My Journey-Foreign Internships By Chandana Neerukonda

Like any other 9+ pointers,  I too applied for Foreign Internships in my 3rd year.  The process starts by mailing Professors who are working on your area of interest.  It is bit easier to get replies from Professors if you start mailing by July or August.  In case of Germany ,  once you get acceptance form a German Professor to act as a host for DAAD Scholarship,  you should start the process of application for DAAD scholarship.  Once you get it ,  then the voyage begins.  

I worked as a summer Intern at TU Dresden,  Germany on "Temperature  Control of hydrogel-basd microfluidic valves" for 2 months in collaboration with CfAED (Center for Advanced Electronics Design).  It was my first flight  and I was actually nervous and forgot to get excited !!  As I reached Deutschland on 1st of May 2013 , a holiday  - people were  enjoying on the roads.   I felt that was super-welcoming.   After that reaching the guest-house,  where I booked a room in a shared flat for two months,  city registration and opening a bank account all are done with the help of an Indian PhD student in TU Dresden.  

Dresden is a beautiful city , where  one can spend hours admiring the beauty of River  Elbe's night view.  Another beautiful thing I found in Dresden is the cheerful faces of the people in the research group I worked with .  My professor is super cool and  encouraging all the time.  He assigned me to a PhD student ,  who inspired me a lot in the two months time.  I used to go for lunch with my colleagues ,  who used to describe

various foods which are displayed in German in the Mensa every day with great patience .  I got  used to German food.   In fact ,  I am missing it now J As the days were passing,  the Project went in a very perfect way and everything was fine.  

Then there was a camping workshop organized by the CfAED,  in which we had to take part.  That was a 3- day workshop with seminars ,   but the entire 3rd day we spent on river,  pedaling the boat.  That was a great experience.  The project finished  and there comes the send-off party organized by my lab mates for me.  I actually  became sentimental ,  because I had the precious moments of my life in Germany.  My

Professor expressed his views on Indian women , I was very much surprised by my Professor's speech , in which he insisted on empowerment of Indian women , whom  he  thinks are "Highly Potential Ladies ". It boosted my confidence levels.  And I flew back to India with a new energy and attitude.  And I got placed in Oracle.  :)

I thank DAAD for they not only have given me an opportunity to work on a

project ,  but also an opportunity to look at life in a different perspective.  I cherish every single moment I had in Germany . Thank You DAAD once again.  


My eagerness to learn new things did not let me sit idle for 2 months at home this summer.  So I came here to work immediately after submitting my bachelor's thesis and I will have to join in Oracle immediately after finishing this project. I am now doing an internship in Telecom Bretagne ,  Rennes ,  France.  I am integrated in an ongoing French Project called CORRIDOR (COgnitive Radio for Railway through Dynamic and Opportunistic spectrum Reuse) which targets Modern Railways for which communication demands are increasing from the point of view of railway operations as well as for providing Internet Connectivity to the passengers.  

I just started my work.  Everything is super cool here except the temperature, which is falling below 12 degrees quite often.  I thank Campus France for funding and Oracle for encouraging me to take up this opportunity.  

Usefulness of Foreign Internships:

As  mentioned earlier, Foreign Internships are not only like doing some project,  but they give us a chance to look at life in a different perspective.  Our attitude will change in terms of priorities, lifestyle and richness of thoughts.  This is the first time a student comes out of his comfort zone called "college" and  have do everything on yout own.  Buy things from supermarket (budget purchases ) and has to cook , clean the room.  And have the ability to stand confident like an Individual professionally and personally.  

Coming to professional life,  a student will get lot of contacts ,  which are valuable for  a person's professional growth.  Maybe an international publication which adds value to one’s resume.  Learn to be disciplined and well – organized  there and can implement the same learning upon return to India.  Learn the formula "WORK HARD,  PARTY HARD" and mould oneself as a potential achiever of  dreams (personal and professional).  

My Experience:

Good group dynamics are imparted in me .  Coffee-room of our lab group is the origin of a lot of potential Ideas because every one of our research group used to meet very often and discuss the progress of our work

and take suggestions from the colleagues. The internship made me confident,  strong .  In my case ,  my internship prepared me perfectly to face the challenges in my professional as well as personal life.  

Good Luck. God Bless.  See you soon at Oracle!


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