Start your New Year well, find yourself a new job using LinkedIn!

It's 2012, everybody is making plans again for this new year, some people want to stop smoking, some people want to travel and some people are looking for a new job. This is where this article might come in handy. Last month I wrote an article about how to get your LinkedIn profile up and running and how you can optimize your profile to be better found by recruiters and organisations (link). This article is all about how you can find the perfect job yourself using LinkedIn. Not all companies will actively look for candidates and perhaps the companies you’re looking at aren’t finding you. So be pro-active, start your New Year productive and look for the jobs that are out there!

Actively looking for jobs

Of course LinkedIn is not just about being found and networking, but it can help you find your perfect job as well. As it is widely used by many people these days, LinkedIn starts to become the favourite place to advertise jobs for many companies. But next to that there are many “hidden job” out there as well. Below I will share some tips on how to find your dream job:

1.            Job Section

The easiest way to find jobs is to look at the job section and look for jobs that are posted. For students and graduates there is now even a special job section that can be found here. You can straight away apply with your LinkedIn profile, so follow the steps I gave to you the last time for getting your LinkedIn profile up to date. LinkedIn will also suggest jobs you might be interested in; this is based on your profile features, behavior, location and attributes of people like you. 

2.            LinkedIn signal

On the homepage of LinkedIn you can find a small search box above all updates from your connections, which says “search updates”. Here you can search for all updates from your connections or from everyone on LinkedIn. Use for instance the words “recruiting for” or “job” or “looking for” or any other strings you can come up with that people use to find new employees. Of course you should try this in your own language as well. You will get the results from up to 10 days.

3.            Search

Not all companies post their jobs on LinkedIn, but perhaps you already know what sort of company you would like to work for. For instance if you are looking to work for an IT company, type in the people search bar for “Oracle”. On the left hand site of the page you will now see many companies where people work who have Oracle somewhere in their profile. These are most likely companies, that you could be interested in to work for.

As soon as you found some companies you would be interested in to work for, try finding and connect with their recruiters or HR. They can tell you about the latest vacancies you might be suitable for. They also might give you advice how to apply. However don’t bully the recruiters, just ask them for advice and most of them are really open to connect with potential candidates.

4.           Join groups

Are you looking for specific jobs or in a specific area? On LinkedIn there is probably a group about it. Join the groups, engage in conversations and keep looking at the job section of the group.

If you want to know more about finding jobs on LinkedIn and get more tips, I can highly recommend this video from Jonathan Campbell from  If you have some tips of yourself, please share them in the comment box below!

Next month we will have a blog article about getting a job using Facebook. So keep an eye on this blog, for all the latest updates!


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