How to get noticed by the right people on Facebook.

Nothing new can be said about the popularity and importance of social media sites such as Facebook. However, how can you use Facebook to be noticed by the right network connections?

If you are new to Facebook, you can set up a profile here in about a minute.

If you already have an account, you may want to increase your chances of being found and noticed by the right industry connections. You can also actively search for companies who are hiring on Facebook.

I’ve structured this blog in three short parts;

1. Set up your profile and be found by the right people,

2. Share content on your profile which enhances your personality and skills

3. Finding and making the right contacts

Set up your profile and be found by the right people:

Facebook has become an important medium by which to be found online by relevant industry professionals. On this basis, you should have a profile that is relevant to what you do and where you want to work.

The first step is to update all of the information in your profile “info” section so that at least your current position, education and general location are publicly visible. This information will then also appear in your profile summary at the top of your page, and in any other descriptions of your profile where it is viewed on Facebook. Updating your information so that it is accurate, will also increase your chances of being found in searches. It also quickly gives the viewer a quick impression of your background.

It is important for this purpose that you use your real name on your Facebook profile!

Share on content on your profile which enhances your personality and skills:

Of course you should use common sense and select a profile picture that you are comfortable with and which you feel creates a positive impression about you. Facebook exists as an informal place to communicate and share. I personally don’t like corporate photographs as profile pictures because they look a little out of place on Facebook.

When sharing updates, it’s a good idea to create a list where you can put your “professional contacts” so that you only share relevant information with these people, and not the pictures of the party night last Friday! You can easily select which list you share each update with before you post it. Likewise, your classmates, mother, current colleagues and other friends and family on Facebook might not appreciate so many industry related updates from you appearing on their Facebook news feed as it may become treated like spam.

If there are particular talents that are relevant to the industry you work in, or wish to work in, you might like to find a way of portraying this talent by sharing it, and Facebook is ideal for this. This content could take the form of a blog, video, audio or presentation etc. Again, if these posts are only relevant to an employer, you might like to customize who you share these updates with by using lists.

Including links to your Linkedin, Google plus and twitter profiles on your Facebook page may also make it easier to find your Facebook profile in searches. It will also make it easier for an employer to do some further research into your background. You can place these links on the “basic information” part of your profile.

Finding and making the right contacts:

Now that you have your profile updated, you should start making the right contacts. Many top employers have created facebook pages where you can view current vacancies, or even apply to them directly through Facebook. These pages are sometimes current than the companies’ own websites.

You can “like” these companies’ pages, if they are relevant to you. This way you can stay up to date with any opportunities they offer, or events they are organising. On Oracle’s Facebook community page, there is a dedicated “Work for Oracle” tab, where you can search and apply directly for current job vacancies.

To increase your chances of being placed on a hiring manager’s or recruiter’s shortlist, add those people, if you can, as contacts on Facebook, and engage with them in a suitable way. Facebook now allows people to “subscribe” to other people, so that you don’t necessarily have to add them as a friend, but you can still view the updates they make public. If you send a friend request to the relevant people, it’s just one other way to get their attention. You can also send a private message to people who aren’t yet your friend on Facebook.

You may also want to take note of mutual friends that recruiters share with you. Perhaps these are employees within the organization who can recommend you or share your profile with the recruiters or hiring managers.

Currently, Oracle has two pages on Facebook where you can connect with Oracle employees, recruiters and others with similar interests. These are Campus at Oracle, which is dedicated to graduates, and Oracle Community, which is a hub for sharing Oracle events and content which illustrates what it’s really like working in Oracle.

Find opportunities at Oracle here:

- Campus

- Emeajobs

- Oracle community on facebook

- Campus at Oracle on facebook

- Emeajobs on facebook

- Campus at Oracle on Google Plus

- Oracle recruitment on Google Plus

- Oracle EMEA Recruiting on Linkedin.


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