Monday Dec 23, 2013

Working at Oracle, we like it!

As most organisations do, here at Oracle Spain we have plenty of X-LOB activities the week before Christmas where all the employees take part and spend some time together with colleagues.

We started the week with a charity market, some NGOs attended and also some employees made & brought different cakes to collect money for GBV (gender violence).

Every year our interns get involved in an initiative to contribute with an NGO and this year was no different as they have helped the families of children with cancer. They received a large amount of donations and funds from selling calendars with their own photos, trying to replicate some famous music bands and groups!
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Thursday Dec 19, 2013

Working with Oracle Finance in India by Merlin :)

Hi All! My name is Merlin. I’ve been working for Oracle for the past two months and it’s been a great journey here. This is my first and the best job I could ever imagine. And I want to share my views and experience at Oracle. The interview process was done in an effective and systematic manner. The interviewer made me feel very comfortable and the interview was conducted in a friendly manner which built more confidence and made me comfortable to proceed with further discussions. The recruiter at Oracle was a great support, helping me get through the interview by updating the interview process and schedules at the right time giving all possible updates until I was a full-fledged employee at Oracle.I joined Oracle on 23rd September 2013 as a fresher. The induction process was conducted in an interactive way briefing about the entire organization, its people, processes and policies. The people at Oracle were very welcoming. I love the working environment. People here are fun to be with and they help me out in all possible ways to approach to the solutions. It helped me build up a strong relationship with the co-workers and broaden my views towards working. I learnt a lot of new things interesting and fun. It helped me develop my professional skills towards work process and I was taught to work as a team, which helped me strengthen my confidence towards work. Initially I was hesitant to step into the working environment but now I’m proud to say that I’m an employee working at Oracle. I would always recommend people to join Oracle and enjoy the benefits that I’m experiencing. And I have many friends who studied with me undergoing the same experience at Oracle. It’s an amazing platform for fresher’s to kick start their career. Oracle is a wonderful place to work, so get in and enjoy the fun!!!

Friday Dec 13, 2013

Fulu, from Oracle Intern to Associate Sales Consultant

“You dream of being in a company like Oracle, and when that dream comes true you get mixed feelings, mostly joy infused with fear”. When asked about my thoughts on my first week at Oracle, I didn’t give the response because it was expected of me to say so rather, it was the impression I got and the more time I spent at Oracle the happier I felt.

I joined Oracle as an intern for the 2013 graduate intake which started in March. For the first month we had a lot of training to do to get used to the organization, but I made it no secret that I wanted to remain at the end of the program and continue as an Oracle employee. So, from the first week, I became very involved in as many activities as I could. I was very proactive and passionate about my work.

When my fellow Interns and I went into our different lines of business, I was given Oracle SOA as my focus area, despite studying it at tertiary level I wasn’t clear at all about the product. In fact all that I knew went out the window as I learnt the product at Oracle. I was still a bit nervous but luckily as a grad you are part of a mini community so it was always fun to catch-up and hear how the other guys awere doing. I must be honest...

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Wednesday Dec 11, 2013

The Festive Season For a Graduate !!! By PhillipYi

As the festive season approaches, most businesses start to wind down and prepare for shutdown over the Christmas and New Years break. For most employees also, it is a quieter period and look to close off important things before the years end and start to plan for the new year.

Whilst this is the norm for businesses and those that have joined the work force, for students that have finished their tertiary education and looking to graduate at year’s end, it is a time that is both festive and somewhat stressful.

Being involved in campus recruitment for Oracle, for the best part of the last 2 years across the ANZ, ASEAN and KR region – it is evident that the majority of the student population will finish their studies at year’s end, with the graduation ceremony to follow early in the new year. So, besides having to think about what Christmas presents to provide to family and loved ones, or what New Years Eve’s or travel plans to decide on, students need to also really start to know and understand where they would want to work, for whom and doing what...

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Monday Dec 09, 2013

Shaping a more equal technology work force in Turkey

Our colleague Zumray Koc, Senior Recruiter in the Middle East and Africa Recruitment Team, is taking part in a very exciting project initiated by the Oracle Women leadership group in Turkey. The project focuses on young female students who are getting scholarships from "The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life".

This is a non-governmental organisation, aiming to protect Ataturk’s principles & revolutions, to reach contemporary society via contemporary educational programmes and to carry Turkey above the modern civilization level. Their goal is for the contemporary society and individual to respect universal children’s rights, women’s right and human rights and the realisation, protection & development of the democratic, secular & social state of law in a society...

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Wednesday Dec 04, 2013

What you should NOT DO in an Interview

There is plenty of content available to prepare for an interview but there are some very basic mistakes which candidates often make during job interviews. So we would like to present our own version of “Five things not to do in a telephone interview”

At Oracle, we typically do a first telephone interview with candidates. Telephone interviews are slightly different from a face-to-face interview. Yes, you don’t need to worry about what you should wear, instead, you should pay more attention to your communication style.

Let’s start with the first mistake: Don’t come prepared.

Is this a retail company? A Manufacturer? What does IT mean?...

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