Thursday Nov 28, 2013

Workin' it! - From College to Oracle Sales Academy

Figuring out what to do after graduation can be a pretty intimidating task for most college students. As a second-semester senior with student loan payments on the horizon and scarcely a month left until commencement, it was downright terrifying.

Such was the case when I first slipped into Oracle’s campus-recruiting information session at Cornell University this past April. With little to no knowledge about what Oracle actually did or how my psychology degree could possibly be considered relevant to a technology company, I decided to see what they had to say, though I didn’t expect much.

Four months later, I am so glad that I made that decision.

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Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

TOP 500 Company Career Consulting Event - Peking University by Camilla Wu

On November 8th,the China Campus team joined the “TOP 500 Company Career Consulting Event”which was conducted by the Peking University Career Center, there are 10 Multinational Companies who attended the meeting, 300 top students had the opportunity to talk directly to Recruiters during the meeting.

During the meeting, each company had a table, and could put the poster and brochures and just like a job fair students could talk directly to the recruiters and recruiters could also did the first round of interview with the targeted students during the session. There was nearly 150-200 students who asked questions about Oracle FY14 campus hire. I hope we could select some outstanding candidates during this session and I also hope the bridge between Peking University and Oracle will be better and better.

 (From the pictures you can see there are many students standing in a long queue to talk to recruiters, so Oracle is very welcome!)

Friday Nov 22, 2013

What do the participants say about the #Gradstalk in Germany?

On the 5th of November this year, Oracle Graduate Recruitment invited students from the Berlin/Potsdam area to our Customer Visit Centre in the city centre of Berlin.

We discussed current IT trends – Globalization, Data Explosion, Rise of Mobility, Social is Business, – to show students and graduates what kind of challenges and big opportunities we’re facing at the moment and at the same time what they would face when joining Oracle.

We also gave them an insight into our Sales organization. We showed them negotiation techniques and the different personality types you might be in contact with when working in Sales – or any other line of business within Oracle.

We then opened the floor to questions about current job openings, how #lifeatOracle works and their career planning in general.

And what did the attendees think?

Lutz Welpelo: ‘It was a really good event – taking place in a perfect location. I liked the relaxed atmosphere, not the typical reserved one I’ve been expecting. Altogether, it was well structured, interactive and entertaining.’

Benjamin Hoffmann: ‘I really liked the event – the topics mentioned were interesting and made a positive impact on my impression of Oracle. I got the chance to speak to two members of the Sales organization which confirmed my intention to apply for a job at Oracle. For me, it has been a successful event – no questions remained unanswered.’

Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

World Class Work Environment at Oracle !!! By Manognya reddy

Why choose Oracle India as your first employer?

As a student pursuing engineering from a college of repute in India – you would sooner or later decide on which company you would like to work for. While there are Lakhs of students graduating each year and would love to work with Oracle, only a couple of thousands actually make it to the corridors of this awesome company in India!! Each day, students try hard to check if Oracle is holding any campus or off-campus drive so that they may try their luck to make it to this company.

Here are the factors you may want to consider

Oracle is the Second Largest Software Company in the World. That says a lot! And Oracle India has its biggest center in India, second only to the United States of America. Oracle India boasts of 34000 plus employees! There are opportunities for new graduates from premier institutes to get hired into roles in Development Groups, Global Business Units, Support as well as Sales. Oracle offers the opportunity to chase your dream with the possibility of role change after proving your caliber.

Along with working on the latest and greatest technologies, Oracle offers a plethora of benefits in addition to the handsome compensation...

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Monday Nov 18, 2013

The inhouse days at Oracle Netherlands - by Arne Stierman

Last Wednesday, our student association Asset (Tilburg University) and Oracle organised an inhouse day. The purpose was to get to know Oracle and be introduced to what career perspectives you have when you apply for a job at Oracle after graduation.

In the past I've heard about Oracle, but not in great detail. That is why I applied to take part in the inhouse day. Purely out of curiosity. Although the saying goes that curiosity killed the cat, it turned out to be quite different. But you'll read that later on.

 After we were greeted by the Oracle representatives in the main lobby we were given a general presentation on what Oracle is about. The first thing that stood out, was how diverse the Oracle product and services portfolio is. To my knowledge Oracle was a leading database vendor, yet I never gave thought that Oracle would offer a full and complete hardware and software stack.

