Spotlight on a Technical Centre: North America Presales Center in Romania

This month, Cristian, North America Presales Manager will give you an insight into what his team does and how you can become part of it.

It is important to mention from the start that in Oracle the Presales term is an umbrella that covers more different specialisations. It starts with Enterprise Architects that know both Oracle products and client business needs and are able to recommend the best overall solutions. It continues with Product Specialists that knows in detail a couple of related products and are able to present their capabilities to the client. It ends with Pre-Sales Support teams that don’t interact with external clients but goes even deeper on a technical path.

There are several different Oracle Presales Centers spread across Europe, Middle East and Africa that provide support to the Sales Representatives from different parts of the world. The North America Shared Services department is based in Romania and we may say that it is a technical support department, responsible for the more difficult questions and configurations that appear during the sales process.

What does the team look like?

Our team members have an IT background, but also an interest in understanding the way in which clients will use Oracle products. Therefore, we can say they combine their IT skills with business knowledge. In addition, the North America Presales Team values teamwork and one’s interest in continuous optimization of Oracle solutions. Moreover, we are always looking for a win-win solution, so creativity is also an important part of our job because we are looking for creative alternatives that can bring a benefit to both client and Oracle. As part of this team, members definitely need to have a strong personal drive in order to follow the process from the beginning until its completion.

What is the career path?

There are two main directions you can take as part of the NA Presales Team. You have chance to grow either as a Technical Specialist, trained in the newest products from IT world, or as a Functional Advisor that is able to create a bridge between business departments and the IT.

On the Technical Specialist path you will start by learning to install, configure, customize and debug an application and will continue by adding new applications and finding creative ways of integrating different technologies.

As a Functional Advisor you will evolve towards the product specialist or enterprise architect roles, by focusing on how a product is used instead of how it is installed and configured.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for junior colleagues, so previous experience is not mandatory. You should have a keen interest in IT and a relevant educational background, but also willingness to learn about business. As I mentioned, teamwork is an important part in our job because we interact with a lot of people, facing difficult issues, so relying on each other is necessary.

However, there are ways to improve your chances to be selected:

  • Get involved in volunteering projects and play an active role in completing them successfully.
  • Define your career goals and start working towards achieving them: trainings, even if they are not in University program, certifications, looking for mentors and people with common interests.
  • Look for complex tasks, in larger teams, that will force you to deal with new situations and find ways to get over various challenges.

If you are interested in a career combining IT with business and want to become part of this young and challenging team apply now on for one of the current openings.


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