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When I came to Málaga (Spain) to work for Oracle – fresh out of university and still finishing of my master thesis – I rented a nice, but small apartment in the heart of the city. I made sure to live close to public transport which would take me into the office and close to where the party was going on. Looking back today, it seems ages ago, but no: My journey started only 3,5 years ago and loads of things have changed. Things have changed in my favour in ways I couldn’t even dream about.

EMEA Presales Center

As said, I came out of university with hardly any professional experience. Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to be hired by the EMEA Presales Center (EPC) at Oracle. The EPC is a great department, which – in case it doesn’t exist yet – should be introduced into any enterprise of the size of Oracle.

The idea is simple: Graduates take on back-office presales activities in order to free up customer-facing time for the field team. If you are a field presales expert, you are supposed to be out in the field, aren’t you? Constantly on the road visiting customers together with your sales representatives and not spending hours in the office. Yes – but you will also need to prepare for all of those meetings, which is very hard, not to say, impossible to manage. And that’s where the EPC comes into the game: As a successful EPC employee you will be your field team’s priceless resource, which helps preparing presentations, sets up demo environments, answers customer questionnaires, etc. The outcome is a win-win situation for both. The field can focus on the customers and the meetings itself, whilst you can learn and get in touch with presales in a rather safe environment with no direct client interaction. The quicker you learn the better you become until you ultimately move into the field yourself as a perfectly prepared and trained resource. Are you up for the challenge?

Under the sun

And guess what!? EPC’s presales academy has one of its centers in sunny Málaga, right in the charming south of Spain. The city has a perfectly balanced climate with mild temperatures during the colder winter months and bearable heat during summer. Your options on how to spend the afternoons and weekends are endless. Whether you are an intellectual culture vulture, a dynamic sportsman / woman, an active party animal or just somebody who enjoys the gift of life – you will find your favorite spots very quickly. Málaga itself and the surrounding capitals and villages of Andalucía offer interesting Arabic and Catholic history and culture, lovely food and stunning landscapes.

On the beach you can relax or practice any sport you love – wind and kite surfing included – and within no time you can drive up to and stand on the white slopes of Sierra Nevada to enjoy some proper skiing. In April and May, when the heat starts to dominate the cold, you can ski in the morning, enjoy the views from Sierra Nevada’s peak down onto the African coast and chill on Málaga’s beaches in the afternoon. That’s what I call lifestyle!

Oh, and before I finish off: You remember myself as a young and dynamic student, who I was just 3,5 years ago, don’t you? Well, thanks to the EPC and the kick start it gave me into my career, I made my move into the field as a European-wide product specialist already over a year ago. Since then I moved out of the noisy city center into a lovely, big place in the outskirts of Malaga with my girlfriend, my own car, garden and even a small gym. I still work closely with the EPC and its great people, who now support me in doing my job. When I’m not travelling around Europe for work, then I enjoy the views down to the beach from my place and think: Life is beautiful!

We are looking for new team members in the EMEA Presales Center!

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If presales center requires some engineering or technical position here I am... :-)

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