An insight in the High Potential Student Program for interns in Spain

Almudena Capell, Senior Human Resources Manager in Spain spoke with us on how Oracle is committed to helping students develop a career in IT and the High Potential Student Program, which was created 4 years ago in Spain.

Oracle Spain currently employs 60 interns, most of them working on a part-time basis. Internships usually take place from October to June and all are paid. They have very different profiles, not just technical, and they are assigned to all the Lines of Business. P7100263copia1

Interns go through a tough selection process. Firstly they complete a telephone interview with recruitment, then a diagrammatical test and a final face-to-face interview. For technical roles, they may have to complete a technical test. Interns in Oracle have great potential and are hired for their personal qualities as much as professional and educational qualifications.

Their work is essential to Oracle since interns support all lines of business and contribute not only with their knowledge, but also with their commitment and eagerness to learn. Their initiative and teamwork is key for Oracle. They bring fresh air and “renew” the company. They are “the future of Oracle”. Managers know how important they are for the company and it is a great responsibility to have an intern. Managers are in charge of assigning them work and setting up objectives, periodically evaluating their performance and helping them develop their competencies.

Oracle Spain is very proud of giving interns the opportunity to start their careers in IT and to put into practice all they have learnt at university. Oracle has great confidence in their work; managers always try to get them involved in different issues, and to provide them the opportunities to learn and progress.

Knowing this, Oracle Spain hosts a training program to be able to develop both their technical and their personal skills. At the end of the program, they have a deep knowledge of Oracle and the IT industry and they have the possibility of joining Oracle as permanent employees.

The success of the program has been repeatedly shown through a high rate of interns being hired permanently. Not to mention the great team spirit amongst the students! They keep in touch years after finishing their internships, even if they are not at Oracle any more.

Career Path for a Graduate in Oracle Corporation

All employees undertake a performance appraisal ideally at least every 12 months (some teams do it quarterly). It provides an opportunity for the manager and the employee to review the employee's work and to improve motivation and performance. This covers competency levels and objectives and allows the manager to design a development plan for the next year, together with the employee.

This development plan will identify the amount and type of training and/or coaching that will be required to assist the employee in meeting her/his objectives.

To complement the appraisal process, the management team holds regular meetings to evaluate the potential of every single team in Oracle. This provides very rich information and helps Oracle identify those who will become the future leaders

Our current Managing Director, Felix del Barrio, is an example of how you can develop your career at Oracle. For the last 15 years, he has covered several business units and functions that have provided him with a very well rounded background to transition into the management team.

For more information on an internship in Spain and the High Potential Student Program, please contact


i like the idea of it but theres alot of things i need to work out like is this paid for and stuff because i am coming from the uk and wanna make sure this is right for me

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