A fulfilling year with Oracle

My name is Johan. I have been working as an eBS Financial Consultant for Oracle since November 2010. After graduating from Cass Business School in London, I was looking for a company that was internationally oriented and active in several industries. When Oracle came into the picture it was the answer to my needs. Specifically the role as an Applications Consultant gives me the opportunity to use my international background and allows me to gain an insight into a wide range of industries. This I find intriguing and developing and I feel Oracle is the perfect start to my career.

The induction period at Oracle was intense but at the same time extremely useful. I was sent to Belgium and the Netherlands for a three week Bootcamp. Here I received training in the eBS system by four different senior consultants. In addition, I got to broaden my network within Oracle and received a lot of tips and advice on how it is to work for Oracle. I also attended a team-meeting outside of Utrecht, Netherlands where I met the whole continental eBS-team. A dream-start to my career at Oracle!

Today I have been with Oracle for more than one year and I have been involved in two projects in Stockholm. The first one went on for three months for a Governmental Agency and the second for a Pharmaceutical Retailer, and it has carried on for roughly 9 months. I love working on a project basis since it is always nice to work in new environments and meet new people. It also means continually getting new tasks, constantly learning and ceaseless development. Despite this, it is always great to come back to the Oracle office for some training or particular events!

Oracle Sweden currently has around 600 employees and has its main office based in Stockholm. The office recently conformed to a flex-office meaning desk-hopping is promoted and no one is confined to one desk. The office also has a project section where teams can brainstorm and if one prefers to work alone in a quiet area, where no phones are allowed. In general this makes the office a very social and vibrant work

I would like to highlight the positive surprises since joining Oracle:

  1. How diverse and international the work environment is. I have so far been in contact with coworkers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, Thailand, India, Australia, Cuba and United States. A total of 18 countries after only one year at Oracle.
  2. How quickly I came in contact with the customer. I did not expect as a junior to get much customer experience the first few months. One hears of other Associate Consultants doing the dirty work, behind the scenes, with no face-to-face contact with the customer. At Oracle, within a month, I found myself holding presentations at a customer site.
  3. Mentorship and seniority. As soon as I joined Oracle I received a Mentor. A senior person who I could ask anything. My manager also tries to coordinate, so that we juniors always have senior team members on the same projects. In this way, we receive constant advice and feedback. This made the initial period less scary and more developing.

My job as an eBS Financial Consultant is to understand the functionality of Oracle’s ERP system E-Business Suite. This means knowing how the customers can use this product to suit their needs. This requires functional knowledge of eBS, accounting/financial skills and knowledge of business flows. I love this job since one gets to works very closely with the customer. This means first understanding their needs, then customizing the product to the specifics"> for that industry / business. Thereafter it also requires training and supporting the customer. The role as an eBS Consultant means only working with big organizations and one has great opportunities to work abroad.

In addition, to the normal work tasks I have gotten the chance to do some work internally at Oracle. This I try to take advantage of as much as possible as it broadens my network within Oracle. I have taken on the buddy role for two new recruits in Sweden, where I got the chance be part of the hiring process. Moreover I am part of Oracle Sweden’s Party Committee and I helped organize the Oracle Sweden F11 Kickoff. I also involve myself in Graduate Recruitment and have gotten the chance to talk at Stockholm School of Economics to share my experience with future graduates.

After only one year and one promotion I have gained loads of experience in not only business processes, but also interpersonal skills. If you want to work in a friendly, diverse but demanding environment I would greatly advice you to join Oracle. Oracle is one of the biggest companies in the world and will continue to be competitive on the world market. This means great opportunities for graduates! Oracle is an innovative company and this means many exciting challenges ahead.

I look forward to seeing you on board! Do you want to find out more about the open roles within Oracle? Follow us on https://campus.oracle.com .


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