Spotlight on a Career Path: Former German-speaking Business Development Representatives about their career with Oracle

“And what´s in it for me after I have joined Oracle as a Business Development Representative in Dublin?”

As a recruiter for German-speaking graduates I am often faced with this question as career progression plays a pivotal part in choosing the right employer. And luckily, I can tell each of my candidates that career progression is THE Unique Selling Proposition (USP) when joining our Business Development Group in Dublin. Why?

Well, we hire graduates in order to qualify them quickly for the next career step in Dublin or Potsdam or Malaga or other key locations across EMEA. The choice is yours and we are happy to provide you with the right skill set in order to achieve your goals. But paper doesn´t blush – let´s have a look at the career progression of some former German Business Development colleagues. It´s time to get a picture of our USP and to see what´s really in it for you.


Sofia started her career in 2004 when she joined Oracle as Customer Intelligence Representative – a position that is generally aimed at interns – and that provides you with a first feeling of how it is to work in a sales-related environment. After 6 months she was promoted to Business Development Representative for the German and Swiss Market. After constantly over-achieving her targets for 1.5 years, she became a Team Leader for the German, Swiss and Norwegian Markets. It did not take long for her to feel comfortable in this new role and she consequently became a Business Development Manager with 17 direct reports in June 2007. In July 2011, Sofia took advantage of our international locations and headed to sunny Málaga where she is now planning, building and executing demand generation initiatives as a Sales Program Manager


„To work for a global player like Oracle and to drive the success of international companies by matching their needs with the right IT solutions was very appealing to me.” – says David who joined Oracle in November 2007 as BDR.

After one year in this position he became an Education Key Account Manager for Oracle University in Dublin and decided to take up the challenge in Switzerland as Channel Development Manager in December 2011. He is still based in Baden but since June 2012 he is working as Alliances & Channel Manager for Named Partners.

So what was his key to success? - “Being pro-active is key at Oracle and performance will be rewarded with excellent learning and development offers. My experience as BDR has helped to develop myself into positions where I have responsibility for strategic targets in terms of international client and partner projects, turnover and advanced client negotiations.“


“Learning a lot about the business and about Oracle helped me throughout my following career.Building good relationships with customers is a key factor for success. Due to my achievements I had the pleasure of taking part in Oracle´s Club Excellence twice – in Mauritius and Oman.”

Good performance will always be rewarded at Oracle, be it in terms of career progression or other incentives. So after one year in Dublin, Matthias moved o our offices in Potsdam where he was working as Inside Sales Representative for Strategic Named Accounts. His strong work ethic and performance results brought him to the next career level in June 2011 – He is now working as Field Sales Representative on large Enterprise 2.0 deals with clients in the e.g. automotive and aviation industry.


Pawel is also based in Potsdam but as a Channel Sales Representative for Software and Hardware Products, with a focus on Strategic Accounts. However, he started his career not in our Business Development Group in Dublin but in Prague. Prague covers the Business Development activities of the Eastern European region and Pawel was in charge for SMEs on the Austrian Market from July 2009 until July 2010. He stayed in this beautiful Danube city for 2 more years before he moved on to Potsdam. Pawel does not regret anything as “The position as Business Development Representative was the perfect entry-level for me as I have learned in depth about Oracle´s sales strategyThe trainings given are an excellent basis to excel your career as an Inside Sales Account Manager or Field Sales Representative.”


Sure, the BDR position is a very good entry-level but what if there isn’t the right job offer available for you once you have finished your training as BDR? The example of Jonathan shows that you can even leave Oracle for personal reasons before coming back to a position that matches your goals. He joined our team in Dublin in February 2010 and decided then to move back to Germany for another job opportunity. However, in May 2011 he re-joined our organization in Malaga as Account Manager with focus on the financial services industry in Switzerland before he was promoted as Alliances & Channel Manager for the Swiss Market: “After a short period, I already have a solid expertise, a large network and I can aim early for positions with even more responsibilities.”, he confirms.


And what is Christine doing nowadays? Working in sales or marketing? None of thath - Today, she is based in Munich working as Business Support and Internal Communications Manager. This clearly shows that we have more to offer than only sales or Pre-Sales roles. After 2 years in Dublin, Christine worked as a Business Analyst, a Program Manager and an Internal Communications Manager for some years and summing up her progression as follows: “Oracle Direct is the perfect introduction to working at Oracle. You really get to know how the business works, from internal processes through to the operations of the Field Sales Organisation.

"Working at Oracle Direct in Dublin provided plenty of opportunity for networking and building a wide range of contacts throughout the business. It enabled me to interact with many different lines of the business, making it easy for me to discover new opportunities throughout the organisation. My move to the Business Operations Organisation was not a classical move, however, the two units are very closely tied and the sales experience I gained in Dublin has a direct benefit in my current role, which involves supporting the Field Sales Organisation. My advice would be to remain flexible. Oracle is very supportive of anyone wanting to make a sideways move across the business.”

There is nothing more to add than to just give you the advice to join Oracle, to build up your network, to learn about our industry and business model and to make the right move that makes you happy - We offer you the map and the wide road but in the end you need to drive the car.


Yes I do agree and very happy to be a part of well esteemed organization "ORACLE" if employer provides me an opportunity.

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