The presentation that followed told us more about one of Oracle offerings, Oracle Sales Cloud. The presentation turned out to be a briefing for a sales competition. The sales competition consisted of a fifteen minute role play with Oracle Sales representatives acting as interested prospect and juror. During the role play we were asked to...

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Friday Nov 15, 2013

Pushing Your Limits !!!By Phillip Yi

Being a keen enthusiast for sport and exercise, I often find myself in the gym taking a lot of much needed down time. The gym for me is a time where I spend trying to further develop myself – whether it is to improve fitness, strength or performance at sport, usually on my own. But more than often I attend the gym on my own, and I find myself limited to how much I can improve or further develop myself.So how do I overcome this? How do I increase my strength, how do I learn new exercises? How do I improve my performance at sport? Simple – look for a support base, a mentor, someone who you can turn to for that extra motivation, those words of inspiration, someone that can provide you direction and help further develop you.Yes, whilst we need to learn and develop ourselves as individuals, we often need to look to someone else for that extra push, to point you into the right direction, to provide that support.All of us as individuals in the workplace, must always work on developing ourselves as individuals but sometimes in order to further improve, to further succeed we need to look for support from a mentor figure that can drive you and provide that direction.Oracle’s environment is much like this – we as individuals are constantly working on our individuality, further looking to improve and to succeed. And at times, when we require that extra push, Oracle has an amazing support and mentor network for us, as individuals to reach our goals.

With so much to offer, why not consider a career with Oracle.!!!

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Thursday Nov 07, 2013

Spotlight on a career path: Paul, Business Development Consultant

I came to work for Oracle in November 2012 as a Customer Intelligence Representative and since then I was promoted to a Business Development Consultant, for Commercial Industries in the UK, based in Dublin.

My background was primarily in Logistics, working for such companies as Indaver Ireland, Wincanton and P&O. I spent 10 years working in this industry and gained experience in negotiating with customers and suppliers in order to meet the needs of both, monitoring the quality and quantity of goods as well as the efficiency and organisation of the movement and storage of products.

I decided to move from my logistics career in 2009 to study Information Technology in D.I.T....

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Wednesday Nov 06, 2013

My Experience at Oracle !!! By Ayush Gupta

Hi! My name is Ayush, a Gratuate from BITS Pilani and now working and living in Bangalore. I joined Oracle in August 2013 as a Senior Consultant (SC) and would like to share my experiences over the first couple of months with you.It has been a wonderful journey so far. The last two months have been very exciting for me. First of all I would like to mention that the training program at Oracle that we went through really prepared us well. It matured us and allowed us to go from developing small applications in college to big enterprise products. Two months of initial training has had a lasting impact for me. I am also really enjoying the knowledge I have gained so far and also learning new things in the form of product training. It's really fun to work here.e are treated like adults and we are responsible for our own workloads.With that I can't keep from mentioning the fun times we as a team have in the form of Young Leadership programme in Hotel Fortune Trinity which included Luxurious buffet lunch too. Wishing it could happen more frequently.  Oracle provides one of the best opportunities to learn various technologies across different platforms. What I like best about working at Oracle is the work life balance. With the option of flexible timings, one can easily enjoy planned evenings with friends or maybe working out at the fitness centre in your building. Be it the birthday celebrations at office or the day long team outing at a resort, It’s all together a different experience...[Read More]

Monday Nov 04, 2013

What do the participants say about the Open Day in South Africa?

On the 26th of September, a group of students who were specifically selected to attend an Open day at Oracle South Africa, joined us at our offices in Woodmead, Johannesburg. The Conference room was filled with inquisitive minds. What we had in store for them was a detailed presentation about Oracle which was delivered by Zuko - Cluster Leader: Tech GB South Africa.

Here is some of the feedback from the attendees:

Maxwell Moloi: “The open day truly served its purpose and exceeded expectations in the sense that I got to find out more about Oracle and all the different opportunities it has to offer. The fact that Oracle supplies a full solution to a customer and not just part of it and how the company manages to setup professional development for their employees is what entices me to want to join the rapidly growing team of Oracle.”...

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