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My name is Cristina and I am an Intern in the Graduate Recruitment Team in Spain. I am part of The High Potential Students Program, the Internship program we have here in Spain. I would like to share with you the opening that took place a few weeks ago. First of all I would like to explain what the High Potential Students Program is.

We are approximately 50 interns across Spain who have the opportunity to develop our skills: we present to the rest of the interns to share our roles with them, we receive training about Oracle products, and we have the chance of having breakfast with important managers of Oracle, that tell us about their experiences in the company and give us some useful advice to develop our professional career. Another important point of this program is that managers are aware about the responsibilities of having an intern, so they give us objectives to follow up and also help us to develop our skills.

Like last Christmas, we have been making a calendar and all the profits we raise will go to charity . Apart from the social side, this activity has allowed us to become a more cohesive group of interns and we had a great time together taking the pictures for the calendar. The results show how successful this program is. From a total of 54 interns in FY12, 11 of them have been hired and 7 have been sub-contracted. These results motivate us much more, and give us strength to work harder. 

Opening HPSP

First of all, we had the opportunity to listen to Antonio, VP of EMEA ACS (Advanced Customer Support) Delivery, who gave us the keys to a successful professional career; the most important is the desire, and the passion we put into our work. Second, Alejandro (HR Director Spain), held a brief presentation about Oracle, he talked about its origins, and about how Oracle has evolved to become in what is today. He made us reflect about what we would like to do in the future and encouraged us that is possible to get our objectives; “if you want, you can, there is no excuse”. We also listened to Jorge (Oracle Iberia Consulting Director), he talked about his personal experience and told us some anecdotes when he started as an intern. He emphasized that we should innovate when we do things, and we have to take advantage of this great opportunity of working in Oracle, because it’s the beginning of our professional career.

A very interesting part of the opening was the participation of Alfonso (Staff Advanced Support Engineer). He told us about the experience of moving from an intern to employee. The beginnings were hard, and he found bad moments along the way, where the motivation was falling. He rejected other job offers and finally got what he wanted, and opted for Oracle.

Finally, Ana (HR Spain) held the presentation of the High Potential Students Program, she talked about the objectives of the program, the training and activities, and the personal skills that we will develop through the several workshops that we’ll have; flexibility, teamwork, communication and initiative.  To sum up, this program allows us feel part of the company, and that’s very important because in the end… Interns are the future of Oracle!

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Cristina many thanks for your work with this initiative. These type of things will help us to build a better team and in addition we can help other people.

As you said before, we are the future!

Posted by guest on December 16, 2011 at 04:36 AM GMT #

It's so nice to see you with a great job you are doing Cristina...
any opportunity............ please tell....

Posted by Intek on December 17, 2011 at 02:15 AM GMT #

Good job cristina!!
You gave a really good summary of the programm. I hope we could achieve all the objetives that were proposed at the beginning of the year. Good luck and thank you for all!

Posted by guestrvs on December 21, 2011 at 03:25 AM GMT #

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