone one week analysing a set of customer data to provide advice on how to best secure their database systems and the following week I could be a part of a virtual project team building a custom demonstration using software that is not yet released. It’s incredibly satisfying to realize that you may be the first person to have built out a new use case on software that no one has used yet!

Málaga is a great place to live!

Beyond work, Málaga is a great place to live. The city is known as "the capital of the Costa del Sol" and has pretty much everything you need in one place, ranging from the beach to cafés, pubs and clubs. Also Málaga is located in a great setting. Cities like Granada, Seville and Gibraltar or even Morocco invite for a weekend trip. And from the airport in Malaga you can reach many destinations in- and outside of Europe directly.

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