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Have you considered the importance of the working environment in choosing your future job?

We all would like to enjoy the 8-hours spent in the office and once we start working we realize what a great impact the environment has on our daily activity.  This particular aspect is highly valued at Oracle, so we invite you to travel with us and have an insight on how the working environment is in our offices from different sides of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Every month you’ll discover a new location and new people. First stop is Romania, Bucharest.

1.    Location

There are two buildings in Bucharest with different names, both being located in the same area, North Bucharest, Bld. Barbu Vacarescu : Floreasca Park and Nusco Tower. We pride ourselves with an amazing building that was awarded 'Best office building' in the Eastern Europe and 'Greenest office building' in Bucharest which is Floreasca Park. We are positioned in an office area, so you can easily get here by subway (Aurel Vlaicu station), by tram (no 5) or by bus. If you enjoy having a cup of coffee after work or maybe a walk in the park at sunset, the good news is that nearby you can find Floreasca Park as well as Herastrau Park, with lovely cafes and restaurants.

2.    Food
You have many options to choose from for that well-deserved lunch. You can choose between the restaurant on the ground floor of Oracle Tower, the canteen from Floreasca Business Park or the cafeteria from Nusco Tower. You can also order food at work and enjoy the lunch with your colleagues in the team dining-rooms.

3.    Work environment

As soon as you arrive at work, you can grab a mug of tea or coffee, as it is morning and you need to wake up!

You go to your desk and one-by-one your colleagues start arriving. Everybody wants to share how they spent the evening, what new pub they’ve heard about, what they did with their friends, what movie they saw or what a great deal they found for the next holiday. This is how you enjoy your coffee or tea. The phone rings, so you start your work. E-mails, meetings, phone calls, video calls, reports, urgent tasks, no time to waste.  Oh, it’s lunch time already? It’s like a meeting taking place in the dining room with your colleagues, chatting, laughing and eating.
You don’t have to worry, there is life after work. We often go out with our colleagues after work and have a drink, go dancing, play society games or watch a movie. It’s a great way to make new friends.

4.    Fun at work!
Games: Of course work can be fun and that is why we have foosball tables and dart boards. Whenever you have a break you can play with your colleagues and even participate in competitions. The good news for board games fans, is that we have players here that organize board games nights.
Events: If you’re not a fan of these two games, maybe you’ll enjoy our parties or special events. Let’s take Secret Santa as example. What is Christmas without presents? That is why every Christmas all departments organize Secret Santa event, when colleagues bring presents and celebrate.
Contests: What is the symbol of Halloween? Pumpkins. When it’s Halloween you can participate to the carved pumpkins contest. If you like football, you are invited to join our Oracle football team and help us on the next year win the first prize in the Companies’ Cup competition as we did last year.  
Volunteering: There are also many volunteering initiatives for people in need or for environmental projects you can join.  

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