Friday Feb 28, 2014

Take Journey with Oracle By Ang Sun!!!

This is a fantastic career journey starting with joining Oracle Graduate Development Program. As a member of this program, you will receive a wonderful, enjoyable and exciting experience. It is not only a program about how to work but also a program about personal drive, about self-discovering also combined with about business professional.

As a graduate with limited experience and idea about working position, the Graduate Development Program is definitely valuable for you to know your real career path with solid confidence. Within this program, not only will you participate in fantastic training, but also have rotation opportunities in different departments.

Don’t worry about your non-technical background; Oracle will provide all of you a fertile field to learn, to experience, and to grow. In this program, you will meet your colleagues from diverse educations, cultures and backgrounds; during the first-phase of foundation training, both your technical background team members and substantial products training courses delivered by our senior presales accelerate speed on learning Oracle information technology; and the second-phase of rotation will also consider your characters, capabilities, intelligences and follow a mutually supplemental principal.

My first and second rotations were in Government Affairs team and Business Planning team respectively; by experiencing different working positions, business style, team environment and considering my personalities, finally I find my real career interest and decide to join Government Affairs team as the final placement.

Take opportunities, take challenges, and take journey. Join us to embrace tomorrow!

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Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

La vida es corta by Phillip Yi !!!

La vida es corta – life is short. A very simple, yet powerful saying. So, life is short for what? Short to waste it away? Short not to do what you want to do? Short to be unhappy? Short to not give everything a go?

La vida es corta can be adaptable and applied to everyone, in each individual way. As Steve Jobs once said to ‘live everyday, as if it was your last’. Too many times have I looked back with regret, not having done something that I wanted to do, not pushing for an idea to be heard, not trying out new things or new ways/approaches...

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Thursday Feb 13, 2014

Get Over Engineering! Get Over MBA! Foreign Language is the Next Big thing!!By Karthik SV

In the current market scenario where the IT industry is expanding drastically, it’s not only the engineers or management graduates who drive the organization, for the globalization of any industry it’s always the native language experts who play a very integral part. The demand for IT experts in IT industry is enormous and it is met with the volume of engineers who graduate every year. But supply for foreign Language graduates are very less and industry is badly in need of it. We need to strongly agree that there are only very few handpicked universities in India for Language experts.

Predominantly languages are classified into 2 broad categories i.e. Asian Languages & European Languages. It depends on the organizations as in where they want to expand and what kind of volume which they want to build.

Foreign language skills make you interesting and attractive, Knowing a foreign language shows that you are curious about other cultures or that you have a connection to another culture. When your credentials are identical to other candidates, having foreign language skills can help sway the hiring manager in your direction...
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Thursday Feb 06, 2014

From College to Corporation - First Steps at Oracle Sales Academy

College is considered by most to be the best years of their lives.

When one looks at college, what does s/he recall? Alumni often reminisce about friends and fellow students as well as a few impactful classes and organizations to which they were overly dedicated. I personally wasn’t ready to leave college. My Fourth Year was by far my favorite and sadly that bittersweet graduation day loomed large. Fortunately, before I left the cocoon in Charlottesville, I received an offer from Oracle which on paper appeared to have everything I could want from an employer. It included intensive training in a social, team-oriented yet competitive atmosphere where there was plenty of room for professional development. The problem was, while I worked countless internships, I still had no clue what I really wanted to do. I simply had an expensive piece of paper denoting college’s end.

Nevertheless, armed with a couple bags, an almost dead phone, and a plane ticket to a side of the country I had only viewed through the lens of Hollywood and MTV, I was off....

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Wednesday Feb 05, 2014

Why we love Hiring Campus Graduates !!!By Aarti Kumar

ORACLE, not just the world’s #1 database company anymore but #1 in a hundred other categories. A company that has left its competitors far behind and is rapidly gaining ground. It’s not just in the name but a host of things that we offer that makes us the preferred employer. Who wouldn’t want to join a company such as this? From experienced candidates, top management, students, fresh graduates, everyone wants to be a part of this amazing organization at some point or the other in their career.

While we’re constantly on the lookout to hire the ‘best talent’ for our company, one of our favorite ways to bring people onboard is through campus hiring. Have you ever wondered why we love to hire campus graduates @ Oracle, when there’s an ocean of highly experienced people available outside?

Well, here’s why. Some of our Managers and Vice Presidents at Oracle have shared their thoughts on why they simply love to hire graduates like you to work with us.

Campus hires bring in high energy and a lot of enthusiasm into the team with their willingness to experiment and think out of the box away from the established methodologies. Campus recruitment helps us get the brightest talent from various institutes.”

- Senior Program Manager, Oracle Retail

 “Oracle is a company that is at the forefront of technology and we sustain our market leadership through innovation. We look for engineers who have bright ideas and have the passion to challenge the status quo and innovate. Over the years we have been successful in attracting the “best and the brightest” from the campuses in India and we count on these talented engineers to apply their ignited minds to our business and technology problems and drive the next generation of innovation”

- Vice President, Oracle Managed Cloud Services...

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Monday Feb 03, 2014

We are NO different

The Times South Africa recently published an article about the German exchange students who have been attending Ponelopele Oracle Secondary School in Ivory Park, Midrand, North of Johannesburg since November last year. Laura Fricke and Joschka Geczy, both 17 years old, arrived in South Africa last year and have been living with host families in Tembisa, East Rand and Kaalfontein Midrand. They may be different from everyone else in the township, but they say the only thing different about them is their skin colour.

“I am very impressed by the level of discipline at the school”, Geczy said. “The teachers here take their work very seriously, ultimately leading to pupils taking their work very seriously”. Fircke said the uniform gave them another sense of belonging. “It does not make us look and feel any different from the rest of the pupils and the teachers don’t treat us any different from them”, she said...

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