How important is your body language at a job interview?

Candidates usually think that Recruiters are focused on their words and their replies to questions, but actually what interviewers are trying to do is to understand the person in front of them better, through their answers, but also through their body language. Your gestures, your posture and your eye contact can emphasize what you are saying, convincing the interviewer with your truthfulness, but can also contradict your statements. Imagine an introverted person trying to convince you that he/she enjoys speaking in public and interacting with many people. Would she or he be convincing? Furthermore, your body language expresses different sides of your personality. Let’s take as an example of a person who is fluent and whose voice is not trembling when answering even the most difficult questions. Would you say that person isn’t nervous? It might be, but we could also think that person has a good control of his/ her emotions.

What should you take into consideration when attending a job interview?

1. Handshake

A handshake comes naturally when you meet a new person, but it’s more than a gesture, it’s the first step in developing a connection with someone and establishing level of trust. It can set the tone for the rest of the interview, so this is why you should pay attention to it. You should wait for the interviewer to take the initiative and offer you a handshake. Shake hands both warmly and firmly whilst keeping eye contact with the other person and presenting yourself.

2. Eye contact

They say that eyes are more accurate witnesses than ears. We can therefore determine that eye contact has great importance during the interview. Maintaining eye contact is a sign of trust and shows that you are in control of the conversation, that you are confident. The eye contact is a powerful way to build the bond of trust you started with the handshake. You might become intimidating if you look too intensive, but keep in mind that poor eye contact is and indication lack of self-belief. You can emphasize what you’re saying through your eyes, convincing theRecruiter with your answers. Keeping eye contact while the interviewer is speaking will help show that you are listening and that you are interested in what he is saying. If there is more than one interviewer, try to look at all of them to an equal extent, making them feel they’re all important to you.

3. Body posture

Walk into the meeting room showing that you want this job, you are confident, but also relaxed. Sit upright on the chair, turn your shoulders towards the person who is speaking and leaning forward a little will help express your interest and your willingness to be selected. You can even emphasize it by titling your head while the interviewer is speaking. You don’t have to sit still during the interview, it’s better to change your body posture, especially if there is more than one person interviewing you.

4. Movements

We often ask ourselves what we should do with our hands. You may be thinking that your hands are an obstacle during the interview, but they can support your answers and emphasize your points. First of all, you should try to avoid folding your arms across your body because it’s a defensive move showing that you aren’t an open person. This is why you’d better talking with your hands without getting to the other extreme. You could try as well to tune your hand gestures to those of the other person. People tend to respond positively to those that are similar to them and using similar gestures could be a common ground to start from.

5. Smile

You’ve probably heard about the saying that world looks brighter from behind a smile, so the interview will look brighter from behind a smile! People like a smiling face better than a tense one. Being worried about what your answers and focusing on your choice of words too much will make you forget to smile and relax. You should show that you’re enthusiastic about joining their team and that you’re a pleasant person to work with. They will enjoy working with you, won’t they?

Recruiters are searching for people that are passionate about what they do and are both motivated and enthusiastic. You can express these things through your words, but sometimes even better through your gestures, eye contact, smile, movements and everything related to body language. Verbal communication is only one of the many different levels of communication, so you could try to consider all of them and improve your performance.

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